This evening I watched ‘9/11:Heroes of The 88th Floor’ – it’s amazing the incredible bravery of some people even in the most terrifying of circumstances. Such a sad event. It was many years before 9/11 but I remember my visit to the outdoor observatory at the top of the South Tower because I was wearing blue suede cowboy boots that day and my heel came off right there on top of the tower – not something you want to happen – hobbling around with only one heel – but it made sure I would remember the day forever.

I’ve added another new pic to the Home Page – slightly ‘Madonna and Child’ style 🙂 I hope you like it.

I think that some of you reading my blog would love to visit me but are shy and nervous about approaching me. Firstly I’d like to reassure you that I am not at all judgemental and that after many years of experience I have heard everything – whatever you say it is not going to shock me. Secondly, I am a very playful, generally happy person and I enjoy my work. I excel at roleplay and find it as relaxing as you will. Some people’s first contact is a phone call and some email me – below is an email enquiry I received recently – Susan gave permission for its inclusion here.

I find it very common that ABs often leave it years before seeking another session with a new Nanny if they feel that their first experience wasn’t very satisfying and I am very pleased to say that all first timers tend to visit me again! Some of us have childhood incidents we like to revisit and some are purely living out a fantasy or just wanting to go back to a time when there was no responsibility and no decisions to be made. All is ok – there is no ‘right or wrong’.

You will see from Susan’s email that her needs are actually quite specific and indeed in that seven hours it could be very easy to get the intensity wrong especially as I have never met Susan before. To look and act strict yet loving – I’d say that’s what I do naturally but that challenge keeps my work interesting and satisfying. At the same time I also enjoy sessioning with my many regulars and having a good catch-up chat.

Hello Aunty Betty,

My name is XXX but known as Susan. I am 42 years old and a graduate who works abroad. I am home on the xx/09/15 and was hoping for a session with you please.

I have visited Nanny XXXX in central London two years ago. However it was not strict enough and Nanny XXXX did not really get into the role play properly.

I would like to be a naughty nephew that lives with you because my mummy cannot cope. (As a child I was in a children’s home from 11-16) so as you can imagine I was a naughty boy. I would like you to regress me to an age of 11 but to add extra humiliation make me wear nappies and wet them. Also introduce me to potty training.

I would like to experience some very harsh punishment. I can be marked and have this very real desire to be made to cry. (I think this goes back to the Children’s home when I was spanked. I never cried for some reason). 

I would like to try all manner of punishments, OTK, caning on bare bottom backs of legs and hands. Slipper on bare bottom, leather strap on bare bottom and hand, face slapped. Mouth washed out with soap, nose rubbed in wet nappy, to remind me I wet my nappy. Made to touch my toes while being caned.

I have a desire to wear all things pink, with white opaque tights or stockings. I have two pairs of black heels size 12 I can bring.

I am not sure if you use things like plugs to punish adult babies if so I would like to be made to wear an anal plug to add to my humiliation.

I don’t want any safe word at all. That would detract from the role play. All punishments are to be left to your decision.

I would like you to wear a dress or pencil skirt, tights and heels nude or black. I need you to really look strict and act strict but also loving. So once I have been caned you cuddle me while I cry. I would also like to be led, to have my hand held while walking to the punishment to add to the humiliation and be made to count.

Could I also eat baby food and drink formula?

I would like a 7 hour session with you as I don’t get home much. I hope you can help me and really take me to where I need to go.

Sorry if this is too long an email

Susan xxx 

Everyone that emails me nowadays keeps appologising for their long emails – have I got a reputation for being impatient and intolerant lol? (guilty as charged I’m afraid).

Here’s a recent email from Kenneth after his second visit to me – he too gave permission for its inclusion here:

Dear Nanny Betty

Thank you for organising yesterday’s session which was very enjoyable. I loved the role play and all elements of the session: being spanked, dressed as a sissy, dressed as a slut, playing games, being bathed (a privilege), and being read a nice story, with my head nicely supported by Aunty Amy. I think the spankings were even better than before.

I am not so able to visit you as frequently as I would like. I currently attend a number of scene events, covering a range of interests, e.g.: school role plays, CP parties, SM parties, 1-2-1s. (This of course has implications on time and money.) Hopefully, I will be able to suggest a date later this year. As suggested, I will write a poem as homework.

It was very nice to meet you again. You are very approachable and easy to talk to, and you have a natural rather than overt dominance: I feel that this is very helpful for age players. I think I am more of a young boy age player rather than an adult baby (although I will experiment with the nappy you kindly provided). My favourite plays would involve wearing a prep school uniform or a cub scout uniform. It would be nice to play with you again either as teacher, nanny, mummy, or Akela; or possibly a mummy and daddy combination. I was spanked frequently by my daddy as a boy, but I have never been spanked by a man as an adult and I am curious. It would be fulfilling to call someone ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ while being spanked. As a spanko, I would love to be spanked in public or in an open area (but, I accept that this may be difficult). As well as spankings, I do love TLC.

I have your thong (or was it a g-string). In my haste to get dressed, I did not notice that I was still wearing it. I will wash it and bring it (or an equivalent) to our next session. I don’t have the courage to shout over to the violin section that I would like to borrow a g-string J (Unless I really feel the need to be punished.)

Kind regards

Kenneth S

Periodically I wonder if Aliens have abducted the real me and replaced me with a slightly different version when a new interest suddenly emerges from nowhere. I recently ordered my first ever camoflage item – a high quality camo rucksack – I don’t know what’s come over me but I have the urge to go camping in Oregon – it’s so remote and beautiful there. Watch this four minute video – it’s breath taking and what inspired me to want to go camping. My youngest son immediately said it would be fun camping with me in Oregon – which was a pleasant surprise as he’d shared a hotel room with me in Budapest only a month ago. However as I’ve never been camping I’m going to start gently and easily and much closer to home – to make sure I actually enjoy it (and can cope with it as I don’t do well in the cold or without clean water and comfort and one of my girlfriends thought I only owned stilettos lol – and I most certainly won’t eat anything if an insect has been on it).

I’ve bought a lovely fire pit too which I can use in my garden – I’ve alwayes LOVED fires – as well as take camping to sit around to keep warm and cook on. There is a possibility that I might simply implode if I am disconnected from the Interenet for more than a few hours lol. It did occur to me – what do you actually do all day when you go camping?? Any ideas?? In the meantime I am enjoying buying camping and survival bits and pieces – including an exciting fire-starting stick.

I now have an XBox 360 and about 40 games at my house for anyone on an extended visit. I have tried playing Grand Theft Auto but I am so rubbish at driving – not good for a car thief!

Here’s a recent sweet email from baby Kate – actually edited down to make it shorter:

Dear nanny Betty,
How are you?
I will try to keep it short J but it is a positive mail towards you.
You look really great in your pics, wow. I always found you a very pretty and attractive women.
But as said before, your not just an attractive nanny to me. Your a good friend and helped change many things in my life.
First you had the pic in the black leather suit on  your diary, who can resist your looks there J
After that I liked the pic in the babyroom, seeing you and the fresh nappy of the AB.
That already made me miss your company and finding it difficult waiting for a new visit.
Than the other diary update with more of the babychangingroom.
It would be great going to the babychanging room again next visit.
And with your latest diary update you look very great (also healthy skin).
Your latest diary pics have been going through my mind all day so far. Really trigged my AB feelings.
Seeing you sitting on the plastic mat of the cot with teddy and several nappies, holding one in your hand. Even when I was still young I always have been fantasizing about getting nappied by a pretty woman. With the pic it brings back the feelings of the visits to you and getting nappied.
I am lucky I visited you already a couple of times and am welcome with you.
I also liked the pic where you hold the potty. I was going to ask when I visit again to see of you would like to do also some roleplay with potty training. Making comments or some scolding when I wet my nappy again.
I had already orderd some girly knickers just for that. I wanted to send you a pic of them but now I have to J
I was fortunate to have already some pics of you where you stand leaning over the cot. Even with the spanker haha.

I sometimes have nights where I feel a bit lonely and have trouble forgetting the past. It helps than when I lay in my nappy with my dummy to feel relaxed again and happy. The images of the pics where you stand leaning over the cot watching me, make me calm.

The fun memories of the past visits come by. Thickly nappied at the Tower of London, driving to someones house to pick up nappies and you wanting to let her see my plastic pants so she would think the nappies where for me haha. The one you didn’t find funny, the fart when you wanted to spank me J. It’s not nice, I just could’t resist it. I will be paying for it for a long time though..sorry Nanny..

But not just our trips I think of but also the good things, like improving my eating habits just to name one.

I will visit again. Beginning next year.
It will be difficult waiting so long L
I liked doing the more babythings last visit. Laying on the playmat having you watch over me.
With normal conversation feeling a bit adult again. But standing in the bathroom in my morning wet nappy getting the remark “that’s a wet nappy” I feel real little again and far from adult. Especially when after the bath I have to wear a new nappy.
I think I am a true AB. Liking all the AB things, dressing up and feeling safe.
In my early teens when I was using just plastic bags I just thought I was a DL. But no.
I added some pics of the underpants. I will probably never be able to wear them without my nappy as I will never outgrow my nappy or will be able to go to the potty on time.
I also have some nice new pink knee socks. Still need to get some thick pink wintersocks though. Also some stronger shoes instead of the plastics. They have hello Kitty on them.
I still have the boots, but they are more for big girls.
With the new shoes going to a club fully dressed will be able as they are better for walking than the plastic pvc shoes. You will know if a sissy club or the fetish cafe you took the other AB’s to will be something for me. I never been to such a place before.
I put a nappy on today, already did swimming. Today I will try to keep myself nappied the entire day and don’t use the toilet. Tommorrow afternoon when I go to the gym again I will start wearing normal underpants again. I will enjoy these triggered AB feelings as they also give me calm.
I feel lucky I was able to visit again a couple of times. Also to have you as a good friend with life changing influences. You will always have a big place in my heart. Thank you Nanny xxx.
Just had to share what your diary pics caused.
Have a good day and week.
Lots of hugs.
Your baby Kate XXX

What a sweety you are baby Kate – I am pleased that my new pics caused you to have some lovely AB fun – as I hope that they did for others too.

Until next time – stay safe, have fun and be good babies.

Nanny Betty XXX