My routine did change dramatically from that day on. The very next morning Nanny went to my wardrobe and took out nearly all of my gorgeous infant sissy dresses and petticoats. As a total baby walking was to be out of bounds for me with immediate effect therefore little girl sissy dresses were totally in appropriate as they were too difficult to crawl in and not very practical for shuffling on a bottom. The only dresses left were a selection of five very short pure baby dresses suitable for crawling one year olds, the one I was wearing the previous evening, a navy and red checked taffeta dress, a Minnie mouse pinny and hair band set made up of a red and white polka dotted dress with a large decal of Minnie mouse at the left hand side, white long sleeved body suit all finished off with a Minnie mouse hair band, another soft cotton button cord pinny with prints of buses, houses, red post boxes and green trees with the final dress being a deep purple with all over small white heart print dress and knickers set.

I actually cried as Nanny put away all my magnificent dresses for sale on ebay. I was so upset and created such a fuss instead of punishing me Nanny actually comforted me trying to persuade me it was for the better that I would love my new life as a total baby and that I would come to love my far simpler baby frocks that would be far more practical for crawling. I genuinely bawled my eyes out, even Dada came to give me, his disconsolate sissy baby a hug and promised me faithfully that he and Nanny would replenish my wardrobe but it would be baby dresses with prints of teddies, rattles, bricks, nappy pins and they would allow me one fancy pink party princess dress.

Nanny dressed me for the day in the most babyish sleep suit I had, a pink cosy mock jacket layer sleep suit with floral print as well as embroidery and appliqué detailing which included the words ‘little princess’. I hated it, it was totally babyish and what is more it covered my lovely nappies. What is the point of having beautiful purpose made nappies if I was to spend my day time in horrible sissy baby sleep suits. Nanny sat down beside her fiancé, laid my head on her lap to feed me my bottle and together they laid out my new routine.

1. I would crawl or shuffle on my bottom. I could wobble three steps provided Nanny or Dad were holding both my pandies. Walking was strictly prohibited.

2. From now on my vocabulary would consist of ten heavily lisped intelligible words

i. Babasth

ii. Nanny

iii. Dada

iv. Bocklesth

v. Ta tasths

vi. Spankiesth

vii. Pleaswths

viii. Naughtyssth

ix. Yessth

x. Nooosths

3. Other than that I gurgled, googled, coo’d, ooh’d, aah’d, dribbled and drooled ensuring that not one solitary word was understandable to adults.

4. If I wanted something I was to cry for it, plain and simple

5. My 100% bottle fed diet would be unchanged except I would not longer be allowed cow’s milk; all milk would be infant formula.

6. I would continue to have only one nappy change a day

7. Nanny was well aware that I was sometimes naughty in my nappy and that she had been very lenient when I did squirties in my nappy. That was to stop. I would not be put in a cage but I would be very seriously punished if I was ever caught being naughty in my nappy.

8. My new baby daily routine was

a. 9 am Up and fed three bottles of infant formula

b. 9.15 Bath time

c. 9.45 One hour spanking

d. 10.45 Nappied and dressed for the day

e. 11.00 Breakfast

f. 11.30 Play time

g. 12.25 Bottle of formula

h. 12.30 Ninety minute Nap

i. 14.00 Lunch

j. 14.30 Play time

k. 16.15 Two bottles of formula

l. 16.30 Nap

m. 18.00 Six o clock six with the cane

n. 18.05 Dinner

o. 18.35 Playtime

p. 18.45 One hour spanking

q. 19.45 Two bottles of formula

r. 20.00 Bedtime

s. 23.00 Night feed in cot of two bottles of formula

Nanny summarised it for me. I would religiously have eight waking hours each day with sixteen hours in my cot, if I missed a nap because we were out I would be put to bed earlier as baby’s need their sleep. I would be spanked for a minimum of two hours and five minutes of those waking hours if I was good but all punishment spankings would be extra. I would be

feeding for 2 hours twenty minutes, I would have 45 minutes bath and dressing time and 2 hours 50 minutes play time.

Fridays would be an exception. The entire 2 hour 50 minutes of play time would become spanking time so each and every Friday I would be over a knee being spanked for a total of just under five hours.

Nanny devoted most of the next month training me to behave in the baby way she wanted. In fact for the first two weeks the pink nursery paddle was practically never out of her hand. I was being spanked so much I actually thought my swollen bottom would become too big for my nappies. One wrong word, forgetting to lisp, not playing properly with my baby toys, not gurgling, soother out of my mouth, not dribbling and drooling all over my enormous bib all ended in an OTK spanking. I quickly and painfully learned what was expected of me and how to behave. Meanwhile Nanny gave Dada a great welcome home each evening.

During that first month as I settled into my routine I expected that one benefit was that options for public humiliation by Nanny were more limited. My days of having to walk down the street with pink nappies and see through white ladies shorts were over as all outdoor ventures for me were now in my stroller and as the British public are not yet ready to embrace a full display of sissy babyhood I would be well covered up. I was wrong of course Nanny was just more inventive in how she humiliated me. I wore coats and blankets while in the stroller but more and more she left a sufficient display of pink tighted legs and pink shoes to raise eyebrows. When I was dressed in a sleep suit she tended to use a very short coat thus making it blatantly obvious I was dressed in closed footed jam jams. My ringlets were nearly always on display and she regularly had me wear a bonnet. She even asked a couple of crèches at some shopping centres would they look after me for an hour while she went shopping which unsurprisingly they gave a firm but polite ‘ No’ to. One however when asked did offer her the use of their baby changing facility.

In the couple of places that accepted me such as the hair salon Nanny always found a cause to pull down my nappies and spank me in the staff room. She also spanked me when I was getting my nails done at the beauty salon that did the laser hair removal. Every where she went she asked an attendant was there a place where she could change my nappy. I was actually surprised at the number places that allowed her use a room somewhere and it had the added bonus that I got an extra nappy change on those days. The beach proved a gold mine for her especially as by now I had the pink swim nappies into which I was always changed. I had to crawl around and splash in pools in my swim nappies, she pushed me in the buggy with nothing on but my swim nappies, made me wear a ridiculous pink old fashioned flowery rubber swim cap, openly fed me from a bottle on the beach. Sometimes she insists I wear a flat chested pink bikini top which I find particularly humiliating. She recently managed to source on the internet a pink ladies all in one swimsuit for me with ruffles around a very large bottom and a very flat chest as a result of which I am not really looking forward to my next trip the beach. Nanny most definitely enjoys the beach.

She cleverly joined a swimming pool at the local hotel which only allowed children up until 6.00pm. I would be dragged along for a 6.30 swim where used the family changing room and had me sit in the baby pool in my pink swim nappies and arm bands as she did her fitness lengths. Now that was deeply humiliating especially as I had to crawl from the changing room to the baby pool.

My regular 8.00 pm bed time is very frustrating and not only that if we are out and I miss a nap I am put to bed early or on the very rare occasion I am put to bed a bit later my daytime naps have been extended. I try to challenge my bed time by creating a big fuss and loudly crying when put into my cot. I never ever win. Some nights Nanny just ignores my crying altogether other nights she thunders up the stairs and spanks me. Bedtime has sort of become a battle of wills but I must confess I am running out of steam. Last week I made one last final desperate effort. Nanny and Dada were having a dinner party with four guests over. I was put down as usual at 8.00 pm. Not being sleepy and hoping Nanny would not create a scene with guests I waited a while, climbed out of the cot and bumped my way down the stairs on my bottom trying to look as cute as possible in my footed sleep suit, large soother, holding my teddy and favourite blanky. The guests did actually find me cute as I think did Dada but Nanny was having none of it. She whisked me back up the stairs by the ear called Dada and insisted he take his belt to my bottom. Dada gave me a belting alright while Nanny went back down stairs to prepare the dinner but if truth be told Nanny could have spanked me harder. I was happy that was a prank worth trying again until that is the next morning when Nanny made it quite clear that if I ever get out of my cot again she, personally, will give me 50 strokes of the cane and most definitely not leave it to Dada.