Hopefully you’ve checked out my Twitter feed – see below – and discovered that I am doing regular mini updates on there between blogs.  Since my last blog I’ve had my holiday in the Algarve and it already feels like it was ages ago!  I achieved my plan of checking out many of the towns and villages so now know where I like and don’t like if I ever want a place there.  I am now wondering whether I actually want to buy a property abroad after all – there are fors and againsts – and I’m not ready at this time to decide.  My sister is out there at the moment and said she’s been sunbathing today  – that sounds so nice. I do love the sun and warmth so much and the grey and cold is miserable.  The friend I went away with to the Algarve is always hot and wanted the air conditioning on 24/7 – not my ideal at all – being cold all the time.  Something I will check before going away with anyone in future!!  I was hoping to go away again in November with another friend and they didn’t get themselves organised in time so it’s been postponed. Below are some pics from my trip – the first pic was in an apartment I loved at The Hilton in Vilamoura, me drinking a Tequila Sunrise, the golf course in Portimao and the pool at the Crown Plaza in Vilamoura – I liked that hotel the best out of the three I stayed in.

I had the first half of my tummy tattoo done yesterday. It’s funny that I was so scared that it would be painful – it was fine.  I’ve never had a tattoo before and it’s kind of exciting – like having a new body lol.  I’m told it will be brighter once it’s healed. TV Monica so kindly paid for it for me. The second half is being done on Thursday 27th October.  Here’s a pic of the first half.

I have had many new and very nice ABs visit me for the first time. Baby P from Ireland, Baby J from Preston, a male and female couple that kept me busy spanking them both just after I’d had my tattoo done lol – plus more.  AB T hadn’t been for a while but returned for an interesting role play –  he wanted to know what it would be like if he was my boyfriend that I was forcing to be an AB girl.  Haha I’m always up for a fun session – below are some pics that we took.  You will notice that there is a new shelf on the wall in the nappy changing room with lots of new styles of disposable nappies.  So far out of the new ones I’ve tried I love the ABU Space nappies – the blue ones.  They are very thick, absorbent and crinkly and also very pretty.

Christmas is coming early in 2016. Aunty Amy and I are offering our first ever special ‘Two Nannies for the Price of One’ week starting the week beginning Monday 5th December.  Appointments of three hours are available at 10am, 2pm and 7pm on Mon 5th – Fri 9th plus Sunday 11th December. There are only eight appointments left and these are great value as the usual price for three hours with myself and Aunty Amy is £550. Deposits are required. I have been asked whether it is ok to book a double session during that week of six hours with myself and Aunty Amy for £700 and yes it is. This offer at these prices may not happen again so book soon to avoid missing out.

I’d like to say some big thank you’s to Sissy Suzy for the lovely flowers, to AB P for the lovely body lotion and to Sissy baby Pauline and baby Kate for contributions to Aunty Amy’s rescue dog care and to baby Kate for the luxury handcreams, tray and snacks.

Until next time – stay safe and have fun,

Lots of love,

Nanny Betty xx