James arrived at the address he had been given. He clutched his overnight bag in one hand and the letter his sister, Susan, had given him to deliver to his hostess. He rang the bell and saw the silhouette of a slim woman approaching the opaque glass panelled door. It opened to reveal a smartly dressed woman with immaculate make-up and wearing a sweater and short black skirt with fishnet stockings and black patent heels. She smiled at her visitor and said “You must be James, I have been expecting you” James handed her the letter as she ushered him into the house. She took the letter and told him to sit down, her tone was gentle but he felt that she would not tolerate any challenge to her authority.

“You will address me as Nanny at all times”, she said as she opened the envelope. As she read through the text her expression varied very little with only slight arching of her eyebrows indicating any reaction. “Susan indicates that you have been behaving badly towards her and that you have been wetting the bed on one or two occasions. Is that true?” James could not look directly at her but muttered his reply to the floor. “Speak up, boy” The tone was just a little bit harsher and she continued “Is it true that you have been misbehaving? Have you been wetting the bed? Can you speak or are you just a silly little baby who can’t speak or control your bladder?” James was embarrassed by this direct questioning and muttered inaudibly again. “If you can’t speak and answer me properly I must assume that you are just a baby and treat you accordingly”. There was no doubt about who was in charge. Nanny turned round and told him to go upstairs giving his bottom a swat as he passed. Her hand was wet from this contact and she realised that his reaction to her questions had been that he had dribbled into his pants. Nanny followed him as he began to climb the stairs. She directed him from behind looking at the damp patch developing on his grey trousers as he went ahead of her.

They entered the room she had indicated. “Take your clothes off” she instructed and held a clothes hanger on which to put the discarded adult clothes. “You won’t be needing these for some time” she said taking the damp trousers from him and holding them in front of him so that he could see the wet patch. “You are truly a silly little baby. You will have to be treated as what you are.” Clothes off James looked round the room, it was painted in a pretty pastel yellow with white door and window frames. A bed dominated but it was a bed with rails on three sides, with a railed section from the fourth side dropped from the level of the mattress to the floor. In horror James realised that when the fourth side was raised up it would form an adult sized cot. Nanny had noticed his look of dismay and said, quite crisply that he would be sleeping there until he had learned to control his bladder and was behaving like a grown-up rather than being an undoubted baby. James, totally naked, stood there looking at the floor as Nanny left the room carrying his discarded clothes.

“Come to me”, the authoritative voice instructed, “Follow my voice”. James, covering his wee-wee man with his hands, went to where he heard the voice coming from and found himself in a bathroom. The walls were tiled as was the floor and the bath was running. Nanny pushed his hands away from his groin and indicated that he should get into the bath and proceeded to wash his face, hands, arms and legs. She then told him to lie back in the water and began to wash his hair. James lay back and closed his eyes, opening them with a start as Nanny began to soap the hair round his privates. He brought his hands round to cover his groin but a firm slap made him withdraw and Nanny proceeded to shave all his pubic hair as well as his chest, legs and under arm. James was mortified but any attempt to resist brought another sharp reminder that he must do as this stranger

commanded. Shaving completed he was instructed to stand so that he could be dried. Nanny used a big fluffy towel which she wrapped around him before she took his hand and led him back to the room with the cot in it. She left him standing, wrapped in the towel while she took a white towel from a pile under a table and began to fold it on top of the table. James looked at the table and realised that it was, in fact, a changing table and he noticed that there were restraints at either end.

Nanny gripped the towel in which he was wrapped and pulled it off him. She patted the top of the table and indicated that he should climb onto it and lie down on top of the towel she had placed there. Her authority was such that James did as he was told and lay down without thinking , Nanny deftly fixed his hands to the restraints and his legs likewise. He lay there, spread-eagled and it was only then that he realised that he was lying atop not a towel but on a nappy which Nanny was about to fix around his groin. He squirmed and pulled against the restraints but to no avail, he was securely held. Nanny was sprinkling his groin with sweet smelling baby powder and he felt the towelling nappy being pulled up between his legs and fixed in position. She then instructed him to raise his nappied hips from the table and pushed a piece of rustling plastic under him. She caught up the corners and joined them with poppers which, when all popped together, formed baby pants enclosing the nappies. She ensured that the nappy was all contained within the plastic, running her fingers round the elastic on the leg and waist openings. He was still totally restrained and Nanny began to tell him what was in store for him.

He would be treated like the baby he was until he had learned to control his bladder. He would not touch his nappies on any account, would react to any instructions from Nanny promptly and without complaint and would comply with her ever wish. She would determine what he would wear, he would eat and drink whatever was offered to him. Any complaint would lead to chastisement and she produced a paddle to emphasise the point. “Are we clear about things then?” she asked. James, his face red from exertion and shame could only nod. Nanny then produced a mitten and, undoing one hand fixed it to his wrist, the process was repeated on his other hand. His hands were free but, because the mittens were rigid he could make no use of them. Nanny then threaded his hands through the sleeves of a onesie, then pulled it over his head and pulled the tails down his front and back. She reached under his bottom and brought the longer, rear tail between his legs to where it met the front part and the two were joined with a row of poppers across his groin. His baby look was complete. Nanny undid his legs from their restraints and, taking his mittened hand, led him off the table and across to the cot pushing him down into it gently but firmly, as he lay back he realised that the mattress was covered with a noisy plastic sheet. She covered him lightly with a blanket and told him to lie there for a minute. She left the room and as she closed the door he heard the lock slide smoothly into place.

James felt that he had to escape and got out of the cot and went round the room trying the doors and windows for a means of escape. Why, oh why had he been so horrible to Susan, and how had he got into this predicament where a complete stranger, claiming to be his Nanny, had him in her total control? As he pondered this he heard the door open and he was caught out of bed, disobeying Nanny’s instructions at the first opportunity to test them. Nanny was carrying a baby’s feeding bottle which she quickly laid on the changing table and he felt himself gripped by the ear and led to the cot where she sat down and skilfully turned him over onto his tummy and over her knee. She swung the paddle with vigour and, even over his nappies it was painful. Nanny promised that next time it would be his bare bottom that was smacked and she finished the assault on his rear

with a bare handed swipe on each thigh just below the nappy line – these were stinging slaps and they brought a tear to his eye and caused a dribble from his wee-wee man into the nappy. Nanny fed him the bottle and he sucked reluctantly at the sweet milk it contained. It also had a mild diuretic and Nanny knew that he would empty his bladder into the nappy before long. She laid him in the cot, tucked in the blanket and slid the side up. James did not hear but a small padlock fixed to the sliding side clicked closed as Nanny told him to sleep tight and left the room. He stood up in the cot but discovered the padlock and found that the sides were too high for him to climb out, especially wearing such a bulk of nappy. He lay down and fell into a fitful sleep, as sleep took over he thought that he would soon regain control of his bladder and be out of nappies. Oh, what a silly little baby he was to think such thoughts!

He awoke with the sunshine showing through the curtains. Horror of horrors – not only was his nappy soggy but it had happened as he slept and he had been totally unaware of it. He turned onto his side but it was even less comfortable than lying on his back had been. He turned back, lifted his legs in the air and tried to grip the rails of the cot with his immobilised hands. It was only later that he realised that, through a baby monitor and camera that Nanny had witnessed his attempts to escape. He heard the click-clack of her heels approach the bedroom door. It opened and she came in smartly dressed and made up for the day in an outfit similar to that which she had worn the previous day except that it was all in white. She looked very attractive and he felt an arousal in his groin – excited in spite of being covered in a wet nappy and the shame he felt about how she was dominating him.

“Well, my silly little baby, ‘as you got a wet nappy?” she said as she lowered the side of the cot. James could not reply because, as she spoke, she had popped a big rubber pacifier between his lips. Her fingers slipped under his onesie and plastic pants to meet the wet nappy. She didn’t need to look further, she knew that she had broken his will and that together they would spend days and nights completing the regression process before starting along the road of training him to control his bladder and to treat Susan with respect. Not really so different from the process of training an over boisterous puppy!

On the changing table Nanny restrained legs and arms again but promised that if he showed that he accepted his position and co-operated with her at all times restraints could be dispensed with. The onesie was opened back and pulled above his waist, the poppers on the pants were opened and she began to unfasten the wet nappy. The front flap was folded back and she began to clean the wet from his groin. As she cleaned him so gently excitement once more took over. She remonstrated with him telling him that silly little babies did not get excited and that if this behaviour persisted she would have to take steps to discourage it. James, sucking on the pacifier, was not sure what she meant by “discourage” but with her gentle ministrations excitement grew. A fresh nappy slid under his hips, he was powdered and as the front flap of the nappy came up between his leg he was sure that she rubbed his now erect wee-wee man deliberately to make the agony greater. She smoothed down the front of the nappy as she fastened the nappy-nippas in place and again as the whole was being covered in plastic pants she smoothed the front adding to the feelings of ecstasy.

James, feeling like the silly little baby she described him as being allowed her to lead him downstairs by the hand. He waddled as the bulk of the nappies forced his legs apart, taking each step one at a time. She led him into a kitchen where there was a table with chairs around it and at one corner an

adult sized high chair. It was covered in yellow fabric with a tray that swung round to let the occupant in and out. Nanny put a set of leather harness onto him and after buckling it up told him to climb in where the side rings were clipped to restraining straps on each side of the chair and the tray swung back to keep him safely in position. Breakfast of rusks in warm milk with some fruit mixed in and a bottle of warm milk made up the meal. Nanny spoon fed him very carefully and, apart from having to tell him that, if he persisted in kicking his legs, she would restrain them. The meal over she helped him down from the chair keeping the harness on. A long lead was then fitted to the side rings and, with Nanny holding the end, James was taken round the house for some exercise. She encouraged him to run but the best he could achieve was a waddle, when she was satisfied that he had had enough exercise she led him to the back of the house where a shining large high pram stood. It was probably one of the type favoured by Knightsbridge nannies and which could adapted for use where there were twins in the family or two babies still needing to be transported. She told him to climb in and, with a helping hand from Nanny, he found himself sitting in the vehicle. Side straps clipped to the harness again restrained him, but he was able to lie back and his feet reached into the box which opened down at the handle end, with a blanket over him, the hood up and the rain apron fixed in position Nanny wheeled him outside to the garden. He heard the brake being snapped on after the short floating journey from house to garden, Nanny put the pacifier between his lips and told him that he should have a short nap. He could see the trees through the space between the apron and the hood, the springing rocked the body of the pram gently and sleep came easily.

James was still asleep when Nanny came to get him and he didn’t awaken when she pushed the pram back into the house. She opened back the apron and put down the hood and lifted off the blanket; James stirred slightly as she probed in to see if he had wet his nappy. Surprisingly he was still dry so she replaced the blanket gently over the still sleeping James – he actually looked quite angelic as he lay there. Nanny got her cream jacket from the peg by the door, put a nappy bag into the tray between the axles and wheeled the pram out again. The rocking motion was enough to keep her silly little baby sleeping and she walked smartly along the road her high heels clicking on the pavement. At the edge of the pavement as she started to cross the road a car came into the corner. It was going too fast and, in her haste to draw back to the safety of the pavement she lowered the front wheels to the street with a jolt. James woke with the jerk interrupting the floating motion which had been the feature of their outing. He looked up at Nanny who smiled to him, prompting him to smile back to her; they laughed to each other as they went on their way. James was lying back in the pram and could see passers-by as they overtook them. As they were getting nearer the shops Nanny stopped the pram and spoke to someone who was approaching the pram but who was out of sight to James. He heard Nanny greet “Jack” but when the greeting was returned he realised that the third person was Jacqueline and as she came forward to look into the pram to see Nanny’s latest charge he saw a very attractive twenty something who leaned forward and tickled him under the chin. Total humiliation! Although she smiled he could only blush and suck ever harder on the dummy, despite his best endeavours his bladder yielded and dribbled into his nappy. He then heard Nanny arranging with this gorgeous girl that she would come to babysit while Nanny went to the Gym that evening.

They continued into the shopping area Nanny parked the pram with James in it in the foyer of the supermarket. She rushed to the kiosk to get some small nursery requirements but while she was gone an elderly lady came and looked into the pram. She tut-tutted and muttered that the child

was far too old to be being wheeled around in a pram. Nanny came back and had to explain that her charge was “disabled” and the pram was the only way to get him out into the open air! Purchases stowed on the shopping tray they reversed their track back to Nanny’s house. Into the house Nanny told James that he had been a good boy and that they would venture out a bit further another day. Her silly little baby would learn not to be embarrassed or humiliated when they met people on their outings. James was not so sure!

Out of the pram it was very apparent from the sag between his legs that it was time for a nappy change. Climbing the stair was difficult but eventually the yellow painted nursery was reached and James helped onto the changing table. He was undressed sufficiently to allow the nappy change to take place and left on top of the clean nappy while Nanny got wipes and powder to complete the process. He lay there quite happily kicking one leg then the other but it was when his right leg came back down for the third time that he realised that he had been dribbling all the while and that the new nappy was wet. At that moment Nanny came back and as she started to clean his groin saw the wet patch on the nappy. She was not amused! She told James in no uncertain terms that he was nothing but a silly little baby, with a small and inadequate wee-wee man that was fit for nothing but to dribble all the time. As she remonstrated with James she noticed that he was still dripping wee and that just possibly he was not to blame and that he had no control over his wetting. Mopping up continued in near silence and dressing was nearly completed when she told James that she was going to speak to Susan after she had put him down for a nap when she would discuss what his future should be. James had contributed nothing to the conversation but realised that his opinion was going to be of little significance in the decisions about his future. Back in the security of the cot, wrapped in a clean, fresh fluffy nappy he felt at ease with the world and drifted off into sleep, dreaming of his Nanny, of Susan and of the gorgeous babysitter who was coming that evening.

When Nanny changed him again after his nap she told him that she was to be his nanny in the foreseeable future while Susan attended to her business through the week. The medical report had come back showing that he would regress further with the passage of time and that he would need baby type care 24/7. Nanny would have days off at the weekend when Susan was at home to look after him. The cot and other nursery equipment along with the pram would go to Susan’s house where a nursery would be prepared. As Susan’s house was in its own grounds in the country they would live there while Susan would stay in Nanny’s town house through the week. She seemed content with the arrangement and put him, clean and fresh, back into the high chair while she went to get ready to go to her gym session.

She had just fed him his supper when the babysitter arrived, she looked as gorgeous as James had thought her earlier in the day but he could only feel humiliated that this young woman knew about his need of babyhood. Nanny wiped his face and let him out of the high chair and told him to sit on the floor while she went over instructions about his care with Jacqueline. He heard her say that an hour’s play, then a bottle and then down for the night. He didn’t hear the instructions about toileting before bed, he was too engrossed playing with the teddy bear Nanny had given him as he sat down. Nanny went off to the gym saying that she would be back in about two hours.

Jacqueline and James played with the Teddy. They played with Jacqueline making “Poof” noises against his skin and James laughing back hysterically. James was tiring and Jack realised that they had been playing for more than an hour so she went to heat the bottle which had been already

prepared in the fridge. When it was ready she sat on the sofa and told James to climb up and put his head on her lap so that she could feed him. Bliss: this beautiful young woman holding the bottle between his lips with her right hand while she stroked his hair with her left; James began to feel sleepy and slowly the bottle emptied. Jack took the bottle out of his mouth and wiped his mouth as she eased him into a standing position. As he stood in front of her the tell tale sag was all too obvious so she took his hand and led him upstairs counting out each step as they went up. James, oblivious to the state of his nappy, made to go towards the cot but Jack turned him back to the changing table and helped the drowsy James onto it. With dexterity she undid the poppers on his onesie, with the same skill she undid the poppers on his plastic pants and opened up his wet nappy. She cleaned his groin gently and sensuously; so effective was she that sleepy James began to get excited; she powdered his bottom and tummy noticing that there was a slight patch of nappy rash between his legs; she found cream which she rubbed in to keep it from becoming sore in the night; she pulled up the front of the kite shaped nappy over the soaker and joined it to each side, securely and tightly. This was too much excitement for James and as she put on his plastic pants he reached a climax into his nappy. Jack appeared not to notice and put on a nightdress over his pants and nappy. James sighed and went to sleep, drained by the events of the day, content with his bedtime experience and comforted that his future as an adult baby was going to be in good hands.

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