Hi. I’m hoping to keep my blog updated a lot more frequently than it used to be.  The posts may be a bit shorter but more current. Baby Barry today asked me if I was going to do a daily blog? I’m not entirely sure if he was joking or not but no not daily.  I am however trying to do regular Tweets – a new thing for me – for those less techy out there – click on the blue bird at the top of my website pages.  Baby Barry had just popped in to collect some nappies and as I owed him a spank – I continued to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while I spanked him (it also drowns out the spanking noise). He had the cheek – literally – to insult my program and of course earned himself 40 extra spanks!

Aunty Amy has recently started fostering stray and homeless dogs until they can be re-homed. Here is a pic of her first one. Such a cutie!  Due to her recent back problems Aunty Amy has had to leave her full-time employment as it was very heavy work (she still helps me out with my adult babies)  but the fostering costs are from her own pocket.  The charity she is working with pay any vet bills but Aunty Amy is paying for food, bedding, toys etc. If you would like to make a financial contribution contact me and I will ensure that it is passed on to Aunty Amy.  If you would like to foster a dog too – I can forward you the charity’s details.

I got my car valeted yesterday. Afterwards I went shopping and as I was putting my bags on the back seats of my car I saw these handcuffs complete with heavy duty chains and padlock in the footwell.  I’d completely forgotten that they had been left in my car – hidden under the front passenger seat since I took AB Steven out for a walk in the park late at night. The valet man had kindly left them out for me – oh dear – there’s never a dull moment in my life!!

I have booked a trip to the Algarve, Portugal so that I can check out whether I’d like to have a holiday home/second nursery there.  I was rather anxious when I saw that the hotel  bathroom had glass walls.  I love the modern design but I am extremely private when it comes to these things.  After some frantic checking I discovered that blinds can be operated along with the light switch – relief.

I was chatting with some friends today and said that I didn’t know why but I was feeling exhausted. Later in the conversation I mentioned that I had been badly craving meat of all kinds – I haven’t eaten meat in over ten years and generally find the thought of it repulsive.  Then I thought to myself – I haven’t taken my vitamins/supplements in ages.  Exhaustion problem solved – I straightaway took a vitamin B12 lozenge and some iron tonic.  It’s obvious why I was craving meat and feeling exhausted.  My iron levels are always low and vegetarians MUST supplement B12.  Sometimes we just need to say stuff out loud to see the obvious.

Baby D came to Romford shopping centre with me the other day – he had a nappy on amongst other things under his regular clothes. The summer sales were on and I had a great time trying on loads of clothes and shoes. Baby D was loving it too as he was forced to sit on a chair in the ladies changing room just outside the cubicles where I and many other ladies were getting changed. Here’s a pic of me trying on some blingy shoes – which I liked but didn’t buy as they weren’t very good quality.

Until my next update – stay safe and have lots of fun.

Lots of love

Nanny Betty xxx