If you’ve been reading my blog for years you may remember that I used to have blood sugar problems – I was borderline diabetic for years. To the extent that my GP wanted to declare me officially diabetic. She actually got quite cross with me when I flat out refused to have that put in my medical records and I said I’d make it go away. She angrily told me that was impossible. Well, it’s taken me a while but ta-da not only have I kept everything under control for years but my latest reading was the best it’s ever been and at the lower end of the healthy range. I don’t like to tempt fate by celebrating (yep I’m ridiculously superstitious lol) however I do want to give encouragement to others out there being given grim results – don’t just accept it – take responsibility for your health and do everything that you can to live well. My friend with bowel cancer has followed my recommended protocol and his medical team say his results are amazing – proof to me that you can make a huge difference. AB Lucy is currently in isolation in hospital and very sick – please send your love and healing her way.

One of the things I’m a big fan of is healthy green vegetable smoothies and at Stansted airport on my way to Budapest I had a new smoothie in Joe & The Juice called ‘Joe’s Green Mile’. Made with broccoli, spinach, avocado, lemon, ginger and apple juice. It’s not meant to have ginger in but the guy making it was new and I was fine with it as it’s healthy – and gives you a warm feeling in your tummy. When I try new recipes out I often reproduce them at home and Aunty Amy is the latest in the people I care about that I’ve got drinking healthy green smoothies. Here’s a pic of her with me having her first ever – and she loved it – my latest convert! On my way to Budapest I bought shoes at the airport – a fun start to my mini-break.

Below are some pics of the me and the pool in Budapest plus one of the Danube at the back of the hotel:

I’d like to give some big thank you’s to AB Jenna for the chocs, Baby Ella for the pink sparkling wine, Baby Gary for the beautiful flowers, Champagne, chocolates and sweeties and Sissy Suzie for the sunflowers. All such lovely gifts.

I don’t get females visiting my nursery very often but they are always welcome. I had a new lady visit me recently. Many of the female ABs that have contacted me like to roleplay being an adult baby boy – the opposite of many of the male ABs that like to roleplay being a baby girl.

In my next update there will be pics of sissy baby Pauline in her naughty lingerie and baby Gary with me and Aunty Amy. Aunty Amy is awaiting a further back surgery but she is well enough to see ABs if you would like her to join you at the nursery.

Until next time lots of love

Nanny Betty xxx