27 07, 2016

The Lady and the Boy who was in the Wrong Place by Baby Tim

He tried to see the clock but she had turned it away from his direction.  He had no idea how long it had been, how long he had been in her world.  The world he could never have imagined; a world that hurt. “Come here!” she had said. She had caught him looking at her, looking at her over the wall as she dropped the towel she had been hanging [...]

9 05, 2015

Series of Firsts – Part 9 by Penelope Pansy

My routine did change dramatically from that day on. The very next morning Nanny went to my wardrobe and took out nearly all of my gorgeous infant sissy dresses and petticoats. As a total baby walking was to be out of bounds for me with immediate effect therefore little girl sissy dresses were totally in appropriate as they were too difficult to crawl in and not very practical for shuffling [...]

8 05, 2015

Series of Firsts – Part 8 by Penelope Pansy

  I have referred a couple of times earlier on to the dinner where Nanny for the first time came close to losing her composure with me when I threw my bottle in a temper tantrum. It was at a similar dinner about a year ago where a pretty fundamental change in my life took place. It was the same venue with the same three couples, an equally stunning meal [...]

7 05, 2015

Series of Firsts – Part 7 by Penelope Pansy

  Nearly all sissy baby stories recount deep embarrassment at the coiffure so I will not bore you with the details my humiliations at the hairdressing salon as it follows a broadly similar pattern to the laser treatmen,t rather I will try to stick to a summary. It started out with the hairdresser coming to the house to do my hair in a girly female style. Strangely unlike the rest [...]

8 05, 2014

What James Deserved

James arrived at the address he had been given. He clutched his overnight bag in one hand and the letter his sister, Susan, had given him to deliver to his hostess. He rang the bell and saw the silhouette of a slim woman approaching the opaque glass panelled door. It opened to reveal a smartly dressed woman with immaculate make-up and wearing a sweater and short black skirt with fishnet [...]

20 05, 2012

Nanny Betty, Aunty Amy, Baby Phillippa and a Big Surprise

Dear Nanny Betty, I read your diary a day or two ago and noticed in your latest entry that you said that Aunty Amy sometimes likes to switch to being an adult baby. I would really, really love to spend time with an adult girl baby; being put into nappies at the same time; playing together, being put in a cot together perhaps sharing a bath together. Amy would make [...]

10 03, 2012

Rainy Day

I had really been caught out by the weather though, being Melbourne, I should have realised that the lovely start to the day wouldn’t last! It had been a sudden downpour and when i came out of the shop it was to a very wet street indeed. I had only wanted a couple of things and it wasn’t far and, rather daring for me, I had left on my nappy [...]

26 01, 2012

The Making of an Adult Baby

  By Stuart Rogers Also by Stuart Rogers: The Cure? Fiona’s Baby Mother in Law’s Revenge Matron’s Nursery Club Copyright 2007, MKB e-publishing All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author and publisher. Any resemblance to events or actual persons, either living or dead, are entirely [...]

21 08, 2011

Adult Baby Quilt Fetish by Baby Gary

This is a short story of me being spanked like a baby and my quilt fetish. When I was a child I used to have accidents in my pants so my mum used to put pads in my pants,I think this is where I got my quilt fetish this is my story. When i came home from school my mum was waiting for me and she had her friend with [...]

29 07, 2011

A visit to Nanny Betty by Baby Charlotte

Hello Nanny Betty, This is Charlotte from Amsterdam again. I told you that I might write a story about my visit to you for prissys-sissies.com. And I did. Prissy will publish in a month or so. I've added your website, though I am not sure Prissy will include that. Hope this is okay. I've talked about our session with several online sissy friends, they might contact you for a session [...]

28 05, 2010

Tom and Sally – Part 6

It had been a long time since the dominant women had regressed Tom and lack of use had rendered his legs weak. His body had become flabby and chubby much as a baby’s was. The two women decided that they must find a way to get Tom out in the open air for at least part of the day. An adult sized pram would have been a good solution but [...]

27 05, 2010

Tom and Sally – Part 5

Sally had gone off muttering about what a messy little baby Tom was. She had to go and change her skirt after Tom had wet on her knee as she was spanking him for having spilled his food by being stupidly clumsy. She had left him on the changing table - feet and arms attatched to the table's restraints. He was lying on the clean nappy Sally had prepared to [...]

26 05, 2010

Tom and Sally – Part 4

Tom lay on his back staring at the ceiling. He spent a lot of his time like this able to look at his feet with their sissy white socks held up with blue ribbons or examining his hands with their matching mitts similarly held in place. He knew not to attempt to remove either of these as recrimination would be swift and sharp, he didn’t enjoy being spanked and sharp [...]

25 05, 2010

Tom and Sally – Part 3

Tom’s pouting bottom lip was quivering. Tears were almost certain to follow. His distress was due to the scolding Sally had just given him. He had been naughty but, having been told that he was nothing but a helpless little baby so often, it was not surprising that he had started to behave exactly as an infant would. Being wrapped in nappies inside plastic pants, being fed from a bottle, [...]

24 05, 2010

Tom and Sally – Part 2

"Mummy, I am not a baby". The figure stretched out on the table wailed as the front of his nappy was brought up between his legs and fastened with pins on each hip. "But, my darling, that's exactly what you are! I woke up in a wet bed this morning and your pyjamas were sodden. I've now got to change the bed and wash the bedding. It will be much [...]