I hope that you had a great Easter. I tried my best to avoid Chocolate eggs but my Uncle managed to give me a delicious big egg so yum I’ve had my big choccy treat. I must get back to healthy eating now though as Summer will be here before we know it and I’m looking forward to showing off my tummy tattoo and new belly button piercing in a new bikini on my summer holiday.  The nursery has been exceptionally busy since my last blog update and I just haven’t had the time to update sooner.  I have made the effort to keep my Twitter account updated with pics, comments and free ABDL videos daily so I hope that you have been enjoying these.  Aunty Amy has been taking on an increasingly bigger role in the nursery looking after visiting adult babies by herself and running the nursery when I am away as well as her usual joining me in Double Nanny sessions.  To reflect her greater role in the nursery I have now added more photos of Aunty Amy on the Homepage and on her own page and made the Prices page clear regarding either or both of us.

Aunty Amy & Adult Baby
Nanny Betty and Adult Baby Amy
Baby Amy with an Adult Baby
Aunty Amy in the ABDL Nursery

Above are some pics of some of the fun Aunty Amy and I have been having recently. Including some pics of Amy as an adult baby. As well as being an Aunty, Amy also enjoys wearing and wetting a nappy and you may book her by herself as an AB or with me taking care of you both. You may then have wetting competitions and help change Amy’s nappy if you would like to. Two of the pics feature baby Gerald and one has baby Nicola Rose.

Aunty Amy spanking a naughty Adult Baby with a paddle

The pic above is Aunty Amy spanking naughty baby D.  Baby Felix came over from Finland to stay at the adult nursery and had Aunty Amy look after him by herself as I was away at the time. He kindly sent the following email after his stay:

Dear Aunty and Nanny,

Thank you for a wonderful visit! I’m very much digesting it all, and yet I can already say that it was above my high expectations. Aunty Amy was lovely – and quite strict too, took no nonsense from me for sure. The place you have, is lovely!
My requests were taken into account extremely well and the whole experience was intensive and thrilling. Why my very well behaving bottom got so many spanks, I don’t know. 😉 Aunty might disagree with the well behaving bit. If there were one thing I’d like to change, it is my distance to you: I’d love to spend more time with you…
My warmest regards to Aunty Amy! And thank you, Nanny, for letting me visit your nursery.
P.S. Paddington Bear stories are really the best
Adult Baby Molly enjoying Public Humiliation in a Cafe
Forest Walk with Nanny Betty & Aunty Amy & Adult Baby Molly
Nanny Betty Pats Adult Baby Molly's Big Diapered Bottom in the Forest
Adult Baby Molly in Dummy Head Harness on the Adult Nursery Stairs

Baby Molly came over from France for a Long Weekend visit at the nursery. Baby Molly had requested spanking, public humiliation and nappy changing in the public baby changing room as well as a visit from Aunty Amy.  Despite AB Molly speaking little English we still managed to have a great time as you can see from the pics above. In one of the pics AB Molly is sitting on the stairs wearing the new lockable dummy head harness from SubspaceLeathers.  We had a humiliating trek around the shops while I bought girly stuff for myself and AB Molly even came with me while I got my belly button pierced. We had two meals out with AB items purposely on show, a walk in the forest dressed as an adult baby girl and TWO nappy changes in different public nappy changing rooms.  One of the public nappy changing rooms is a new discovery and has to be the ULTIMATE in scary, public humiliation as the lockable door has a glass panel in it and people waiting outside can see in if they choose to look.  You may of course book this experience too if you are feeling brave.  Amazingly adult baby Molly was completely cool and absolutely LOVED it.

Here is an email sent from adult baby Molly – I have also loaded a testimonial in both English and French on the testimonial page. I have certainly never been called a virulent diamond before lol but I’m sure it was a compliment:

Dear Nanny,

Please would you send me the videos of me by WhatsApp.

I understand that you say for the humiliation it is difficult as much of humiliation is verbal. I’m Ok with you. The problem is that I understand written English and more difficultly speaking and understanding speaking.

For me, you are a virulent diamond.

I would recommend your nanny services without problem.

What is your feelings about me?  It is also for me to improve?

 Thanks, you for the pictures. This stay is etched forever in my memory. 

Starting from today, I save to return to your nursery and I work my English so that you can use the verbal humiliation. 

Big Hugs

Baby Molly / Stéphane

Until my next update – stay safe and have lots of fun.

Lots of love

Nanny Betty xxx