I am starting to think that my new sewing hobby is cursed. Instead of having a great weekend being taught how to make exciting stuff for myself and my adult babies – I had a horrendous cold that seemed to last forever! As the lady that was going to be staying with me suffers with severe asthma – she declined to visit when she heard I was ill. I don’t blame her at all – and I am pleased to say that I managed to not give my cold to a single person. Bodies eh – they do let us down sometimes.

I have another instalment of Tom and Sally Part 6 – if your fantasy is being forcefully regressed and humiliated – you will enjoy these stories. Thank you silly baby for writing it – I will be putting a lovely fluffy terry nappy on you very soon.

I have had some funny appointments this week with very exciteable people. Debbie from Ireland was just so excited and nervous to be in my presence that he wouldn’t stop sweating and then I had Paul that wouldn’t stop shaking. Then I had a pretty incoherrent second email from a very excited Tina that had visited me for the first time the day before:

Hi Auntie Betty
Just wanted to email you again to say how much you’ve got my mind going!! 🙂 I can’t stop thinking about what I would wear to the TV party you mentioned. I’ve been browsing dress websites for ideas. I began to think that a demure Erin O’Connor style would suit be but then found pics of some gorgeous dresses with ruffles, so now can’t decide.
Also I’ve been re-running yesterday in my mind and have decided that I need to block it for a while before I go mad lol 🙂 I so enjoyed being with you and ‘playtime’. I replay the dress with those gorgeous ruffles and being immersed in them and loosing myself in the girlyness of it and then I think about the other outfit which I think rather suited me and couldn’t have chosen something more perfect – so sensual – and all that lovely underwear beneath it – yum yum. And it seriously gave me a kick that it was your own personal outfit too. But which is best, there’s only one way to find out… (you know what I mean if you watch Harry Hill). And you’re so gorgeous too, I don’t want to pick anything particular out otherwise it sounds like it was better than something else – you were just perfect too. Loved your outfit and the way you wore it too, I so wanted to touch but no worries I know that’s out of bounds. I may have my TV side but still a red blooded male underneath – (Hope I haven’t overstepped the mark here).
Something makes me want to see you in a girly ruffle dress and to watch you twirl with stars in your eyes – I guess you’d like that.
Phew! must get my thoughts on some work now and many thanks again.
In anticipation of more
Tina x

Poor Tina – sounds quite deranged lol – I do seem to have that effect on some people 🙂 Note that ‘she’ sounded quite composed in her first email to me immediately after her visit:

Hi Auntie Betty
Just got back and wanted to say another big thank you for today. It was fantastic and so loved my outfits especially my ‘auntie’ one and I guess the lovely frilly one too. You were so warm and welcoming and such a sophisticated sexy Auntie, and so loved you in your outfit too. I shall definitely have to return to carry on Auntie’s job that she has started. I really appreciated having lunch (an added bonus) and having time to chat before during and after, I didn’t feel rushed at all, very hard to leave. I shall have to email you again just to let more of the excitement out.
love and hugs
Tina x

Tina’s description of me twirling with stars in my eyes – I’m not entirely sure I know what that means but it kind of reminds me of once when I was dancing cheek-to-cheek after dinner at the Savoy hotel – a singer, a pianist and an intimate dancefloor. I really was having a lovely time and I may well have had stars in my eyes then. Ahh.

I shall be busy spanking and restraining sissy baby Pauline all weekend. There really is no rest for the wicked!

until next time

Nanny Betty xx