I only caught the last two episodes of ‘Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week’ on TV but I really enjoyed watching the Russian Spetsnaz – SAS equivalent – guy sort out the contestants. It was expected that he would eliminate the slowest or the weakest but no – he watched carefully and judged their character and eliminated people for being cocky, full of themself and not honest. For words and actions not matching up. I found myself thinking that those are the same criteria to use when selecting a friend, spouse or business partner. Whether it’s in a battle in enemy territory or in life if someone cannot be relied upon and you can’t trust that they have your back 100% then they are of no use regardless of what else they may bring to the table.

I had a new adult baby P visit me for the day. He loves PVC, plastic bibs and his yellow tabard. He is a very lucky adult baby in that he has a Mummy/girlfriend and not only does he occassionally get to do AB play with her – his Mummy encouraged him to visit me for some precious ‘Me Time’ – what a lovely partner he has. Many ABs reading this will be so jealous.

Well I put a very thick nappy on adult baby P, baby socks and a babyish t-shirt then we went for a look around ToysRus and bought some crayons, a colouring book and a jigsaw puzzle for boys. Adult baby P wanted some public humiliation so whilst we were standing at the till paying I asked him if he had wet his nappy. The pretty sales assistant did look quite shocked but then when I told P he was a good boy she smiled and seemed to accept it.

From there we went to the McDonalds drive-in. Adult baby P was sitting in the back of my car with his yellow tabard on, baby mittens and a dummy in his mouth. I ordered him a strawberry sundae as he sung out loud Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That was funny!

We then went for a look around another shop for plastic aprons with P carrying the ToysRus bag and I asked several attractive assistants whether they had bibs or art-aprons in his size. Adult baby P kept saying to me what a wonderful time he was having – having waited years for this to come true. I could see how happy he was as he couldn’t stop smiling.

Earlier P had requested that we go for a meal in a cafe with his tabard clearly on show however as we were about to do it he tried to back out and suggested that we go back to the nursery instead. I have a special gift of knowing exactly how far to push someone and there was no way he was getting out of this. We went to the cafe and as you might be able to see – he is smiling and very happy. My eggs and chips were absolutely delicious – the best I’ve had in years 🙂

After lunch we went around the supermarket and P wet his nappy in the baby aisle. I bought more baby toiletries and we discovered yet another baby changing room and a lovely clean nappy was put on before we headed back to the nursery for cauliflower and broccoli – P seemed to think this delicious treat was punishment?

The new crayons and colouring book were tried out as well as the new jigsaw puzzle before a bottle, a story and a lovely warm bath and a clean nappy for the journey home.

Adult baby P had a thoroughly lovely time and it was such a pleasure to make his dreams come true. Below are some pics taken of his adventures including the baby change bag I was carrying throughout with the spare nappies, powder and wipes showing earlier!

Adult Baby PAdult Baby PAdult Baby in CafeNanny Betty in CafeBaby Changing BagAdult Baby in CafeAdult Baby Changing RoomAdult baby in high chairAdult Baby doing PuzzleAdult Baby in highchair

I have added some pretty teddy motifs to the nursery wall beside the cot – I hope that you like them – I do.

Nursery WallNanny Betty's Nursery

I saw this film on Youtube it’s really cute. I bet your eyes get wet – mine did!

I’d like to give a big thank you to adult baby Steven for the special forces shovel (camping equipment)and adult baby Philip for the oven gloves and pot holder and facial lovelies from New Zealand. Also to baby Sophie for the sissy clothing items for the nursery.

Regarding my camping equipment that I have recently been accumulating. I got hold of some big logs and today excitedly thought that I’d try out my new razor sharp axe. I’ve never swung an axe in my life and given how dangerously sharp it is I expected that it would go through the log like a hot knife through butter. What can I say – it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I had to switch to much smaller logs and it still wasn’t as easy as I hoped. Indeed, even with two male friends showing me how to do it I discovered it’s actually hard work even with a razor sharp axe. I think I shall leave the wood cutting to the men unless my life actually does depend on it! It’s definately good to know how but I can’t see me finding it fun chopping wood somehow. Adult baby Barry was laughing at the very thought of me camping and how I’d need to sterilize everything I came across – although I took mild offence at the time – I now maybe agree – time will tell.

Since my last diary update I have made some extreme dietary changes. I already have very little dairy and no meat (nine years so far). I have now eliminated all artificial sweeteners – no more of my beloved Pepsi Max or Diet Coke. I have also eliminated all products containing flour – that’s bread, cakes, biscuits and all refined sugar. People are asking what can I eat now – all fruits, nuts, vegetables and salads – plus limited fish, eggs and dairy. It’s weird getting used to it as I walked past a bakers yesterday and it hit me that every single thing in the shop was a no-no. On about the fifth day of this new regime I felt a huge sense of euphoria and felt totally invinceable when I woke up – in a way that I’ve never quite felt before. If this feeling becomes my norm then it will be so worth it. Already my blood sugar is right down to normal and I hope my body will be getting better not older each year. On recommendation from adult baby P I have also started having a shot of liquidized fresh ginger each morning – wow it’s hot and it makes your chest all warm like drinking a big brandy.

I have had so many adult babies and diaper lovers recently tell me that I am the best nanny that they have ever been to by far. It is such a lovely complement and I really do get such a lot of satisfaction in my work. I am one of the very few people in the world lucky enough to earn my living playing. I wonder myself even what it is about me that makes people so relaxed in my presence – I see people go into a sub-space of relaxation sometimes where they can barely talk or think. The cot in the nursery is apparently the most relaxing place on earth!!

Adult baby Christopher was in sub-space for the whole of his recent visit to me. He used to visit me fairly regularly but he’d not been to see me for around four years. In that time he had visited a couple of other nannies and as his experiences weren’t enjoyable he didn’t see anyone at all for the past three years. He kept saying to me “why on earth did I stop coming to see you? – I will write a recomendation as I don’t want anyone to go anywhere else”. I have no idea why he stopped coming to see me.

Here is his recent email to me:

Dear Nanny Betty

Just wanted to say an enormous thank you for my visit. I have never enjoyed myself so much.
It was lovely to see you again, you are a truly lovely person.
I enclose a testimonial and if okay with you hope to visit again soon;
‘ If you want a truly realistic regression to adult baby look no further than Nanny Betty. You will be welcomed,
looked after perfectly and most importantly understood. She will intelligently understand exactly what you
want out of a session. Everything provided is spotlessly clean and nanny looks every bit as good as her pictures.
After many years of searching I will not be visiting any other than Nanny Betty’       ……Baby Christopher
I hope this is suitable for the website, please let me know if not….
Have a great week. Christopher

I’ve just remebered that baby Christopher did seem completely mesmorised by my long dark hair – maybe that is my secret – just like Samson.

Until next time – lots of love

Nanny Betty xxx