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Firstly, I would like to say that this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Nanny Betty was kind, reasuring, good looking!, non-judgemental and put me at ease from the moment I got into her car.I chose the bed & breakfast overnight stay plus bottle feed and nappy changes as my first step in fulfilling a long awaited desire. I have been wearing nappies for as long as I can remember and the need to share this with someone has become greater as I get older. I have considered seeing a professional nanny for many years and spent hours looking at their various websites and blogs to chose one.Although I felt nervous on the tube ride out of London I also felt incredibly excited. I called Nanny Betty as agreed and she very kindly collected me from the station and took me to her house. Nanny offered me Tea or Coffee when we arrived, however I was quite thirsty so I asked for some water. Nanny asked if I would like it in a bottle. I remember hesitating, my mind at a crossroad, with years of secrecy weighing in against me. It would have been so easy to say "no" at this stage but Nanny looked at me and I could see that she knew exactly what I really wanted and reasured but encouraged me by asking me if I wanted a pink or blue bottle. "Blue please". There, I had said it, and with it my admission of my biggest secret to a person I had met not just 10 minutes previously.After this we went upstairs where Nanny Betty showed me around the amazing first floor of her house. There was a dedicated nappy changing room with stacks of all types of nappies and drawers full of plastic pants; a bedroom complete with cot and high chair and very smart bathroom. There was such a huge array of toys, games and cuddly toys, and an even bigger selection of baby boy and girl clothes. In terms of clothing I would say there isn't much Nanny Betty doesn't have.I had sole use of the first floor for my overnight stay and, as per our agreement, Nanny was also going to put me into a nappy and give me a bottle at bedtime.Whilst we were in the changing room Nanny asked me to take my clothes off and climb up onto the changing table. The pure rush of exitement I felt as she slipped the disposable N under my bottom, sprinkled power and asked if she was the first person to see me in a nappy (which she is!) all whilst I looked at my reflection in the ceiling mirror, was intoxicating.After this I was left to enjoy the nursery for a couple of hours before Nanny Betty came up to change me from my wet nappy into a thicker night time nappy and give me my bottle. Bars up on the cot and lights out with an agreed wake up time left me to drift into a contented sleep, dummy in my mouth and a cuddly toy under my arm.At 7am Nanny woke me, I showered then she changed my N and sat me in the high chair with the reins on for breakfast. She left the door to the nursery open whilst I sat in the high chair and it was at this point that I realised I was totally at ease being around her whist wearing a nappy.After saying my goodbyes and making my way into work I continued to enjoy a lingering reminder of my visit every time I sat down catching a waft of baby powder scent from my nappy.I truly cannot rate Nanny Betty highly enough. I have spent so much time making sure I found the right person to share my secret with and can, hand on heart, say I absolutely made the right choice. Perhaps it just a shame that I didn't summon the courage to pay her a visit years ago.I'm already planning my next visit and very much looking forward to playing out some of my other AB fantasies.JA

by Baby Rachel on Adult Baby World
Thank You

Hi BettyThank you so much for the photos and thank you also for such a fabulous three hours, you really are very good at what you do.Rachel xx

Thank you for your kind words. It's always a pleasure when you visit. X

by Baby Claudia on Adult Baby World
Special Bed & Breakfast

A special Bed and Breakfast.Recently I had occasion to go and visit a professional Nanny for an overnight stay on a ‘bed and breakfast’ basis. I think this is a rare service but one that appealed to me. I had wanted to visit a Nanny for many years and this was a way of achieving that goal but as a ‘toe in the water’ so to speak.I arranged a time and date in advance with Nanny via email and, as a new client, was asked to make contact at an allotted time on the day of visit. This I dutifully did and was given the contact details and arrangements.I was nervous at the prospect of meeting Nanny but was equally excited, having been looking forward to the day for many weeks.When I arrived, I was uncertain as what to expect when I knocked on the door. Nanny greeted me at the door, and welcomed me into her home. We sat and chatted for a little while and Nanny asked me a few background questions and made me feel at ease and explained was would happen.I was offered a drink, which could include a bottle if desired. Nanny then showed me the facilities available. This included the Nursery, set up and ready to go; complete with high chair, full size cot, dressing table with television and dvd’s. There was also the changing room, with ample supplies and a full size changing table at a suitable height for Nanny.Nanny then showed me the sizeable collection of clothes and other items available for use. The ‘Special Bed and Breakfast’ allowed the use of the facilities and the pleasure of dressing up. So much choice.Whilst I had not opted for any Nanny Services on this occasion, they could be available at supplementary cost. Maybe that is for another day. After showering in the well-presented facilities, Nanny was kind enough to change my nappy for me. I was privileged to be told I was only the third person to use this new table.I proceeded, sorry waddled, to the dressing up area and admired the array of clothes. I made my choices and got dressed. It felt so good to have the freedom to dress in this protected environment and to be that little person. There is a range of boys and girls clothes, which did include mainly sissy style clothing. There were baby grows, a waddling baby vest, along with lots of frilly petticoats. There were plastic and fabric clothes as well as some school girl attire. So many clothes and so little time.Nanny has some DVD that can be watched including children’s programmes and some, let’s say, more grown up programmes.I was able to go downstairs and had a short time with Nanny before bedtime. I Once again, Nanny was kind enough to change my nappy ready for bed. I had double protection this time which, it turned out, was necessary. I was given my night time bottle and lay down on the comfy cot mattress ready for sleep. Nanny then gave me a pacifier and buckled it behind my neck. I settled down to sleep and Nanny fixed the side of the cot into position, wished me good night, turned out the light and left.In the morning, at a pre-arranged time, Nanny came in to wake me. Her smiling and comforting face was a positive start to the day. Nanny made breakfast which I was able to eat in the high chair.All this signaled my ‘special’ time was nearing its end and normality beckoned. After a shower and change to everyday clothes, and nappy, I packed my things and said my good byes and thank you’s to Nanny.I have to say, I was put at ease the whole time and was able to have time alone or with Nanny, if I wished. It is clear to see that nanny enjoys her work and this has to be reflected in the environment created. Nanny offers a soft and comforting experience with this facility, but for naughty babies I did notice the cot, changing table and high chair are all fitted with locking straps and buckles. Maybe those are for another day as well.The Bed and breakfast arrangement allows time for play that is a cut above the average budget hotel. If only this service was more widely available.Thank you Nanny from Baby Claudia. :D

by Baby Nicola on Adult Baby World
Amazing Experience

Hi NannyNow that I have composed myself a little from yesterday I want to thank you for an amazing experience, sorry I was a bit quiet but think that was nerves. Firstly I think you have beat me, I'm not a big boy and just a little baby girl, needing to use that big thick nappy on the way home proved that (next visit I will not be wearing big boy pants to see you).Secondly being in restraints while dressed fully as a baby girl was a thrill, especially in the knowledge that the builders were just outside the nursery and could have walked in at any time and seen me in such a predicament, and I would have been helpless to do anything. Sorry for my pee pee leaking everywhere when in crib, that just proved how much of a helpless baby I am, that can't be trusted without a nappy, plastic pant and plastic sheet under me.Lastly a massive thank you for the trip to the shops whilst dressed in a baby t shirt, pink coat and a nappy on. Dressed being out was a thrill and next time hopefully have more courage to be a little more adventurous. Thank you for making me feel safe and although it was really busy in the supermarket and high street on a Saturday afternoon you made it feel just like a normal everyday occurrence. Even though I couldn't help over hearing a group of girls giggling when we walked (waddled) past and a few stares whilst in the shop. I remember you saying that I was not the only one with a nappy on as there were babies in the shops but I definitely think l was the biggest one.Thank you againBaby Nicola

by Babykins on Adult Baby World
Fantastic First Visit

My first visit to Nanny Betty’s nursery happened to coincide with building work she was having done, about which Nanny did warn me, and asked if I would prefer to rearrange. I was so keen, however, that I went along anyway, and am so glad I did. From the moment Nanny opened the door looking spectacular in wet-look stretch trousers and high heels, I was captivated literally as well as metaphorically!I had written down a few things I hoped Nanny would include in the session, and while I was slipping into my rubber baby smock, nappy and plastic pants, she was kind enough to read my notes. Over the afternoon she skilfully slipped in almost everything I had asked for, in a very natural, easy way, woven into her own wonderfully strict, controlling and teasing style of domination. Because the house was full of builders I did not leave the nursery, but that was no hardship, since Nanny found all kinds of deliciously exciting ways to restrain me and make me feel very exposed and vulnerable, which in toddler mode I find very erotic.I was allowed to show her exciting clips I brought on my own laptop, and she also fed me bottles of juice and baby formula, both in the cot and in a high chair to which I was secured in her robust set of reins. I find it very exciting to be teased and taunted, and Nanny immediately understood the atmosphere I respond to, and created it effortlessly, as if she’d known me for ages. Nanny even worked in an unexpected but very arousing visit from a friend of hers, who entered into the scenario in an exciting and natural way.Nanny is not only a lovely person inside and out, but is obviously very experienced, very skilled and creative, and thoroughly enjoys what she does, which made two of us. I shall definitely be returning for a longer visit.Thank you so much Nanny, from Babykins xx

by Baby Kate on Adult Baby World
Can't Wait to Return

Dear nanny Betty,I read your diary update. Wow I am really looking forward to my next visit 🙂 Great news indeed about the big changing table.I read a lot of ab stories on the internet and you make fantasy come true. Each blog update you impress me more and I get very exited even more about my next visit. First pics of you pushing the pram, then the public changing tables, then more public outings fully dressed as an ab and now your own changing table in the nursery...very great. So many fantasies to try next visit, can't wait.It will be great seeing you again, it's been too long.Your thoughts for young people that you wrote in your blog is quite true and very recognisable about ab. Funny that you got so many reactions and questions about sleeping in the cot lol haha.Your site is very popular. I told Margret from CosynDry that you are my nanny and a good friend. She said as well that you are very popular and have people all over the world visiting you.You are a great person. As a nanny but also just as yourself.Have a good night and be safe.Lots of love, your baby Kate XXX

by Babykins on Adult Baby World
Second Fantastic Visit

Dear Nanny,Thank you for the photos. My favourite is the one with the reflection in the mirror - it is VERY erotic.Hoping it might be useful to you as a testimonial for your website, I'd offer this about yesterday:There is always a worry: will this visit be as good as the first? It was even better - another incredibly intense and exciting experience. To me Nanny Betty is a glamorous magician who makes dreams and fantasies come true. I sometimes think I may be too demanding in telling her about my own dreams and fantasies, but she effortlessly and elegantly weaves in all the most important elements and still manages to introduce unexpected and thrilling variations.Her new ABDL suite is wonderful, especially the Nappy Change Room with the changing bench Nanny designed herself, complete with wrist, ankle and neck restraints. She is right in her blog comments about those locks on the doors and the exciting sound of hearing her turn the key - but then she has such a wonderful instinct for the AB scene she gets everything right!I spent an unforgettable afternoon being subjected to so many erotic 'little girl' experiences: cot, nappy changes, high chair, spanks and even potty training. My excitement was even greater because Nanny invited Uncle Frank to be present for some of the time. He turned out to be a wonderful complement to Nanny, and they worked together seamlessly in creating exactly the atmosphere I had hoped for.Somewhere Nanny mentions people have told her she is the 'best Nanny in the world'. It really is NO exaggeration!Thank you SO much, lovely Nanny. I will definitely be back.Babykins xx

by Baby Bjorn on Adult Baby World
You Totally Get Me

"in less than 24 hours with me, you know exactly what to do. It's kind of scary that you understand me so well - there's nothing I could think of or ask for to make it better. I wanted to be forced and you just naturally do it - I don't need to think I just do what you tell me to and it feels so natural."

by Baby Daniel on Adult Baby World
Fond Memories

Hi Nanny Betty,I hope you had a great Christmas and best wishes for a very happy new year !I have not been in contact for a long time now, so hopefully you remember me a little bit? I am Daniel we met in August 2014 ? I remember you very well. In fact, Ive been thinking about you a lot over the last few weeks and spent way too long reading your website and looking at the photos over the past 16 months.I actually found your blog for the first time today despite so many times having another quick look (refresher) at your site. Really enjoyed reading it and hearing so much more from you and seeing so many great photos too..... I nearly fell off my chair and then actually laughed out loud when I read you mention meeting me and me being the lamest AB ever ! haha....So three reasons for writing, firstly to say I agree with so many others that have written to you - you are amazing and truly special both at what you do and as a person.I also wanted to say that I think I did you a disservice by not writing something more appropriate by way of thanks and as testimonial at the time, for that I apologise..... I really did have an amazing experience and really enjoyed meeting you, a memory that has stuck vividly in my mind ever since.Lastly I wanted to send my best wishes for a very happy new year that you clearly deserve ! and I hope to see you again this year as my circumstances have changed and it will now be possible for me to visit regularly.With fond memories and kind regards,Baby Daniel x

by Baby Stuart on Adult Baby World
Experience I can Never Forget

Hi Nanny Betty!

I've been having a look at your web site and reading your blogs, They sound great! I visited you about 6 months ago one evening, I come up from West Sussex. I have been finding my self ever since. It was a truly amazing experience that I can never forget!

I am interested in visiting again, exploring more of public humiliation still AB with DL etc, I read on your blogs that this is something you have done with others before?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Baby Stuart

by Princess Jillian on Adult Baby World
Best Ever Strict Nanny

I recently sessioned with Nanny Betty for an evening (and the majority of the following day) and it was a wonderful experience. Nanny B was great company and  the majority of my time with her was spent chatting about virtually every subject you could imagine. Nanny B is friendly, intelligent, has a great sense of humour and, in my humble opinion, looks absolutely gorgeous.

However, like most nannies, she can be very, very strict and if you go to see her, you would be advised to be on your best behaviour!  During my visit, Nanny took me out to a local park and I was given a push in my pram, which was great fun and I felt totally safe with her in charge.

The nursery itself is well appointed, clean and in comfortable domestic surroundings. Although I live a fair distance away from Nanny I will definitely be returning in the future.

RegardsPrincess Jillian

by Anonymous on Adult Baby World
Never Enjoyed Myself So Much

‘ If you want a truly realistic regression to adult baby look no further than Nanny Betty. You will be welcomed,
looked after perfectly and most importantly understood. She will intelligently understand exactly what you
want out of a session. Everything provided is spotlessly clean and nanny looks every bit as good as her pictures.
After many years of searching I will not be visiting any other than Nanny Betty’       …...Baby Christopher

by Diaper Lover A on Adult Baby World
The Best Nursery

The BEST Adult Baby Nanny in the UK by far - and I have been to MANY adult baby nurseries over the years.

by Kenneth S on Adult Baby World
Great Roleplay

Dear Nanny Betty

Thank you for organising yesterday’s session which was very enjoyable. I loved the role play and all elements of the session: being spanked, dressed as a sissy, dressed as a slut, playing games, being bathed (a privilege), and being read a nice story, with my head nicely supported by Aunty Amy. I think the spankings were even better than before.

I am not so able to visit you as frequently as I would like. I currently attend a number of scene events, covering a range of interests, e.g.: school role plays, CP parties, SM parties, 1-2-1s. (This of course has implications on time and money.) Hopefully, I will be able to suggest a date later this year. As suggested, I will write a poem as homework.

It was very nice to meet you again. You are very approachable and easy to talk to, and you have a natural rather than overt dominance: I feel that this is very helpful for age players. I think I am more of a young boy age player rather than an adult baby (although I will experiment with the nappy you kindly provided). My favourite plays would involve wearing a prep school uniform or a cub scout uniform. It would be nice to play with you again either as teacher, nanny, mummy, or Akela; or possibly a mummy and daddy combination. I was spanked frequently by my daddy as a boy, but I have never been spanked by a man as an adult and I am curious. It would be fulfilling to call someone ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ while being spanked. As a spanko, I would love to be spanked in public or in an open area (but, I accept that this may be difficult). As well as spankings, I do love TLC.

I have your thong (or was it a g-string). In my haste to get dressed, I did not notice that I was still wearing it. I will wash it and bring it (or an equivalent) to our next session. I don’t have the courage to shout over to the violin section that I would like to borrow a g-string J (Unless I really feel the need to be punished.)

Kind regards

Kenneth S

by Baby Kate on Adult Baby World
I can't Wait to Visit Again

Dear nanny Betty,
I will try to keep it short  but it is a positive mail towards you.
You look really great in your pics, wow. I always found you a very pretty and attractive women.
But as said before, your not just an attractive nanny to me. Your a good friend and helped change many things in my life.
First you had the pic in the PVCon  your diary, who can resist your looks there J
After that I liked the pic in the baby room, seeing you and the fresh nappy of the AB.
That already made me miss your company and finding it difficult waiting for a new visit.
Than the other diary update with more of the baby changing room. It would be great going to the baby changing room again next visit.
And with your latest diary update you look very great (also healthy skin).
Your latest diary pics have been going through my mind all day so far. Really trigged my AB feelings.
Seeing you sitting on the plastic mat of the cot with teddy and several nappies, holding one in your hand. Even when I was still young I always have been fantasizing about getting nappied by a pretty woman. With the pic it brings back the feelings of the visits to you and getting nappied.
I am lucky I visited you already a couple of times and am welcome with you.
I also liked the pic where you hold the potty. I was going to ask when I visit again to see of you would like to do also some roleplay with potty training. Making comments or some scolding when I wet my nappy again.
I had already orderd some girly knickers just for that. I wanted to send you a pic of them but now I have to J
I was fortunate to have already some pics of you where you stand leaning over the cot. Even with the spanker haha.
I sometimes have nights where I feel a bit lonely and have trouble forgetting the past. It helps than when I lay in my nappy with my dummy to feel relaxed again and happy. The images of the pics where you stand leaning over the cot watching me, make me calm.The fun memories of the past visits come by. Thickly nappied at the Tower of London, driving to someones house to pick up nappies and you wanting to let her see my plastic pants so she would think the nappies where for me haha. The one you didn’t find funny, the fart when you wanted to spank me J. It’s not nice, I just could’t resist it. I will be paying for it for a long time though..sorry Nanny..

But not just our trips I think of but also the good things, like improving my eating habits just to name one.

I will visit again. Beginning next year.
It will be difficult waiting so long.
I liked doing the more babythings last visit. Laying on the playmat having you watch over me.
With normal conversation feeling a bit adult again. But standing in the bathroom in my morning wet nappy getting the remark “that’s a wet nappy” I feel real little again and far from adult. Especially when after the bath I have to wear a new nappy.
I think I am a true AB. Liking all the AB things, dressing up and feeling safe.
I added some pics of the underpants. I will probably never be able to wear them without my nappy as I will never outgrow my nappy or will be able to go to the potty on time.
With the new shoes going to a club fully dressed will be able as they are better for walking than the plastic pvc shoes. You will know if a sissy club or the fetish cafe you took the other AB’s to will be something for me. I never been to such a place before.
I feel lucky I was able to visit again a couple of times. Also to have you as a good friend with life changing influences. You will always have a big place in my heart. Thank you Nanny xxx.
Your baby Kate XXX

by Penelope Pansy on Adult Baby World
Such a Strict Nanny!

Dear Nanny Betty

Apologies for the length of the email as I know you prefer short and succinct but I have a lot to relate.
Firstly many thanks for allowing me the opportunity to visit you again,  About 1,300 spankings, 40 cane stokes and no squirty at all for a generally obedient sissy baby WOW,  I would hate to be a naughty baby in your hands!
It certainly added plenty to my experience for which I am most grateful. I did actually enjoy the more dominant clothes you wore on Sunday night ( despite the heat). I meant to ask you what you were looking for that you did not find.  To be honest I, and I should probably not say this,  particularly liked the glimpse  of knicker  ( only a glimpse) on your stunning bottom and the opportunity to at least kiss the forbidden fruit of your pvc clad bottom.
Monday was most interesting, with the shy sissy and sissy Suzi, meeting Aunty Amy and the party.  Despite the humiliation of a public appearance I enjoyed the party and was surprised at how open the TV's were of my plight which made me feel comfortable. Part of me feels disappointed that the bikini clad lady did not want to be orally worshipped but in truth I am not disappointed at all at the lack of lollipop sucking opportunities.  It was a bit seedy and the men were in my opinion a bit on the lecherous side but I am  happy you brought me, thank you.   I most definitely liked Aunty Amy despite her spanking me, caning me and  her insisting I start my special hormone treatment. The milk and mush worked well and helped reinforce babyhood and I love the sissy makeovers.
I thoroughly enjoyed the meal out and coffee yesterday. I actually enjoy your company. You are truly an eclectic, interesting and attractive woman.   As we discussed yesterday I am aware of the cross over between reality and fantasy especially in my case and my fantasy does require some element of forced humiliation  and  pushing my boundaries, with me having total lack of control over what is going to happen. Some of the spankings did bring me over my threshold and I was about to shout stop on a couple of occasions but did not which means you got the level just about right. My bum still tingles.
Lots of verbal humiliation on pleasing and worshiping Ladies works well for me and I fully appreciate I am right up against the boundary of what is acceptable to you and I have too much respect for you for it to be any other way.
As also mentioned yesterday over coffee, for a quiet day like Tuesday, I am happy be to treated  as a  baby all day long. So sit me on the mat with pure baby toys to play with as you do your daily chores, perhaps even in the back room as you use your sewing machine. Just insist I play and gurgle and babble nonsense with me not allowed to talk as I sit and play. Even put me down for a nap. In general once you are in the same room as me as any nanny would be with a baby. I know the punishment for leaving the mat full well!
I went to Tate Modern yesterday, had a lovely seafood linguini afterwards. Just like the club the gallery was interesting,  I think you might like it but is it Art ?? I attach a couple of photo's and I found a new apartment for you in Southwark, going cheap!
Thanks again for all the new experiences and I hope you will allow me the opportunity to visit again. Be good and enjoy life.
Hugs and Kisses
Sissy baby penelope pansy

by Adult Baby Jenny on Adult Baby World
Aunty Amy

Aunty Amy was so understanding of my wet nappy.

by Anonymous on Adult Baby World
Forced to Submit

Dear Nanny Betty,
 Your comment in your latest diary entry about ABs 'enjoying' an element being forced to wear nappies certainly rang a bell with me.  I think that it is probably a way for us to pass responsibility for what we are doing from ourselves on to another person.  Being and practicing being an AB is very much a minority hobby and is not something that we would usually discuss with friends and family.  We therefore probably feel a little guilty about having the desire to dress and behave as babies in the first place and a little more guilty when we come to put our desires into practice.  Any sense of guilt can be avoided if we are forced to wear nappies, etc. by Nanny.  We have no choice in the matter and have no option but to obey.  From that point on Nanny is in control and we have no further say in the matter.  If Nanny decides that a firm hand is needed and/or the visitor to the nursery has to wear the full baby clothes outfit then so be it.  All we have to do is accept the situation and go along with it; the object of the exercise in the first place
I think that for me, a visit to Nanny without this element of being forced to do as she decides would be a bit on the bland side and lacking "edge".  The first wet nappy could be considered as an act of defiance and dealt with accordingly.  Subsequent wet nappies are acts of compliance indicating that baby Louise has accepted the situation fully and knows that Nanny is in charge.
I expect that your AB visitors will all have different comfort zones and "no go" thresholds and I am sure that you would not in fact physically "force" them over that line.  For example, I would be happy to accept the involvement of a female third party, either acting or watching an AB scene, but I would draw the line at going public in any way.  Going out in public dressed as an AB or cross dressed is a "no way" scenario for me - and it would probably frighten the horses!  You can be very persuasive but I know that you would never force an issue.  Nevertheless you have taken me over some thresholds that I did not expect to cross even if they were much smaller steps and were crossed in private.  (I remember saying on my first visit when I was scene setting saying quite clearly that I was not into being a submissive, and meaning it, and finishing up seated on the floor in front of you kissing your stockinged feet.  You did not have to say a word.  It was just the force of your personality made it seem an entirely natural thing to do.)  
If you include all or part of this in a future blog you could ask your ABs for their feedback on what their particular thresholds are and whether they have unexpectedly crossed any that they had previously considered uncrossable.
Yours obediently
PS  Your Spanish venture sound exciting.  I rather doubt if I will ever be able to take advantage of the facility - but one can dream!  All the best

by Baby Lucy on Adult Baby World
My Experience

Hi everyone I'd like to take few minutes to share with you my visit to mummy Betty down in Chigwell, Essex. Where to begin well a little about me I like being a baby girl around 13 months to 18 months so I planned to book a visit. I looked around and found mummy Betty's website after pondering about this I made contact and a visit was arranged. On the day of my visit I arrived at mummy's house and as the door was about to open I had butterflies going through me. But when the door opened this amazing gorgeous women greeted me and the smile on her face made me feel relaxed. The first thing we did was we had drink and lovely chat of what I want to happen and a little more about me during this mummy know how to get you to relax open up. After we finished chatting we went up to the nursery and got me ready mummy is so natural at looking after babies you can slip straight away in to role without any problem. Then when I was ready we went downstairs and we watched kids cartoosn while I was lying on mummy's lap. If you are in to cuddles and TLC mummy is so wonderful you never want it to stop. But back to it after watching a bit of TV it was time for bed so mummy got me ready for bed which was wonderful after putting mittens on me of course mummy will not tolerate thumb sucking and then mummy tied a dummy around my neck then mummy settled me down in this amazing cot and she told me a story which she thought up and mummy encouraged me to join in. I want to say at this point mummy is brilliant at story time it blew my mind away.After story was finished she gave me cuddle and that was my first night done. In morning mummy lovely smile greeted me as she came in holding a baby bottle but mummy looked at my hands and saw I had taken my mittens off so she said I was going to be punished for taking off my mittens. So she sat on edge of cot and lying my head on her lap she gave me my bottle of milk and trust me you will finish it if you fussy baby like I was mummy has ways and you never win against mummy so after finally finishing my bottle mummy put on baby nursery rhymes and while mummy went to get breakfast ready I stayed in cot and enjoying listening and singing along to them I should said this earlier mummy got this wonderful mobile above cot which plays you are my sunshine and mummy said can I sing it so we sing it together then she said I should sing it on my own which I kept getting wrong. But back to it mummy came back with my breakfast then mummy put me in highchair and tied bib around me and feed me. And if you fussy eater mummy know how to make you eat it all. After breakfast it was time for lovely bath with load of bubbles and mummy is brilliant getting you all clean and making you laugh also mummy can remove your unwanted hair. Then after bath she put clean nappy on me and pretty dress which I brought with me but if you don't have your own clothes mummy has lovely adorable clothes for you to wear then she said you remember what I said earlier it was time to face my punishment for taken my mitten off and being little naughty at breakfast so I was ordered to put my nose on door and put my hands on my head and stay their till mummy said I could move and if you move mummy just make it longer trust me mummy means it.As I found out after when mummy thought I had learned my lesson you are made to say sorry. Then we went down stairs and for rest of morning I was watching TV lying on mummy lap while she cuddle me it made me feel safe and secure I should state mummy keep you content with lot of bottles so no problem getting thirsty. Then around lunch time we went back to nursery where I was put in highchair and fed lunch which I being little fussy about eating my lunch but mummy only gave me one warning then after lunch it was time for nap. I should add at this point you can hire second person for few hours called Amy she can be anything you want her to be I had her playing my older sister but she can play younger or another helper and take it from me she is brilliant.Well back to when I woke from my nap mummy and Amy who had arrived greeted me I was little shy but Amy was wonderful to help you feel relaxed and stay in role so we all went down stairs and mummy said to me and Amy to play so we got connect 4 out and mummy set challenge who won 4/6 could choose cartoon now Amy being older sister was brilliant at this so she won I even tried to cheat which did not go unnoticed because Amy tell mummy. So Amy got to choose cartoon while watching Amy started to tease me and we started fighting so mummy put me in corner but Amy carried on teasing me so mummy put Amy in corner as well but neither of us learned so mummy called us over and she made us say sorry to each other and made us promise to be good but mummy said for punishment we going perform a show for mummy you guessed it we had to sing you are my sunshine which I keeping getting wrong so far mummy said I should help Amy as she never learned it but we could not learn this song so mummy had to help us so when mummy was happy we were ready she filmed us peforming this song with dancing as well. I let Amy do leading it took few attempt and very funny to watch.Then after we finish this we went back to watching cartoon Amy kept teasing me which I fell for and mummy was not happy so we were ordered to cuddle and make up which we did then we sat on the settee I layed my head on Amy's arms while I layed my legs across mummy this was amazing having two people cuddling me O yes almost forgot Amy helped mummy change my nappy which she was brilliant doing. Then it was time for Amy to leave I like to say at this point it worth hiring Amy specially if you want older sister she knows how to get you up to mischief and this experience of having an older sister was the best in world.So after Amy left. It was time for tea then after tea for rest of evening we watched TV a mixture of kid TV/ normal during this time I was lying on mummy's lap and mummy feeding me bottle then mummy said it time for bed which I tried to get out of but mummy has ways testing and I said you never going to win so we went up to nursery and mummy got me ready for bed and she tell me another wonderful story which mummy encouraged me again to take part in and mummy has brilliant imagination then mummy gave my cuddle and brought end to lovely day.In morning mummy came in and first thing she saw I had taken my mittens off again which did not make mummy happy so she said after my breakfast and bath I was going to receive smacking over mummy's lap because she felt I was not learning my lesson and mummy said corner time was not working so mummy gave me my bottle then got me in highchair for breakfast and feed me breakfast which again we had little fight over but guess who won? mummy of course then after breakfast it was another bath time which mummy got me all clean.Then after we went back to nursery then she order me to lie over her knee and tell me I was going to receive a smack on bottom for being naughty now should state this is first time I ever in my life been smacked so mummy began to smack me only words I can say ouch mummy asked me on a scale one to ten how bad this was I said 8 but deep down more 4 but I was not going to say that to mummy till now did I enjoy it well I did not dislike it. Mummy has wonderful stuff to smack you with as she showed them to me mummy said she did not hit me hard she can smack lot harder then she did so if you like this you in for treat. So back to it after smacking me mummy got me ready she said it nearly dinner time so she said we go out for lunch so she put baby t shirt on me and my normal trousers and course nappy and we went out to nice cafe now this first time I sort of went dress up as baby I mean it was to noticeable I was baby. Did feel very nerveous but mummy made me feel safe and deep down it was liberating and most wonderful experience. Then after we finish lunch mummy said would like to go for drive around local area which was very enjoyable. Then when got back it was time for nap time which took me up to tea then after we watch TV.Then mummy said it dark out side lets get you ready to go to park which I know we were planning but I felt so nervous as never gone completely dressed up as baby outside so mummy put coat on me and we got in to car and drove to park now my heart was racing at this point but I looked at mummy she smiled at me and at that point I felt my nerves disappear. As we reached the park we parked up but to get to park we had to walk to entrance along main road now I thought I was going to be so nervous but if anything it was so wonderful because I just know how safe I felt with mummy when we got to park first thing I went on was roundabout at that moment and don't know why but had wave of complete happiness wash over me. I'm going to say out of all my experiences this is one experience which will last with me for rest of my life. Then after I went on see-saw with mummy and then swings and slide then I went on this moose now that was interesting that's all I'm going to say about that don't want to spoil this for you. Then it was time to head home and when we got home it was time for bed which I was truly ready for. So after wonderful story from mummy and cuddle brought close to arguably the best day in my life as a baby. On my final morning mummy came with her wonderful smiling face to greet me she feed me my bottle then she said be good while she got breakfast ready but I was not. I managde to get my mitten off again and mummy came back and notice what I done she tell me I'm going to receive another smacking but then she said I will let you off smacking if I can sing you are my sunshine mummy knew I had not got this right during my time but this time I got it completely right which shocked mummy so she said I'm first baby to escape a smacking. But confession time people I had managed to learn this song from first time I heard it but pretended getting wrong I did feel bad I tricked mummy like this so during breakfast I tell mummy truth. So after breakfast mummy left room to get my bath ready was I good no. I chucked food table mats on the floor and mummy came in and said you being a very naughty girl and she was going to give me smacking after all which I thought was fair after all I did trick mummy. So after wonderful bath time mummy gave me another smacking now this one was painful or was it that be giving to much away hehe. To sum up do I like smacking deep down I have to yes if I being honest. Then after my smacking mummy got me in nappy and nice dress and went down stairs to watch kid TV where I watch Mickey which my favourite show I can even do hot dog dance. Then it was time for me to get ready to go home so mummy put clean nappy on me and got me dressed and then we talked and then gave me cuddle and I left for my journey home.To conclude if you want a natural mummy and true experiences of feeling like being a baby this is the place for you to come. If you can book a visit you should you won't be left disappointed. I would do it 100% again. I'd like to thank you all for reading this reviewLucy xx

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A Must

It was so relaxing staying at your adult baby nursery I can't wait to come back Mummy.

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