My Norwegian adult baby has visited me again from Norway. He tells me that there are many adult babies and diaper lovers in that region of the world that would love to visit me if only they could find my website as many are into infantilism. Baby C has become my ‘diaperslave C’ and will have to write me a review in Norwegian so that more Norwegians can find me. I already have some adult babies from Sweden although I haven’t had any come from Finland or Denmark yet. For people visiting from abroad I can arrange a car to collect you from the airport if required. I am closest to London City Airport – which is only a one hour flight from Amsterdam for adult babies from Holland.

I will be visiting Gran Canaria soon with diaperslave C and have ordered some spreader bar restraints to take with me to keep him in while I lay beside the pool in the sunshine. I do hope that my luggage isn’t searched as it will be a little embarrassing – not the kind of thing that most people take to a holiday island 🙂

I am now able to visit adult babies abroad if my air fare, taxis, hotel and expenses are paid for.

I had a good time at The Torture Garden fetish club in October – I had actually been to the venue before and it wasn’t any more extreme than any other fetish club I’ve been to. Lots of bizarre costumes and nudity so not for easily shocked people but good music and a dance floor. The adult baby I took got a lot of fuss from the ladies – much more than the TV I took – probably because he was the only person in the whole club wearing a nappy!

I’m going to an M People concert this coming Sunday with sissy baby Pauline – that should be lots of fun. Sissy baby Pauline has bought a new school uniform – so a saucy new pic will be coming soon.

I had someone new come to see me a few days ago and he sweetly sent me an email shortly afterwards thanking me and saying that his visit to me was one of the best experiences of his life. Feedback like that is very satisfying as I do always try my best to make everyones visit as good as I can.

I want to look into the possibility of having a two storey extension on my house and making the nursery bigger – if you are able (and willing)to help in any way please contact me.

A big Happy Birthday to baby Sophie on the 30th October – we will be going to a Status Quo concert together in December.

Until next time – keep on having fun,

Nanny Betty xxx