I am available at the nursery either to assist Nanny Betty or may be booked by myself. I am friendly and easy to speak to but just like Nanny Betty, I take no nonsense.

Nanny Betty and I work together seamlessly to make your role play fantasies realistic. Having us two strong ladies force you into nappies and  humiliate you at the same time is an intense and exciting experience that you will always remember.

I enjoy breastfeeding role play (no milk) and happily change dirty nappies. A suppository (or two) may be requested to ensure that you mess your nappy.

Aunty Amy spanking an Adult Baby
Aunty Amy giving an Adult Baby a hug in the Cot
Aunty Amy Breastfeeding an Adult Baby

I have over eight years experience as an ABDL Aunty and I am able to be soft and nurturing giving you cuddles and TLC or strict and domineering punishing and humiliating you. I enjoy both roles and will discuss what is right for you face to face when you visit the adult nursery.

Aunty Amy bottle-feeding an Adult Baby
Strict Aunty Amy with an Adult Baby

I am also happy to wear an adult nappy myself and can role play as baby Amy. You may wear a nappy too and we both change each other’s nappies or Nanny Betty can look after and change us both. I do enjoy wetting my nappy but do not dirty it.