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by Sissy Leanne on Adult Baby World
Amazing Day

Dear Betty,

Firstly sorry that I took so long to get around to doing this.

Before the Spring Bank Holiday weekend I had never been to a nanny, mummy or mistress before in my life. I had been looking at Betty's twitter and website since the start of the year, trying to decide if this was something I really wanted to do. Looking back now I can only say that I wish I hadn't waited so long to do it! Betty is truly superb at her craft, to the point where it is an art form.

I called Betty a few days before hand and asked whether it was possible to have a three hour booking the weekend coming. She informed me in her comforting voice that she was free Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm. She then asked me a little about myself to get a rough idea of what I was into, and I explained that I was a first-timer and although a sissy and diaper/nappy lover, I didn't really get any enjoyment out of being an AB. She assured me that it would be fine and she had seen hundreds of first timers and regularly catered for DLs.

The day before I booked myself in at a waxing salon so I was perfectly smooth for Betty and fully prepared for the wonderful day that was to come.

I woke up early on the day of the appointment to give myself time to shave my face and have a shower before deciding what to wear. I decided to go for a nappy (naturally), ultra frilly pink panties on top and a pink lace training bra before putting my jeans, small t-shirt and hoody on over the top. Before leaving I glugged down a couple of glasses of water and filled a bottle up for the journey. I left in plenty of time despite it being only a two hour drive and the roads being quiet at such at early point in the morning. I wet a couple of times before getting to Betty's house half an hour early. Not knowing what to do I parked up away from the house a little bit to try and arouse as little suspicion as possible.

As 10am rolled round, I knocked on Betty's door and was taken aback at the beauty that stood in front of me. I was invited in and offered a glass of water and she asked me questions as we sat and chatted more in-depth about what I was into and what we might to do. I hinted that I would quite like to go outside for a bit as it was nice day and I was into quite mild public humiliation.

Betty then instructed me to go upstairs to the one of the bedrooms and to look in the closet and pull a few things out. I looked and must of held a dozen different outfits up to my body in the full length mirror deciding which ones I liked the most. After about five minutes I heard Betty come upstairs and into the room and our scene began. She was angry that I had been invited into her home in a professional context, asked to use the bathroom and then took the liberty to go through her personal belongings. She made me strip in front of her revealing my aforementioned undergarments. Laughing, she knew that she had found herself a sissy to play with. She could clearly see my nappy was soaked and became enraged when she realised that I was sat on her sofa when it was that close to leaking. She told me to lose the nappy and to get over her knee and proceeded to make me count along in my head with the number of bare bottom spanks she gave me, asking me what number we were on. I was doing so well until she sped up and I quickly lost count thus earning more spanks.

Following that I was lead to the changing room where I was put in the thickest nappy she had and a pair of nappy covers on top. She then strapped my legs and arms to the table leaving me at her complete mercy as she recorded a video to be uploaded on Twitter (with my permission). She then went to get me another glass of water but I could hear her in the living room turning the pages of a magazine, leaving me to think about what I got myself into as I fought against the restraints. Upon her return, she unstrapped me and we went back to the bedroom where she put a dress on over me and videoed me as I practiced a variety of sissy techniques such as my walk and curtsy.

After my little show Betty decided it was time to head out and removed my dressbefore putting my bra and jeans back on. It was at this point where she gave me a selection of t-shirts to complete my outfit of which I was to pick two. I decided that my favourites were a white one with ballerina fairies on and a pink one with mouse princesses on, both clearly not designed for a man in his twenties, but quite fitting for a little nappy wearing sissy. She told me to raise my arms so she could put the white t-shirt on me before giving me my hoody, instructing me to leave my phone and wallet at the house, leaving me at her complete mercy and ensuring my compliance.

As we left the house she put a plastic cover on the passenger seat in her car and handed me a bottle of water that she expected to be finished my the time we arrived at our destination in 10 minutes or so time. As we drove I became more relaxed even if my heart was still beating like I had run back-to-back marathons. She told me we were going to Loughton, a town I had actually been to a couple of times previously. We pulled up in a Sainsbury's car park and she told me to get out, we noticed a lady having trouble with one of the ticket machines and Betty insisted that I should go over and try to help her, still wearing my unzipped hoody at this point. I did so without incident. We headed out of the car park and into the main High Street where I was repeatedly told off for trying to close my hoody and pull down my rather short t-shirt. We then entered a Mark's and Spencer Food Hall that was very cold but I was not allowed my hoody back regardless. We walked around for a short while before following a woman into one of the aisles where Betty told me I had to stand next to the woman until I had wet myself. I started wetting pretty quickly but after the multiple drinks I was peeing for well over half a minute, completely swelling and soaking my nappy.

We exited M&S and headed further down the High Street passing many cafés and restaurants with outdoor seating areas filled with people on a such a warm bank holiday. We then stopped when Betty informed we were going to take a few more photos with some people in the background. Although my nappy was noticeable if looking closely I felt this wasn't too bad so did so relatively calmly and without panic. We headed back towards the Sainsbury's and mistress asked if I needed a change, which I said yes to without thinking. She lead me into Sainsbury's past all the check-outs and took me into the toilet area. We entered the baby's changing room where I was told to strip and hop up on the counter. More photos were taken at this point ,catching my fear that anyone could be on the other side of the door once I had been changed, Betty kindly agreed to let me use a dry nappy to cover my red face. She then went to strip me of my panties and soaked nappy before placing a clean one under me and giving me a healthy amount of baby powder all over my groin and bum. At this point I thought the changing was done, but no, it turned out my top was also to be changed, to the bright pink mouse princess one. There was no way this could not catch the attention of everyone walking past on a 5ft 10inch man. We then went around the aisles until we reached the one with the baby nappies and cosmetics where Betty saw yet another photo opportunity with me bending over amongst the mothers exposing clearly my pink panties and diapers as I bent for the lowest shelf making my shirt lift more and more. I never thought I would go this far in my first session but I was so glad that Betty encouraged me and brought out a braver side of me than I previously knew existed.

After a couple of purchases it was time to head back to Betty's home where I had to practice my nursery rhymes in a sweet, lispy sissy voice (even if we both got the words wrong a few times). Sadly it was now time to enter the real world once more. I was stripped of my pretty frock one last time and strapped back onto the changing table with my now re-soaked nappy sagging at the front. Rather than simply changing me, Betty whipped out her Magic Wand and placed it against the outside of my nappy, needless to say I had the most amazing of orgasms in a matter of seconds not minutes! One last time Betty powdered and nappied me before giving me clothes back to put on. She gave me another bottle of water to make sure I was wet again by the time I was home. As I was at the front door she hugged me and I tried to prolong the hug as long as possible as I simply didn't want the most magical of days to end.

A feeling of melancholy loomed over me as I entered my car knowing that I would have to wait a while before having such an experience again (I am saving up as frugally as possible!). I thought of all the photos of me that would soon be appearing on Twitter for all of Betty's amazing followers to see and amuse themselves with, and despite only reaching orgasm moments earlier I became aroused at the prospect of other people seeing my humiliation.

I will be going back to Betty again this year. I am determined. Next time I plan to stay for longer (perhaps a full day or weekend) and I hope to take my public exposure further. I want Betty to transform me into a woman for the day and take me out fully crossdressed, with a wig and make-up being the only thing that distorts my face.

I took a long time to decide whether to go to Nanny Betty. If you haven't been to a nanny before, go to Betty. I promise you whatever your fetish, AB, Sissy or DL you will have the time of your life.

Thank you for a perfect day. XX

Thank you Sissy Leanne for your kind words and detailed review. Betty XX

Okay... it's time to write the story of the happiest afternoon I ever spent, and the day I got to be a ladies' maid. And to break the record for the most sentences ended with exclamation marks in one story. Where to start?

At the beginning I guess. Well, I wanted to do some really gentle maid play. I wanted to enjoy doing housework either for or with a woman, who would be OK about my having a fetish for aprons and marigold gloves. And, well, housework's really just a chore doing it on your own, but with another woman to have a nice girly chat with while you're doing it, it could be really fun!

I didn't want it to be all strict and harsh like most maid play, and I really didn't want a session full of punishments. If I'd made a mistake, she could just point it out, and I'd do my best to fix it for her. In turn, I'd be trying really hard to please her and do a good job for her.

(I was also excited at the prospect of actually being able to be genuinely helpful and useful to a mistress when serving her in a session.)

And I wanted to spend a little time as a woman in the company of an open-minded Mistress who could accept - or at least be willing to consider - that, despite not having been able to come out to many people, or to have "the op", I really was a woman - just one stuck in a man's body. (Hopefully someone who could also give me some tips on things like how to do my makeup better!)

Why was it Nanny Betty I was interested in booking a session with? Well, as an AB nanny, she was used to providing a very maternal, caring form of dominance (though she could be harsh if you wanted!) and she was definitely willing to host a maidplay session. She seemed very sweet and caring, and clearly had a lot of clients and Twitter followers who had left good reviews and said nice things about her. Reading her site and Twitter feed, I thought she seemed lovely, and her gentle play style was so unlike the harshness available elsewhere.

(Plus, so much maidplay involves a lot of punishments and humiliation, but very little cleaning or tidying! But I thought Nanny Betty would be open to just two women having a giggle, and one helping the other with her housework.)

I'm skipping past a few details so I can actually get to describing our day together, but we did have a lovely half-hour phone call in which we talked to each other about how we'd play the session, and I told her a few things about myself and agreed to send her some photos of me. I had other commitments for a few weeks, so after that our interactions were mostly me clarifying things with her via Twitter messages before the day came.

*    *    *

After she picked me up from the station, Nanny Betty very kindly made me a cup of coffee, and I think the first thing we did was to have a look at my makeup in the mirror. I'd moisturised, applied primer, applied foundation powder on top of that and it still wasn't covering up many of the blemishes on my face. Betty got me to let her put some liquid foundation onto my face instead, before putting powder on top of that, showing me how to apply the liquid and rub it in with the sponge provided.

The result - looking in the mirror - it was like a transformation. Old acne scars, marks from shaving - gone. Vanished. Beautiful, smooth, feminine skin stared back at me.

She also got me to try some liquid lipstick (instead of the - er - stick of lipstick.) in a more vibrant red shade, and set my mind at rest about eyeliner. That is, I've never been good at actually applying it right at the point JUST below my eye, but she revealed to me that not everyone who wore eyeliner put it on both above and below anyway.

Now for the housework to start! We both put frilly aprons over the top of our clothes, and put on pink rubber gloves. Betty warned me that even in the three hours I'd booked, there was a LOT of work to do in the nursery (let alone the rest of her house) and that I wouldn't be able to completely clean it for her in the time allotted.

(She was right about that, by the way, and I've come out of this with a lot more respect for the amount of work she/Amy/Chloe have to do to keep the place running day-to-day. I had no idea!)

And that was even before you took into account some of the other things she had in mind for me - ironing, teaching me to sew, teaching me flower arranging... there were so many things we couldn't fit into this session, and she was so clearly willing to make the effort to train me. Anyway, she told me that I should decide what I wanted to do first, to be sure of fitting it into the session, and I asked to start with the AB changing room and nursery. By the time we stopped to take some selfies, I still hadn't FINISHED with them!

...I hoovered the first floor landing, scrubbed stains from the carpet, cleaned more stains from the highchair, cleaned the windows, we sorted a messy drawer... Going through a list of things we did in order isn't going to get across the fun we had, so I'll give you the edited highlights instead.

...Midway through the session, I was sorting through a messy drawer of lingerie, dummies, padlocks and DVDs. The mix of "Mr. Men" and "Shaun the Sheep" on the one hand, and heavy S&M on the other, would have made this the most unnerving DVD collection I'd ever seen if I hadn't known this was an AB nursery.

Nanny Betty, at this point, had gone through to another room, and I had just noticed the name of the "Mr. Men" DVD's narrator. Arthur Lowe?

"Captain Mainwaring!" I squealed with delight, probably the first time Betty had heard anyone do so in this nursery!

...Ooh yes. While she was away, I took the opportunity to look at myself in the changing room mirror, and to blow myself a few kisses <3. Aren't I silly?

...Nanny Betty has a rather interesting hoover. It's actually battery powered, so you don't have to worry about stretching the power cable, but you do only have about ten minutes to get your hoovering done before the battery runs out. Luckily, I managed it, but I have no idea how much time I had left!

..."Aren't you afraid of getting banned from that Tesco's?" I asked, knowing how often she took her ABs there for public humiliation. But I won't reveal what her answer was!

...A box of that "Deep Heat" stuff had gone missing in a previous session with Aunty Amy. Nanny Betty hadn't been able to find it since. (No, I don't want to know what she was using it for...) But while reorganising a cupboard, guess what I found?

...One *very* interesting item that came up. You may know that Nanny Betty is planning to move to larger premises in the New Year. You may also know that before deciding to specialise in ABDL and sissy play, she was a dominatrix by the name of Mistress Prima. Well... she mentioned that she was considering having an actual dungeon in part of the space and teaching classes in domination! She mentioned that her first pupil would probably be Aunty Amy, who is interested in learning more about domination (though she hasn't chosen a "mistress" name yet) - so hopefully that's got you all scared!

(cackles evilly for about twenty minutes.) I can't wait to hear the name Aunty Amy comes up with!

...Betty actually gave me a bottle of that same liquid foundation I mentioned earlier as a present, and a packet of facial wipes to use as makeup remover. They're very effective in making your makeup vanish, I can testify.

...We had a great time stopping for selfies. Betty showed me an app on her phone which would "beautify" photos, smoothing wrinkles and blurring over skin blemishes. Hell, if supermodels can be "airbrushed" for the cover of Vogue, why can't us ordinary girls get in on the fun? I pulled some silly faces at the phone camera, did some poses, and we even held hands while wearing our rubber gloves! We sat on the sofa and looked through the photos on Nanny Betty's phone, choosing the ones to upload, the ones to keep and the ones to delete, and almost screamed with laughter looking at ourselves and trying Beautify out! It was the most lovely, girly time I'd had, we really were just two women being very silly together, I was so happy and Betty was so nice to spend time with... if only every day could be like this! Betty assured me that I really had been useful to her and that I'd got a lot of work done, and that she'd enjoyed this session too.

The highlight was when we were talking about captions for the photos. I didn't want to be called a "sissy" maid - this wasn't a humiliation session, and it was me being me, not me crossdressing. But the "Princess Maid" title I've always liked didn't seem quite right either.

"Ladies' Maid!" Betty suggested, and my face absolutely lit up with excitement. "Yes please!" A ladies' maid was the highest-ranking maid in a Victorian/Edwardian household, the most skillful of the maids, she served as her mistress's personal attendant and had the closest relationship the her mistress of any of the maids. And Betty had just given me - ME! - the honour of being named as *that* maid to her!

(I ignored the fact that I couldn't sew or mend clothing, the fact that it had been Betty who'd helped me with my appearance and not the other way around, and a few others. I didn't let nasty inconvenient reality get in the way of this lovely fantasy 😀 Or I told myself I'd been a ladies' maid in training.)

And at the time I'm writing this, Betty has uploaded several pictures of me to Twitter, with lots of lovely compliments, and yes she is calling me her #LadiesMaid! Thank you Betty. It was an honour to serve you.

...There's just so much we did, and so much we didn't get to do! Betty asked me if I liked listening to music when doing housework but we never got to talking about which bands we liked. I never did get round to doing all the laundry and ironing I'd been looking forward to (though I was scared of damaging satin items if I had to iron them!) But I'm saving my pennies, and I'm definitely going to be her ladies' maid again in 2018!

It was so lovely to meet you Amy. You were a pleasure to do tidying and cleaning with. A really useful maid x

by Babykins on Adult Baby World

Dear Nanny Betty,
Each time I visit you I wonder if this session can possibly be as exciting as the previous ones. Each time it is even better! 
Maybe it helps that you have come to know what I enjoy, but each time I seem to ask for something slightly different, and what amazes me is that you are always able to magically tune in to the things I find most erotic and pleasurable, and make it possible for me to experience them.
This time, along with my established favourites like bottle feeding, the high-chair, naughty baby spankings and potty training, you made a long-time dream of mine come true when you introduced me to Aunty Amy. 

I had avidly read other people’s reports of her, and had scanned the photos available, but they do not do her justice, and definitely did not prepare me for how lovely the real lady is. Not only is she, like you, extremely attractive, but you and she work seamlessly together, forming a truly amazing team. 

I adore being teased, taunted and humiliated, and being treated in that way by you AND Aunty Amy simultaneously took the experience to a new level of arousal and intensity. Later, when you teased me by permitting me to see but initially NOT touch Aunty Amy’s beautiful breasts, the intensity was increased even further. When, finally, you gave permission for Aunty Amy to breastfeed me, I floated off into AB heaven!

You somehow always manage to conjure up a wonderful surprise for me, and this time meeting Uncle Frank again was, you might say, the icing on the cake. 

Occasionally, when I am singing the praises of you and your nursery, people say it sounds like rather a lot of money. My answer is that cost is always relative to the quality of the experience it buys. The fact I am already putting funds aside for my next visit tells you everything you need to know about how much I love my visits.
With warm hugs and thanks,
Babykins xx

by Baby Molly on Adult Baby World

Hi Nanny,

Thanks, Thanks for the moment.

I am glad to have been able to meet you and Aunty Amy.

I am not a great writer here is a text describing my stay at the nursery. 

You are two beautiful women who love to take care of big babies. 

Your nursery is a magical place for babies especially the fact that you force us to crawl on all fours and climb down the stairs on our bottom.

 Thank you for all the lovely photos and videos of my stay.

 I think I would go a little further in humiliation for my next visit.

I loved Aunt Amy's breastfeeding role play.

 I loved being able to give my opinion on your clothing purchases and to accompany you for your belly button piercing.

Looking forward to seeing you both again soon.

First of all, I would like to thank Nanny Betty for having welcomed me to her nursery for two and a half days.

I called Nanny Betty when I was near the Hainault Station. Nanny came to collect me by car and we headed for the nursery. I was nervous, although I had already met several nannies in France and Belgium. When we arrived at Nanny we discussed a little. It was difficult because I do not have a good level of English it resembles that of a baby. Nannylooked strict. I showed her the things I had brought. Two onesies and a dress. I was wearing a nappy which was already very wet. Nanny took me to the room where her changing table is. This was the opportunity for me to test it. This is the best changing table I tested. A real pleasure for the baby to be changed but also for the comfort of the Nanny. 

 After removing the diaper, Nanny gave me a bath. And then the nonsense began.

1) I caused a tsunami in the bath tub causing water on the bathroom floor.

2) Baby who touched his zizi

3) Baby who started to empty the bathtub without the permission of nanny

4) ect ..

After my bath I was spanked with the wooden paddle over the knees of nanny. Humm my buttocks blushed.

The evening went on and the distance between Nanny and baby was reduced. Then was the time of the meal taken in the high chair. And then the last bottle feed before night with my head on the knees of nanny.

And there you feel good that you are a baby when with nanny we have to crawl on all fours and go down the stairs on your bottom.

The next morning, what was my surprise to hear without seeing nanny thanks to the baby monitor surveillance camera. And then we say to ourselves that we are well monitored. At the end of the morning Nanny dressed me out to go shopping. I wore a diaper then a onesie of pink and white colour. Nanny ordered me to put my big clothes over and take my pacifier. Once in the car, on the way to the mall, nanny asked me to put my dummy in my mouth. But what was not my surprise when a young girl turned in the car in front and looked at me. There I no longer knew where to put myself I had only a desire to hide. 

We arrived at the mall, Nanny allowed me to remove the dummy but I had to remove my polo top and people could see super well the pink and white top of my onesie. And nanny took my hand and we went to the mall. Many people looked at me and at the beginning I looked at them too. But that was not the right idea. So, I made the decision not to look after. So, Nanny has little to do these purchases quietly. 

Of course, my diaper fills with pee as the day progresses, so Nanny decided to change me. The room to change the babies had a door with a glazed part. There were people who could easily see us through this window. But it did not bother me so much that I was excited to be changed in public. I enjoyed it. 

After that we went back to the nursery, and there I was emptied not physically but mentally.

Nanny gave me a bottle and tied me up in the cot.

 The next day we  met Aunty Amy and surprise her. Nanny Betty told me that I should just wear a baby dress, nappy and some tights for the walk in the forest. Nanny therefore prepared me for the trip by putting me into a thick nappy and putting some pink tights on the legs and buttocks. Of course, I put on my regular clothes over the top for the journey, and we picked up Aunty Amy then headed for the forest. Arriving in the forest there were people walking around. Nanny ordered me to pull my clothes off, I was hoping that the walkers were on the other side of the  forest but not when I turned around I noticed a young man staring at me. A sensation of enjoyable shame rose in me.

After this walk in the forest, we went back to the town centre for lunch. 

Nanny parked the car in the parking lot and we set off on foot. After lunch Aunty Amy surprised me with another nappy change in the public nappy changing room. It was an excellent experience.

I had a wonderful experience a very nice time pity that it was so short. Nanny Betty is a real diamond. And like diamonds, she has several facets.

I'm definitely ready to go back again.

Thank you Baby Molly for taking the time to write this in English and French. It was lovely to meet you and Aunty Amy and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Nanny Betty x

by Baby Molly on Adult Baby World

Baby Molly

French :

Tout d'abord, je voudrais remercier Nanny Betty pour m'avoir accueillie dans sa nursery pendant 2 jours et demi.

J'ai contacté Nanny Betty lorsque j'étais à proximité de la Station Hainault. Nanny est venu me cherché en voiture et direction la nursery. J'étais nerveux, malgré que j’eusse déjà rencontré plusieurs nounous en France et en Belgique. Lorsque l'on est arrivé chez Nanny nous avons discuté un peu. C'était difficile car je n’ai pas un bon niveau d'anglais il ressemble à celui d'un bébé. lol J'ai ressenti une certaine distance entre nounou et moi. Elle avait l'air d'être froide et rigide. Je lui montrais les affaires que j'avais apporté. Deux bodys et une robe. J'étais bien sûr en couche qui était déjà bien humide. Nanny me conduis dans la pièce où se trouve sa table à langer. Ce fut pour moi l'occasion de la testé. C'est la meilleure table à langer que j'ai testé. Un vrai plaisir pour le bébé d'être changé mais aussi pour le confort de la Nounou.

Après le retrait de la couche, Nanny me donna le bain. Et là les bêtises commençaient.

1) Un tsunami dans la baignoire ce qui provoqua d'avoir de l'eau dans la salle de bain.

2) Bébé qui a touché à son zizi

3) Bébé qui a commencé à vider la baignoire sans l'autorisation de nounou

4) ect ..

A la sortie du bain jeu le droit à la fessé avec l'ustensile en bois sur les genoux de nanny. Humm mes fesses ont rougi.

La soirée avançait et la distance entre Nanny et bébé se réduisait. Puis fut l'heure du repas pris dans la chaise haute. Et puis le dernier biberon avant la nuit pris la tête sur les genoux de nounou.

Et là on se sent bien que l’on ait qu’un bébé lorsque nounou nous obliges de marcher à 4 pattes et de descendre les marches sur les fesses.

Le lendemain matin, quel fut ma surprise d'entendre sans voir nanny grâce à la caméra de surveillance. Et là on se dit a effectivement on est bien surveillé. En fin de matinée Nounou m'habilla pour sortir faire des courses. Je portais une couche puis un body de couleur rose et blanc. Nanny m'ordonna de mettre mes vêtements de grand par-dessus et de prendre ma tétine. Une fois dans la voiture, sur le chemin du centre commercial, nounou me demanda de mettre ma tétine dans la bouche. Mais quel ne fut pas ma surprise quand une jeune fille se retourna dans la voiture devant et qui me regardait. Là je ne savais plus où me mettre j'avais qu'une envie de me cacher.

Arrivé au centre commercial, Nanny m'autorisa à retirer la tétine mais il fallait que je retire mon polo et on voyait super bien le haut de mon body. Et nanny me pris la main et nous partit dans le centre commercial. Beaucoup de monde me regardais et au début je les regardais aussi. Mais ce n'était pas la bonne idée. Je pris donc la décision de ne pas m'occuper des regards. Ce qui fait que Nanny a peu faire ces achats tranquillement.

Bien sur ma couche se remplissait de pipi au fur et à mesure de la journée, donc Nanny décida de me changer à couche. La pièce pour changer les bébés avait une porte avec une partie vitré. Il y avait des personnes qui pouvait facilement nous voir à travers cette vitre. Mais cela ne m’a pas dérangé tellement que j'étais excité d'être changé en public.

Après cela nous sommes rentrés à la nursery, et là j'étais vidé pas physiquement mais mentalement.

Nanny me donna un biberon et m'attacha dans le lit à barreau.

Le lendemain, on devait rencontrer Aunty Amy et la surprise. Nanny Betty me dit que je devrais porter juste un collant pour la balade en forêt. Nanny me prépara donc pour la sortie en me faisant un joli derrière et en mettant un collant rose sur les jambes et les fesses. Bien sûr je mis mes vêtements de grand, et nous sommes partis cherché Aunty Amy, puis direction la forêt. Arrivée en forêt il y avait des gens qui se promenaient. Nanny m'ordonna de retirer mes vêtements de grand, j'espérais que les promeneurs étaient de l'autre de l'autre côté mais non lorsque je me tournai j'aperçu un jeune homme qui me regardais. Une sensation de Honte monta en moi.

Après cette balade en forêt, nous sommes retournés dans le centre pour aller manger un morceau. Les émotions cela faim. Nanny gara la voiture sur le parking et nous partîmes à pied. Et là surprise Aunty Amy qui me carressa mon arrière train tout en marchant. Ce fut une excellente expérience.

J'ai vécu un moment très agréable dommage que cela soit si court. Nanny Betty est un véritable diamant. Et comme les diamants, elle a plusieurs facettes.

Je suis bien sur prêt à y retourner.

Bébé Molly

Firstly, I would like to say that this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Nanny Betty was kind, reasuring, good looking!, non-judgemental and put me at ease from the moment I got into her car.

I chose the bed & breakfast overnight stay plus bottle feed and nappy changes as my first step in fulfilling a long awaited desire. I have been wearing nappies for as long as I can remember and the need to share this with someone has become greater as I get older. I have considered seeing a professional nanny for many years and spent hours looking at their various websites and blogs to chose one.

Although I felt nervous on the tube ride out of London I also felt incredibly excited. I called Nanny Betty as agreed and she very kindly collected me from the station and took me to her house. Nanny offered me Tea or Coffee when we arrived, however I was quite thirsty so I asked for some water. Nanny asked if I would like it in a bottle. I remember hesitating, my mind at a crossroad, with years of secrecy weighing in against me. It would have been so easy to say "no" at this stage but Nanny looked at me and I could see that she knew exactly what I really wanted and reasured but encouraged me by asking me if I wanted a pink or blue bottle. "Blue please". There, I had said it, and with it my admission of my biggest secret to a person I had met not just 10 minutes previously.

After this we went upstairs where Nanny Betty showed me around the amazing first floor of her house. There was a dedicated nappy changing room with stacks of all types of nappies and drawers full of plastic pants; a bedroom complete with cot and high chair and very smart bathroom. There was such a huge array of toys, games and cuddly toys, and an even bigger selection of baby boy and girl clothes. In terms of clothing I would say there isn't much Nanny Betty doesn't have.

I had sole use of the first floor for my overnight stay and, as per our agreement, Nanny was also going to put me into a nappy and give me a bottle at bedtime.

Whilst we were in the changing room Nanny asked me to take my clothes off and climb up onto the changing table. The pure rush of exitement I felt as she slipped the disposable Nappy under my bottom, sprinkled power and asked if she was the first person to see me in a nappy (which she is!) all whilst I looked at my reflection in the ceiling mirror, was intoxicating.

After this I was left to enjoy the nursery for a couple of hours before Nanny Betty came up to change me from my wet nappy into a thicker night time nappy and give me my bottle. Bars up on the cot and lights out with an agreed wake up time left me to drift into a contented sleep, dummy in my mouth and a cuddly toy under my arm.

At 7am Nanny woke me, I showered then she changed my nappy and sat me in the high chair with the reins on for breakfast. She left the door to the nursery open whilst I sat in the high chair and it was at this point that I realised I was totally at ease being around her whist wearing a nappy.

After saying my goodbyes and making my way into work I continued to enjoy a lingering reminder of my visit every time I sat down catching a waft of baby powder scent from my nappy.

I truly cannot rate Nanny Betty highly enough. I have spent so much time making sure I found the right person to share my secret with and can, hand on heart, say I absolutely made the right choice. Perhaps it just a shame that I didn't summon the courage to pay her a visit years ago.

I'm already planning my next visit and very much looking forward to playing out some of my other AB fantasies.


Thank you JA for your kind words and detailed review. Nanny Betty x

by Babykins on Adult Baby World

Dear Nanny Betty,
I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic experience it was meeting Aunty Amy on my recent visit. 
I had fantasised for ages about completing my sissy baby experience with breastfeeding, but had no idea how exciting the real thing would be. 
You and Aunty Amy played out exactly the scenario I wanted, at first teasing me by letting me see Aunty’s beautiful breasts, but ensuring they were tantalisingly out of my reach, strapped in the high chair. Finally, of course, when I had begged and pleaded, Aunty took pity on me. She bared her breasts again, this time allowing me the incredibly thrilling experience of gently sucking each nipple in turn, while she cooed over me and stroked my cheek. Aunty repeated this several times during my stay, each time sending me into a state of what I call breast bliss! I am SO looking forward to next time. Thank you, SO much, Aunty Amy xx
Babykins xx

by Babykins on Adult Baby World

Dear Nanny,
I'm still buzzing. I loved meeting Aunty Amy and seeing Uncle Frank again - you definitely gather special people round you.
Each visit to you is more intense and exciting than the previous one!  I will expand on that later in case it would be useful for your lovely new website. Or maybe you've got as many testimonials as you need?
Thank you for my pressie, too.
Babykins xx

It's always lovely to see you again. We have so much fun X

by Baby Liam, Newcastle on Adult Baby World

hi.nanny.Betty.xx.                                                               as.a.very."strict".nanny.x.                             "hide"the..cane.😂       "hide"the.hairbrush.😥        that.was.a.very.good.twist.on.Saturday.night. 🚽.                      when.i.was.finished.on.the.potty.                  nappy.and.rubber.pants.on.                        😆.                               in.the.cot.😷.                                                                                                                       for.a.very.long.hard.bare.bottom.spanking.          😈.                I.think.if.I.had.done.what.I.was.going.          "        until.I.was.crying 😢 like.a.big.👶 baby 👶                                                                           "👱                           "nanny."from.👶😷 😷.                      "sore.😭😵 x.

by Baby Rachel on Adult Baby World
Thank You

Hi BettyThank you so much for the photos and thank you also for such a fabulous three hours, you really are very good at what you do.Rachel xx

Thank you for your kind words. It's always a pleasure when you visit. X

by Baby Claudia on Adult Baby World
Special Bed & Breakfast

A special Bed and Breakfast.Recently I had occasion to go and visit a professional Nanny for an overnight stay on a ‘bed and breakfast’ basis. I think this is a rare service but one that appealed to me. I had wanted to visit a Nanny for many years and this was a way of achieving that goal but as a ‘toe in the water’ so to speak.

I arranged a time and date in advance with Nanny via email and, as a new client, was asked to make contact at an allotted time on the day of visit. This I dutifully did and was given the contact details and arrangements.

I was nervous at the prospect of meeting Nanny but was equally excited, having been looking forward to the day for many weeks.

When I arrived, I was uncertain as what to expect when I knocked on the door. Nanny greeted me at the door, and welcomed me into her home. We sat and chatted for a little while and Nanny asked me a few background questions and made me feel at ease and explained was would happen.

I was offered a drink, which could include a bottle if desired. Nanny then showed me the facilities available. This included the Nursery, set up and ready to go; complete with high chair, full size cot, dressing table with television and dvd’s. There was also the changing room, with ample supplies and a full size changing table at a suitable height for Nanny.

Nanny then showed me the sizeable collection of clothes and other items available for use. The ‘Special Bed and Breakfast’ allowed the use of the facilities and the pleasure of dressing up. So much choice.

Whilst I had not opted for any Nanny Services on this occasion, they could be available at supplementary cost. Maybe that is for another day. After showering in the well-presented facilities, Nanny was kind enough to change my nappy for me. I was privileged to be told I was only the third person to use this new table.

I proceeded, sorry waddled, to the dressing up area and admired the array of clothes. I made my choices and got dressed. It felt so good to have the freedom to dress in this protected environment and to be that little person. There is a range of boys and girls clothes, which did include mainly sissy style clothing. There were baby grows, a waddling baby vest, along with lots of frilly petticoats. There were plastic and fabric clothes as well as some school girl attire. So many clothes and so little time.

Nanny has some DVD that can be watched including children’s programmes and some, let’s say, more grown up programmes.

I was able to go downstairs and had a short time with Nanny before bedtime. I Once again, Nanny was kind enough to change my nappy ready for bed. I had double protection this time which, it turned out, was necessary. I was given my night time bottle and lay down on the comfy cot mattress ready for sleep. Nanny then gave me a pacifier and buckled it behind my neck. I settled down to sleep and Nanny fixed the side of the cot into position, wished me good night, turned out the light and left.

In the morning, at a pre-arranged time, Nanny came in to wake me. Her smiling and comforting face was a positive start to the day. Nanny made breakfast which I was able to eat in the high chair.

All this signaled my ‘special’ time was nearing its end and normality beckoned. After a shower and change to everyday clothes, and nappy, I packed my things and said my good byes and thank you’s to Nanny.

I have to say, I was put at ease the whole time and was able to have time alone or with Nanny, if I wished. It is clear to see that nanny enjoys her work and this has to be reflected in the environment created. Nanny offers a soft and comforting experience with this facility, but for naughty babies I did notice the cot, changing table and high chair are all fitted with locking straps and buckles. Maybe those are for another day as well.

The Bed and breakfast arrangement allows time for play that is a cut above the average budget hotel. If only this service was more widely available.

Thank you Nanny from Baby Claudia. :D

by Baby Nicola on Adult Baby World
Amazing Experience

Hi NannyNow that I have composed myself a little from yesterday I want to thank you for an amazing experience, sorry I was a bit quiet but think that was nerves. Firstly I think you have beat me, I'm not a big boy and just a little baby girl, needing to use that big thick nappy on the way home proved that (next visit I will not be wearing big boy pants to see you).

Secondly being in restraints while dressed fully as a baby girl was a thrill, especially in the knowledge that the builders were just outside the nursery and could have walked in at any time and seen me in such a predicament, and I would have been helpless to do anything. Sorry for my pee pee leaking everywhere when in crib, that just proved how much of a helpless baby I am, that can't be trusted without a nappy, plastic pant and plastic sheet under me.

Lastly a massive thank you for the trip to the shops whilst dressed in a baby t shirt, pink coat and a nappy on. Dressed being out was a thrill and next time hopefully have more courage to be a little more adventurous. Thank you for making me feel safe and although it was really busy in the supermarket and high street on a Saturday afternoon you made it feel just like a normal everyday occurrence. Even though I couldn't help over hearing a group of girls giggling when we walked (waddled) past and a few stares whilst in the shop. I remember you saying that I was not the only one with a nappy on as there were babies in the shops but I definitely think l was the biggest one.

Thank you again

Baby Nicola

by Babykins on Adult Baby World
Fantastic First Visit

My first visit to Nanny Betty’s nursery happened to coincide with building work she was having done, about which Nanny did warn me, and asked if I would prefer to rearrange. I was so keen, however, that I went along anyway, and am so glad I did. From the moment Nanny opened the door looking spectacular in wet-look stretch trousers and high heels, I was captivated literally as well as metaphorically!

I had written down a few things I hoped Nanny would include in the session, and while I was slipping into my rubber baby smock, nappy and plastic pants, she was kind enough to read my notes. Over the afternoon she skilfully slipped in almost everything I had asked for, in a very natural, easy way, woven into her own wonderfully strict, controlling and teasing style of domination. Because the house was full of builders I did not leave the nursery, but that was no hardship, since Nanny found all kinds of deliciously exciting ways to restrain me and make me feel very exposed and vulnerable, which in toddler mode I find very erotic.

I was allowed to show her exciting clips I brought on my own laptop, and she also fed me bottles of juice and baby formula, both in the cot and in a high chair to which I was secured in her robust set of reins. I find it very exciting to be teased and taunted, and Nanny immediately understood the atmosphere I respond to, and created it effortlessly, as if she’d known me for ages. Nanny even worked in an unexpected but very arousing visit from a friend of hers, who entered into the scenario in an exciting and natural way.

Nanny is not only a lovely person inside and out, but is obviously very experienced, very skilled and creative, and thoroughly enjoys what she does, which made two of us. I shall definitely be returning for a longer visit.

Thank you so much Nanny, from Babykins xx

by Baby Kate on Adult Baby World
Can't Wait to Return

Dear nanny Betty,I read your diary update. Wow I am really looking forward to my next visit 🙂 Great news indeed about the big changing table.

I read a lot of ab stories on the internet and you make fantasy come true. Each blog update you impress me more and I get very exited even more about my next visit. First pics of you pushing the pram, then the public changing tables, then more public outings fully dressed as an ab and now your own changing table in the nursery...very great. So many fantasies to try next visit, can't wait.It will be great seeing you again, it's been too long.

Your thoughts for young people that you wrote in your blog is quite true and very recognisable about ab. Funny that you got so many reactions and questions about sleeping in the cot lol haha.

Your site is very popular. I told Margret from CosynDry that you are my nanny and a good friend. She said as well that you are very popular and have people all over the world visiting you.

You are a great person. As a nanny but also just as yourself.

Have a good night and be safe.

Lots of love, your baby Kate XXX

by Babykins on Adult Baby World
Second Fantastic Visit

Dear Nanny,Thank you for the photos. My favourite is the one with the reflection in the mirror - it is VERY erotic. Hoping it might be useful to you as a testimonial for your website, I'd offer this about yesterday:

There is always a worry: will this visit be as good as the first? It was even better - another incredibly intense and exciting experience. To me Nanny Betty is a glamorous magician who makes dreams and fantasies come true. I sometimes think I may be too demanding in telling her about my own dreams and fantasies, but she effortlessly and elegantly weaves in all the most important elements and still manages to introduce unexpected and thrilling variations.

Her new ABDL suite is wonderful, especially the Nappy Change Room with the changing bench Nanny designed herself, complete with wrist, ankle and neck restraints. She is right in her blog comments about those locks on the doors and the exciting sound of hearing her turn the key - but then she has such a wonderful instinct for the AB scene she gets everything right!

I spent an unforgettable afternoon being subjected to so many erotic 'little girl' experiences: cot, nappy changes, high chair, spanks and even potty training. My excitement was even greater because Nanny invited Uncle Frank to be present for some of the time. He turned out to be a wonderful complement to Nanny, and they worked together seamlessly in creating exactly the atmosphere I had hoped for.

Somewhere Nanny mentions people have told her she is the 'best Nanny in the world'. It really is NO exaggeration!

Thank you SO much, lovely Nanny. I will definitely be back.

Babykins xx

by Baby Bjorn on Adult Baby World
You Totally Get Me

"in less than 24 hours with me, you know exactly what to do. It's kind of scary that you understand me so well - there's nothing I could think of or ask for to make it better. I wanted to be forced and you just naturally do it - I don't need to think I just do what you tell me to and it feels so natural."

by Baby Daniel on Adult Baby World
Fond Memories

Hi Nanny Betty,

I hope you had a great Christmas and best wishes for a very happy new year!

I have not been in contact for a long time now, so hopefully you remember me a little bit? I am Daniel we met in August 2014 ? I remember you very well. In fact, Ive been thinking about you a lot over the last few weeks and spent way too long reading your website and looking at the photos over the past 16 months.I actually found your blog for the first time today despite so many times having another quick look (refresher) at your site. Really enjoyed reading it and hearing so much more from you and seeing so many great photos too..... I nearly fell off my chair and then actually laughed out loud when I read you mention meeting me and me being the lamest AB ever ! haha....

So three reasons for writing, firstly to say I agree with so many others that have written to you - you are amazing and truly special both at what you do and as a person.

I also wanted to say that I think I did you a disservice by not writing something more appropriate by way of thanks and as testimonial at the time, for that I apologise..... I really did have an amazing experience and really enjoyed meeting you, a memory that has stuck vividly in my mind ever since.

Lastly I wanted to send my best wishes for a very happy new year that you clearly deserve ! and I hope to see you again this year as my circumstances have changed and it will now be possible for me to visit regularly.

With fond memories and kind regards,

Baby Daniel x

by Baby Stuart on Adult Baby World
Experience I can Never Forget

Hi Nanny Betty!

I've been having a look at your web site and reading your blogs, They sound great! I visited you about 6 months ago one evening, I come up from West Sussex. I have been finding my self ever since. It was a truly amazing experience that I can never forget!

I am interested in visiting again, exploring more of public humiliation still AB with DL etc, I read on your blogs that this is something you have done with others before?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Baby Stuart

by Princess Jillian on Adult Baby World
Best Ever Strict Nanny

I recently sessioned with Nanny Betty for an evening (and the majority of the following day) and it was a wonderful experience. Nanny B was great company and  the majority of my time with her was spent chatting about virtually every subject you could imagine. Nanny B is friendly, intelligent, has a great sense of humour and, in my humble opinion, looks absolutely gorgeous.

However, like most nannies, she can be very, very strict and if you go to see her, you would be advised to be on your best behaviour!  During my visit, Nanny took me out to a local park and I was given a push in my pram, which was great fun and I felt totally safe with her in charge.

The nursery itself is well appointed, clean and in comfortable domestic surroundings. Although I live a fair distance away from Nanny I will definitely be returning in the future.

RegardsPrincess Jillian

by Anonymous on Adult Baby World
Never Enjoyed Myself So Much

‘ If you want a truly realistic regression to adult baby look no further than Nanny Betty. You will be welcomed,
looked after perfectly and most importantly understood. She will intelligently understand exactly what you
want out of a session. Everything provided is spotlessly clean and nanny looks every bit as good as her pictures.
After many years of searching I will not be visiting any other than Nanny Betty’       …...Baby Christopher

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