A big hug and hello to baby Phillip in Australia – to cheer you up after your local Mummy retiring. We aren’t getting much better weather here in the UK than Australia at the moment – hopefully it will be better soon. Speaking of Australia – I see that there is yet another website that has stolen my photos – 14 in this case which casts serious doubt as to whether they actually do what they say they do or are just a scam. If they are genuine why do they need to steal my photos? So scam warning – do not go to anyone that steals my photos and has none of their own. You are all welcome to contact them and pass on my disgust as they simply ignored my email.

I got a lovely email from AB T from Chicago – I used to know it well as I lived in nearby Rockford, Illinois for nine months many years ago.

I’ve been getting along with my sewing machine when I have time but it’s much more complicated than the simple one I used years ago. I’ve managed to jam it up and break two needles so far. Loads of AB’s have put their orders in lol but I’m still a long way from dashing out an adult baby dress – so in the meantime I have been looking at other items I can offer for sale. All items may be collected from me in Chigwell – great for diaper lovers and adult babies in London that cannot have items posted to them. I’ve got to take some pics yet but soon I shall have on this site disposable nappies, plastic pants, baby tights, blonde wigs and baby t-shirts. Basically the essentials for AB fun. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to consider stocking.

Last week I visited Norwich for a short break. I’ve never been there before – wow – lots of shops to explore. I still haven’t seen them all – so I shall have to go back again some time. I did find a little vegetarian restaurant run by a very friendly Indian man and his wife and I bought three copies of the vegetarian recipe book they sell – two as gifts and one for me – I’ve yet to try out a new recipe. I also bought a mini-size butter dish from Jarrolds department store – it’s just so cute – I do love mini stuff for some reason. There was a good art gallery too with a really nice nursery painting but it was around £700 and I don’t really have the space in the nursery to set it off – but maybe one day 🙂

I’m off to the dentist in the morning for some deep scale and polish stuff – injections included – luckily I don’t get too bothered. In a strange way I actually like it – not the pain but having professionals working on my health and beauty. A big thank you to baby Sophie for the flowers and card you sent to cheer me up before my previous appointment – I didnt need cheering but the flowers were lovely.

In my last blog I mentioned that Uncle Frank is available for sessions now – but baby W called me worried that Frank would be at the nursery during his visit. So I’d like to make this clear – no men will be at the nursery during anyones visit – UNLESS they have requested and paid extra for it. You will never be made to feel uncomfortable in any way – unless of course you have specified that you enjoy spanking then you may well be very uncomfortable indeed lol.

Until next time

Nanny Betty XXX