OMG it’s getting too cold for me – thank goodness for central heating – I have a relative that lives in Canada and where she is it’s now -20C now that IS BAD! I can’t think of anything that would make me want to live there. I certainly won’t be visiting her!

I’d like to wish baby Sophie a happy birthday and as we are going to my favourite Tapas restaurant together for a meal it should be fun.

I had a new AB come for a weekend a few weeks back – baby Tom. We got on so well – it’s always nice to meet new people and always nice to see my old favourites again such as sissy baby Pauline – she gave me a lovely new leather spanker which I’ve put to good use already 🙂

Here is a pic of Pauline’s most recent visit – she is in her school uniform doing her essay on ‘the things naughty school girls do that deserve a good spanking’ in the high chair in the nursery. I think that you’ll agree she looks quite convincing – and yes she did get a good spanking for smoking and slutty behaviour!

Adult Baby in School Uniform

I had TV/AB Cathy visit from Holland and I gave her one of my black satin pencil skirts – I must say that she looks incredibly good in it – great legs Cathy.

Pauline has some competition in the slutty department – here’s some pics from Debbie’s visit – she wanted to be a slutty older girl and I took her for a walk outside and lent her my raincoat to cover her and make her more respectable – she was very happy to be admired by the drivers passing us!

TV in lingerieTV in sexy lingerie

Trannie in raincoatTrannie outdoors

Well it’s almost all been about TV’s this update – I do have adult baby boys and Diaper Lovers visit – as well as the occassional real female adult baby who often prefer to be a baby boy.

As it’s almost Halloween and I have always loved getting up to mischief, scaring people and doing magic on that day here’s a pic I took of what I had to share my bedroom with when I last stayed the night at my uncles. It was quite creepy in the dark beside my bed lol – yes that is a life-size witch on a broomstick and a creepy butler and although I knew they were in there – I actually forgot about them as I entered the room and got quite a shock! I won’t comment on why my uncles have these but maybe madness runs in the family lol.

Halloween Figures

Have a fun Halloween and a safe Guy Fawkes night.

lots of love

Nanny Betty xx