I have referred a couple of times earlier on to the dinner where Nanny for the first time came close to losing her composure with me when I threw my bottle in a temper tantrum. It was at a similar dinner about a year ago where a pretty fundamental change in my life took place. It was the same venue with the same three couples, an equally stunning meal but a far better behaved me. I was not going to be naughty that night. I would aim to enjoy my bottled mushy pap which mindful of the previous encounter I think Nanny had deliberately liquidised with a strong hint of vinegar and cod liver oil thus testing me to the full. I bore up well to my humiliation sitting in my play pen enjoying my rattles and on occasions deliberately making a bit more noise with my infant toys than perhaps I ought to, just enough to slightly annoy the adults but not enough to get punished. I can be a right ‘little missy’ at times and even more so these days.
That evening she had put me into one of my favourite nappies, the very first nappy Paula had put me into that fateful day in the shop. She also clothed me in one of my most baby style dresses a small all over floral print dress made with brushed soft cotton with capped sleeves, pin tuck detail and a sweet bow with button fastening at the back. The all over floral patterns were in various shades of pink on the white background of the dress and it came with a pretty pink scalloped edged cropped cotton knitted cardigan with single button fastening. It was very short, more designed for babies who crawl rather than walk, most certainly not covering my nappy, came out quite wide, complimented and showed off my huge nappy very well. I had pretty white socks and a pair of pink T-Bar crawler shoes that infants wear at crawling or wobbling stage.

Towards the end of the night Nanny stood up displayed her left hand and made the big announcement. She was engaged with the wedding being in six months time. I was overjoyed with happiness for her. With a radiant face Nanny came over gave me a huge big hug and kiss telling there was going to be big changes in my life now that I was going to have a Dada. The statutory bottle of champagne was opened, I yearned for some but Nanny just heated up a bottle of milk for me to make a toast to her new life.

We got home at a reasonable hour where Nanny placed my head on her lap as she fed me a bottle to tell me about some of the changes that were going to take place. The reason she has dressed me up in total baby style for the night is that I would be spending nearly all of my time in baby persona from now on. My Friday nights at a club were over, my entire Saturday evening would not be spent pleasing a posse of women. I would continue to service about eight of her close friends but no more. I was an extremely happy baby guzzling down my bottle as I heard this news. I would be spending more time in my cot asleep, more time in my play pen and more time being treated as a 12 month old baby. My guzzling slowed a bit at this point as I felt I already spent too much time doing those things. First she said however I had to be properly introduced to my pending Dada which is what I was to call him and that I would have to learn how to please him properly. At her command I crawled over to him. Even my dull imagination knew what was coming next but I was well used to it.

As referred to earlier on and as most people I have many things I dislike in life, the all too frequently used cane, a night being used as toilet paper but I have always found and continue to find suckling on a cherry flavoured lollipop the most debasing of the lot. Nanny was well aware of this so used it mainly as a form of punishment. On Friday nights for every complaint she got about my toilet cleaning service to a Lady I would get two lollipops to suck until they were totally emptied and flaccid. Even though I tended to my duties well to avoid the punishment rarely did a Friday night go by without one complaint which I always felt was a little bit of a white lie on behalf of the Lady just so they could see me get punished. Once and once only did I have the shocking dishonour and debasement of ten lollipops in one night.

I have also previously referred to the maid but what I did not elucidate on is that Mandy is in fact a sissy maid who belongs to a friend of Nanny. Her payment for tending to my dirty nappying needs was that every Monday morning unless she had been exceptionally bold Nanny released her from her birdcage chastity device so she got her weekly release in my mouth. Strangely and I do not know why Nanny always used cherry flavour at the club but with Sissy Maid Mandy she used a variety of tastes, mint, cola, apple, orange, bubblegum, strawberry, banana, blueberry and even kiwi. Mind you it makes little odds to me I still felt totally and utterly ashamed and debased every time I had to suck a lollipop but if I had to pick which I never am I would chose cola.

I obediently crawled to my soon to be Dada and waited as he prepared for me to pay homage. I will give no secrets away about what I saw before me except that Nanny ought to be very happy but for the very first time it was natural flavour and Nanny made it quite clear that I was to celebrate their engagement with his creamy champagne which I was to swallow without hesitation. I hesitated big time at this new degradation so much so that Nanny had to go to fetch the cane but she was in great form, she wanted me to do this as an engagement present to her, meanwhile Dada was unbelievably kind and patient so with their polite soft gentle encouragement I eventually settled down to my task and for the very first time took an entire mouthful, or at least I tried to but notwithstanding my genuine very best efforts at totally pleasing Nanny and Dada I coughed most of my new feed back out.

In spite of my debasement I was actually disappointed at my failure to obey Nanny on her engagement night which I think Nanny knew so she was not nearly as cross as I expected her to be while Dada was very calm altogether, saying that I would eventually learn. Never theless I was to be punished all the same. As Nanny was bending me over the chair pulling down my magnificent totally saturated nappy Dada was unbuckling the belt from his trousers. Dada’s belt was to be a new form of punishment. Any time I was naughty enough for Dada to punish me it would be with his belt. Nanny held me as Dada gave me 24 strokes on my bare wet bottom with the doubled up leather end of his belt. In truth with the exception of the final six he was sympathetic to my plight but still forceful enough that I got the message I did not want a full force belting very often, in fact never, while at the same time he gave it enough gusto that Nanny was very anxious to quickly pack me off into my cot so she could celebrate the big night with her future husband.

Interestingly that night wasn’t actually a portent of things to come. It was far more the exception than the rule. Dada is an intelligent very kind gentle man ideally suited to Nanny and it is no more than five or six times year that I have to gratify him which when you think about it is perfectly natural. The choice between making mad passionate, deeply felt love to Nanny or a quick instant five minute gratification at the mouth of a pathetic sissy baby. It is not even worth calling it a ‘choice’! I am a reserve for the very odd occasion when Nanny has a headache or she is away for a weekend with her girlfriends.

Equally the rare occasion I give him cause to unbuckle his belt is more because Nanny insists he punishes me rather than he feels I need it. There is one stand out exception however. I am an increasingly mischievous baby always trying to push the limits of my baby hood without getting punished. One Sunday afternoon when Nanny and Dada popped out to the back garden to discuss some flower bed issue they left me unattended on the sitting room floor. I took some of the crayons Nanny had been trying to teach me how to use and scribbled on the sitting room walls. I am not sure what possessed me to be that naughty but for the one and only time in his life Dada lost the plot with me when he came back inside. Nanny came rushing in from the garden when she heard him scream at me and being her cool tranquil collected self, calmed him down before she bent me over the dining room table, pulled down my nappies and counted out loud as Dada lashed his leather belt down on top of my bottom. 25 times she counted the sting of leather hitting tender flesh before she fetched the cane to deliver 25 cane strokes of her own. A baby prank that went well and truly wrong!

I was sent to bed immediately that afternoon and suffered a 4.30 pm bedtime every day for the next month. Nanny and Dada went to bed early that afternoon as well but for a totally different reason than me. I actually like being slightly naughty, never like that again, but I do find that being a pure baby means I can get away with little things. I got into my nappy bag one day and emptied the baby powder all over myself and the floor. Nanny did not know whether to laugh or scold me so I got a half hearted scold and 15 minutes nose to the wall in my naughty corner. Bath time splashes can be fun depending on Nanny’s mood but one serious spanking after drowning her in an avalanche of water when she was dressed in one of her better outfits did sort of temper that avenue of enjoyment though I still try it but leave big splashes to days when I see she is still in her night gown or a pair of jeans. I have emptied Nanny’s hand bag all over the floor. I have played with lip stick she left lying around but that got me a spanking with the wooden paddle. I regularly get into the kitchen cupboards usually only earning a scolding so much so that Nanny put baby locks on them. That did change things as the first time I opened the cupboard once the baby locks were on I earned quite a severe spanking as I was a baby and was to be incapable of opening baby locks.

Nanny left a six pack of loo rolls she had just bought on the floor one day from which I got great amusement and six strokes on each handy. On another occasion when the phone rang as Nanny was putting me into my nappy she left the rash cream close by. Now that did get me into big trouble. I had the cream all over my face, my hair and the bed clothes. It was an immediate spanking over her knee with the tawse, a 4.30 bedtime for two weeks with 12 strokes of the cane each evening before bed. Another prank most definitely on the ‘not to do again’ list! In summer time I have been known to pull some flowers from their bed, usually pansies as it so happens and will try to crawl to a puddle to play in but that does tend to get me a more serious spanking especially if I get my dress dirty.

I have been in nappies so long that I am often unaware of when I do a wee wee until I actually feel the trickling into my nappy. It is certainly no longer a conscious decision and does tend to be regular trickles into the waiting fabric rather than the occasional huge flood. I am usually wet within a few minutes of my morning change. On one occasion while Nanny was getting me ready for my bath a trickle of wee wee came out onto the bathroom floor. It was totally accidental and it was extremely small but Nanny was very good about it, in fact I think she was secretly happy about my display of babyhood so I got nothing more than a playful chiding. It did however open my eyes to another route of mischief so every now and again I do try to make a wee wee when Nanny has me without a nappy. I am careful not to overdo it so sort of reserve it for once every couple for months. I did manage a little spray towards her face one day (It did not get remotely near her, just spouted up a tiny bit with no force and back down on to my changing mat) as she was putting me into a fresh nappy. She most definitely did smell a rat but did not know for certain. Looking at me sternly she said that if she knew for certain I had deliberately done it she would take the senior cane to my backside for 25 very painful strokes. She would however give me the benefit of the doubt on this occasion but as a precautionary punishment she put me back over her knee for another hour long spanking to add to my usual morning spanking that I had just received and made my bottled mushy feeds particularly awful that day. I have not done that again but do make the very odd dribble into the bath water or onto the bathroom floor or when some other occasion permits.

I am now most definitely the type of baby where you have to put the important things up high out of reach and will pounce on any moment where Nanny is not vigilant.