That was a long gap between diary updates – even for me! Previously I used to do all website updates on my desktop PC and to be honest where it is – it just wasn’t comfortable, would give me backache and wasn’t at all conducive to anything creative. Ta da – I now have a new laptop – and have my website authoring software loaded and can now update in comfort. So hopefully I won’t be leaving it so long in future. My old laptop just wasn’t up to the job and sadly has to go where all the old no longer wanted laptops have to go 🙁 In fact I’m sure my desktop would be following too if I didn’t need the firewire for my video camera.

I wish I could say that I am now a sewing whizz since my last update – sadly no. It’s a bit hard – and I need someone that knows what they are doing to give me some lessons. By nature I tend to think that I can be good at everything I try instantly – in many cases I am lol but occassionally even I need a bit of assistance. I spent quite a bit on fabrics etc and I don’t see the point in messing it all up – so I haven’t actually touched my sewing machine for ages. One of my friends (an older lady by the way) has offerred to teach me and I think I’ll have her over for the weekend soon. She even suggested that we could have an adult baby over at the same time and we could make them a made-to-measure outfit. I’m sure that will give a few of you a new fantasy to think about 🙂

The Olympics have been and gone since my last update. Generally I am not interested in sport so I took little notice of it all – but in the end even I was taken over by the spirit of it all and followed our medals achieved daily and felt proud to be British. I did get a trip there too to watch an event thanks to a very sweet and generous baby and I had a really great time.

Baby Philip in Australia asked me if I remember the Wombles – oh yes and I used to love the song – I remember singing it to my mother all the time. I have no idea why by the way lol. In fact that song must have some strange power over me because just the thought of it makes me want to sing it. Bizarre 🙂

I have three television companies at the moment trying to get me to participate in some programme or other they are producing – I do wish that they would leave me alone. I enjoy my quiet life.

In an email from adult baby Poppy recently I was amused by the description of me ‘I like your sessions as they’re a lot of fun and go off on unexpected tangents – I think you’re the free form fusion jazz adult baby nanny’ – well Poppy I’ve got no idea what free form fusion jazz sounds like but I take that as a compliment. As lots of the adult babies that come to see me have been coming for many years – the ability to have fun and be random and spontaneous is essential to keep things fresh and exciting.

I recently had an entertaining night with Sissy Suzy – she was staying over but feeling a bit melancholy – very unusually for me we had loads of wine – so much so that my extremities were actually numb and then we practiced being Victoria’s Secrets catwalk models and pranced around to Moves Like Jagger .  Those models are seriously beautiful – who wouldn’t want to look like that! A good few of you reading this would also love their sparkly angel wings – including sissy Sarah – me too. All girls love sparkles and being the centre of attention. Sissy Suzy let out emotions that had been held in tight for too many years – and then felt much better.

One of my biggest fans very nervously showed me his new tattoo. He was very anxious that I would be offended by it – because it is a HUGE picture of me topless and in stockings, a basque and heels. He blushed as he admitted he’d had to use his imagination when telling the tattoo artist what to draw. I wasn’t offended – and it is a pretty good likeness – actually I was very flattered.   I would have loved to share the pic of the tattoo here – but as he is married I cannot risk someone recognising the tattoo.

I have received so many lovely gifts lately – flowers from baby Sophie, Sissy Suzy and Sissy Sarah. As well as wine, chocs, jewellery, a book from Sissy baby Pauline and a new planter filled with flowers for beside my front door. Thank you also to baby Sophie for fitting my security light – hopefully it will keep my little darling Terry safe from foxes – he is sitting on my legs as I write this 🙂

With love – keep your inner child alive and well.

Nanny Betty XXX