Hi as usual I’ve been so busy since my last blog. I just looked at the pics of my home on the last update and I’m VERY PLEASED to say that things have come on a long way since then. It is amazing what I had to go through in terms of dust and mess to get to where I am now but it has been worth it. Apart from a bit of snagging, the building work is all done now and I am just putting stuff away and getting things organised. The new nursery room is almost done – I’m just waiting for the posters I ordered to arrive and for the TV to be put on the wall.

There is a new 32″ white, smart TV/DVD in the nursery which is great as I can now put on any film or cartoon you’d like to watch on YouTube to entertain you.

I have some news that may upset some but I think will make many more happy. The old nursery room which I was intending on turning into a TV dressing room I have decided to keep as an adult baby room. It is going to have a lovely, large changing table in there including restraints – which is currently being built for me to my design – and everything to do with nappies and being changed. So from now on that room will be called the nappy changing room.

The new nursery room has the cot and the high chair and all of the adult baby clothes and toys. So basically along with the bathroom – the first floor of my house is now a luxurious adult baby suite!! Possibly the nicest adult baby facilities anywhere. I’ve been told I’m the best Nanny in the world many times for many years – it’s about time that I had the best nursery too.

The top floor of my house is my private adult only space however I can still watch you from there via a monitor and a camera on the nursery wall with full view of the cot and night vision. You will never know if and when I am watching you!!

I now have locks on both the nursery and changing room doors so if necessary I can lock you in there. For those naughty adult babies that have to be kept in the restraint straps – hearing me turn the key in the lock of the door and walk away is extra exciting.

Here are some pics of how things look now – my ensuite bathroom, the first floor landing which thankfully no longer looks like Beirut and the nappy changing room with the unfinished changing table. Pics of the new nursery and the finished changing table to follow in my next blog:

Nanny's BathroomNanny Betty's BathroomNanny's New Bathroom

Nursery LandingNappy Changing Room

When I mentioned in my last blog that I was temporarily having to sleep in the cot until my new bedroom was ready I inadvertently set off some fantasies worldwide and was asked if I wore nappies to bed? did I put the cot side up? did I wear the baby clothes? Now I’m going to totally ruin it for some of you – NO OF COURSE NOT. I AM A BIG GIRL 🙂 All that stuff is for babies!!

I had a new adult baby come to visit me – baby Gary – he also introduced me to two lovely lady friends of his that came along during his visit. Below is a pic of baby Gary with his friend Kerry and one of me with baby Gary. Baby Gary was so cheeky that he asked why I have a shower big enough for two – he got a spank for that of course! Baby Gary has been extremely generous and given me a new large potty – easier for adult babies to use than my old one, chocolates, wine plus beautiful flowers and a giant tub of lollipops that I have been working my way through apart from the red non-vegetarian ones lol.

Jenny and Baby GaryNanny Betty and Baby Gary

Adult baby Amy – a newby – came to visit me for the first time and one of the first things he said as he entered the door was “so you do exist!” I later discovered that he, like many adult babies that come to see me, had been reading my blog for about five years and knew so much about me. I asked him which of my blogs he liked the most and he mentioned the one about my ‘light-up’ washing machine and also the one about me getting bitten by the horse at the zoo lol. When I look at the stats of my website and see that people all around the world are reading my blog and often logging in every day to check for updates it is a little intimidating.

Here are some pics of adult baby Amy and me enjoying story time:

Nanny Betty reading to adult baby AmyStory Time

I recently had a call from a fourteen year old girl asking me for advice and that made me decide to address my younger readers today as I am aware that my website is an important resource for people trying to figure out why they like nappies and dressing up as a baby. The young girl that called me said that she felt embarassed and ashamed about being an AB – however she sounded very mature and had confided in a gay friend who had given her sensible advice. The words below are for anyone, any age but especially the young people out there coming to terms with their confusing feelings.

My advice for young people that realise that they are adult babies or diaper lovers – or even older ones that are interested in my view.

Firstly I’d like to say that these are just my thoughts – however I do have a lot of experience so hopefully they are useful.

1. If you have a fetish – you did not choose to have a fetish any more than you chose your eye colour and therefore it is not your fault. You may not like it or want it but you have it and it’s not going to go away.

2. If you try to resist your fetish and make it go away – it will become stronger and you will obsess over it. It is better to accept it as a part of your multi-faceted wonderful self.

3. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Being an adult baby or diaper lover is NOTHING to do with real babies or real children. It is more about wanting to regress and enjoy a time when you had no responsibilities amongst many other things.

4. Although you have nothing to be ashamed of – sadly you must be careful who you tell about your fetish or you may be judged unfairly. We sadly live in a world where some people think it’s ok to kill people because they are gay, have the wrong religion, colour or are just too ‘different’. It is becoming more mainstram every day but at this time the world is not ready to fully embrace adult babies as they are not understood. Just because it is not accepted yet does not mean that it is unacceptable or wrong. Just as many things that are currently acceptable are very wrong.

5. You have to decide whether to tell your sexual/romatic partner about your fetish. If you are going to tell – do not tell after years together – it is probably too late and will be a shock. It is better to share in the beginning of a relationship and if they are repulsed then maybe they are not the one for you. The majority of people that come to see me have kept it secret from their partner – that works for many people. Ideally in a loving relationship both partners would go out of their way to make each other happy and meet each other’s needs – the trouble is that even if your partner tries to join in and satisfy you they just might not ‘get it’ and not do it as well as a professional. Sadly I hear regularly of wives that have divorced their husbands after being told or are simply just not interested or are turned off forever. Once it is said – it cannot be unsaid.

6. For some people it is just about a feeling of comfort in wearing a nappy and baby clothes but for many people there is also a very strong sexual association. My view is that human sexuality and eroticism develops in our minds way before we are aware of such things and sometimes becomes attached to stressful situations we encountered when young. A duckling thinks that the first thing it sees after it hatches is its’ parent – so it mustn’t see a human first or it forever thinks it’s a human. Similarly if the first thing that excited you sexually was a nappy – it will be what turns you on for life. It’s a little more complicated than I can explain here. You may feel embarrassed by getting turned on by nappies or being treated as a baby – however you didn’t choose it – just like the duck that sees a human first and imprints – it’s just the way it happened – and it could have been much worse!!

7. The strength of a fetish varies from person to person and also at different times in your life. It might appear to go away when you are very busy or working hard or it might get stronger when you are feeling stressed. For some people it is something that they think about nearly all day every day and for some people it is just something they turn to for occassional comfort. Wherever you are on the scale – it is fine – it is normal for you.

You may be the other side of the world and we may never meet but if I have made one person out there feel better about themselves I have achieved what I wanted to. Seriously, even the people without a fetish are all a little bit weird so love yourself and every aspect of yourself – life is just too short not to.

I have been a very lucky lady and received some lovely gifts – so some very big thank you’s to:

Sissy Suzy for the beautiful flowers, cards and building my changing table.

Cathy from Belgium for the lovely perfume.

Baby Sophie for the beautiful flowers.

Babykins for the lovely crystal Buddha.

Baby Bjorn for the Norwegian chocolates – delicious!

Baby Ella for the Rose wine.

Sissy baby Pauline for the green bonnet and blue check romper suit for the nursery.

Baby Graeme for the Marks & Spencers vouchers which I managed to add to and bought beauty items and got a free beauty Mother’s Day gift box worth over £90. I love the grape facial serum and the Pure moisturiser – they smell lovely. See the pics below – I got some great stuff.

Beauty Gifts

The name of the face mask below included randomly in my Mother’s Day beauty box from Marks & Spencers from baby Graeme made me smile!

Beauty Gift

I saw the quote below about friendships that last longer than seven years last a lifetime. I don’t know if it’s true – what are your experiences? I guess if you can put up with someone for seven years and they you – why would you stop being friends.


As for this one below – I’m sharing it just because it’s sweet and the picture brings a tear to my eyes.


I had intended to write about baby Nicola, baby Bjorn and Babykins but I’ve got to get some sleep as it’s very late – so next time.

Until then – be good – be safe and love yourself lots.

Nanny Betty xxx