12 01, 2015

Happy 2015

Happy New Year - I hope that 2015 is a really happy, healthy and prosperous year for you. Full of lots of fun, love and all the things you want. My update has been a while coming as I've been feeling ridiculously tired for about a week. I was also feeling a bit depressed as I was being tested for some serious systemic auto-immune diseases. I am a big worrier [...]

6 11, 2014

Phillip’s Onesie Mountain

Wow I cannot believe how fast this year is going - before we know it - it will be the end of the year - and my birthday again on NYE. Money no object, I would have loved to be spending my birthday in a top night club in Las Vegas with my family this year on my birthday however it's not their dream way to see in the new [...]

22 08, 2014

Budapest Trip

I've been away on some adventures since my last blog update. First I took my uncle to the Cotswolds for a week. He was evacuated to a town there called Burford as a small boy in the war and has fond memories of living on a farm - believe it or not in a chicken shed with my granny, granddad and my other uncle who was a baby then. Water [...]

27 06, 2014

Sissy Pauline gets Spanked

I am loving the lovely summer sunshine in the UK - I do wish it could stay like this all year. I have been having lots of fun since my last diary update. Fun visits from some lovely new adult babies and diaper lovers as well as some faithful regulars. I took baby Steven to the zoo for the day - and this time I made sure that I didn't [...]

8 05, 2014

Pansy’s Public Humiliation

Adult Baby girl Kpansy came to visit me and we had a fun time at Lakeside shopping centre. Kpansy wanted to be publicly humiliated so was made to wear a nursery print onesie with regular trousers and a pink girly coat - plus a dummy on a pink ribbon around her nexk. To add even more to her humiliation I made her try on some pink high heeled shoes in [...]

24 04, 2014

Duxford Air Museum

I hope that you had a lovely Easter. The weather has certainly been lovely here in the UK - though I did put my heating back on again tonight as it's suddenly a bit chilly. This year was the first year ever where I didn't give any Easter eggs to anyone or eat any either. Everyone is trying to lose weight so I thought I'd save people from temptation. Baby [...]

14 03, 2014

Sissy Pauline Teases

I think that's the longest I've ever gone without a blog update. For those of you that keep checking every day - I'M SORRY. The time has just flown by and I seemed to always be doing something else and not able to get around to it. Yesterday I took adult baby Steven to Paradise Wildlife Park and we enjoyed the sunshine and the animals. It wasn't all fun though [...]

30 12, 2013

Diaper C in Gran Canaria

Merry Christmas! I hope that you are enjoying the festive season. Less than 24 hours until my birthday on NYE and it's almost the end of 2013! It's certainly a funny day to have a birthday - last year I went out clubbing on NYE but as I've just come down with a cold I think I will have a quiet night in this year with family and friends. The [...]

10 12, 2013

Slutty Sissy Pauline

I was very disappointed to find out that the two storey extension that I REALLY wanted on my house is not possible as I would not get the planning permission as my house is terraced. I didn't accept it when the first builder said no and I sought a second opinion - only to be told a definate NO! Such a shame as I had envisioned it in my mind [...]

23 10, 2013

Torture Garden Visit

My Norwegian adult baby has visited me again from Norway. He tells me that there are many adult babies and diaper lovers in that region of the world that would love to visit me if only they could find my website as many are into infantilism. Baby C has become my 'diaperslave C' and will have to write me a review in Norwegian so that more Norwegians can find me. [...]

23 09, 2013

Thorpe Park with Baby Sophie

The summer has suddenly ended and now it's getting cold and grey - what a shame. I'd love it if it was sunny 90% of the time. I recently bought myself a digital label maker - I've never had one before and it is a fun toy! I wanted to get my cupboards more organised and I've discovered that the more you sort out the more you keep discovering that [...]

17 08, 2013

Baby Kate Visits

I am so sorry for the long absence - I have been very busy. I went on holiday to the Cotswolds - I've never been there before and the pretty little villages and fields of lavender were beautiful - we had great weather too luckily. I also had a short break in Mallorca where I had the most fun laying on a lilo in my own swimming pool in the [...]

10 06, 2013

Humiliation at the Shops

I have been up to so much fun and mischief since my last diary update - there's almost too much to write about. I took adult baby D to Lakeside shopping centre for some public humiliation - at 'her' request of course. She was looking fantastic and her make-up made her very pretty however at around 6'6" in heels, huge fake boobs and a mini-skirt every single person we passed [...]

2 05, 2013

Kate Spanked

Finally I have loaded a new pic of myself onto the Homepage and also one onto the Gallery. AB Steven kindly took some pics of me and AB Sophie is going to take some more soon. The old main pic on the Homepage must have been around six years old and it was baby Kate that persuaded me to get some more up to date ones done when 'she' visited [...]

7 02, 2013

Belated Happy 2013

It's a little late in the year to be saying Happy New Year lol but there we go - I've said it anyway! It feels like ages ago now as I've been so busy but I had a really good Christmas and NYE/birthday. I also enjoyed my two days volunteering at the homeless shelter - like all new things there's a tendency to feel a little aprehensive beforehand - but [...]