These tips are from my wide reading on health – they are not intended as medical advice but as pointers for you to do your own research

Turmeric – research shows that curcumin within this spice reduces inflammation and perhaps helps kill cancer cells and maybe makes chemotherapy more effective – take it in capsules up to three times a day. One teaspoon of turmeric can be taken in a warm glass of milk – or almond milk – or other non-dairy milk – it’s called turmeric tea if you want to research it. Turmeric or curcumin gets absorbed much better if combined with black pepper or BioPerine a black pepper extract. Also meant to reduce Alzheimers.

Aspirin – research has shown that a low dose aspirin daily possibly increases survival rates from cancer.

Smoothies made from raw green vegetables and fruits. Curly Kale supposedly has cancer fighting chemicals. The Gerson Therapy has people drinking apple and carrot smoothies every hour. I also add flaxseeds (linseeds) as these too have supposed cancer fighting properties. Buy a Nutribullet to make the smoothies – very easy to clean and fast and easy to use. John Lewis offers a two year guarentee.

Flaxseed oil (cold pressed and organic if poss) 2 tablespoons stirred into cottage cheese twice a day (Budwig diet) – supposedly puts oxygen into the cells and cancer hates oxygen (Otto Warburg).

Cut out alcohol – cancer eats sugar and alcohol turns to sugar and also puts a strain on your liver/body – diverting energy to detoxing alcohol from healing.

Cut out processed foods such as white flour, white rice, sugar, artificial sweeteners. It might be good to cut out meat too.

High strength Vitamin D3 – high strength Vitamin C – Selenium.

Oysters – two of my friends with cancer have said oysters made them feel so much better!! It’s possible that sardines work too.

Walnuts, pistachios, almonds – do research but I think all nuts are good.

Avocados are healthy, have antioxidant vitamin E, healthy fats and add calories that you may need.

Coconut oil is healthy for frying, can be put in tea, coffee and smoothies too.

If you fancy something sweet – instead of milk chocolate that messes with your immune system try Medjool dates. I buy mine from Amazon.

Mental attitude – I believe that it very important to let go of anger, bitterness and resentment. Work on forgiveness and being happy – it changes your biochemistry and hormones and will help your body heal. I read many years ago that watching comedy and laughing is healing.

Mediatate and visualise your own body attacking the cancer cells and winning. See yourself as strong and healthy.

Pray – if you believe in a higher power ask for help.

I hope this information helps you know where to start in your research. If you are fighting cancer or other health issues – I wish you all the love and luck. Nanny Betty xx