At last I have managed to get my PC back onto the Internet. The ethernet cable got damaged whilst the bathroom was being done so I ordered a wireless thingy – I was so busy that I took ages to try it – then it needed to download something from the Internet to install so then I ordered another ethernet cable.. did I tell you wires and technology that isn’t working drives me up the wall big time. Seriously my patience lasts about one minute! Anyhow I am doing this update now via the new ethernet cable as I haven’t dared try out the new wireless thingy again yet. I am just not in the mood for being driven mad lol.

That’s my rant out of the way lol. Lots has happened since my last update. The bathroom is beautiful now thanks to Pansy – although I did keep him on his toes with my perfectionism and despite working very hard he still got spanked for some mistakes!

I have a lovely new pink satin dress and a new changing mat from Cosyndry as well as some PVC bloomers. Baby Sophie’s nappy leaked so badly over the old changing mat (after I forced her to drink eight litres of water) that I couldn’t get the pee smell out – so it was a good excuse to get a new changing mat. I also have six new extra large (54″)terry nappies – thank you baby J.

I have been experimenting with disposable nappies – for years I have used Tena Slip Super (medium and large fits all babies) but I’ve switched to Tena Maxi lately for day time as they are more absorbant and Abena Abriform XPlus for overnight wetters or where I am sending someone away for the day locked in their nappy. These nappies are more expensive but they are better.

I am going to go on some dressmaking classes as I really would like to get some of my own designs made up. For example I have padded mittens but I want some that are so well padded that baby can’t possibly use their hands! I don’t think that I will have time to make lots of items so I will have to hire someone to help once the orders start coming in. If any readers know any skilled seamstresses local to me – do let me know.

A big congratulations to baby Kate that has now lost over 16KG since January and is half-way to target. I have lost some myself but it’s coming off a lot slower than that.

I have held back from doing this but now I have put my prices up. Costs for a long time now have been going up like crazy and I refuse to reduce the quality of my services. The old prices still apply to appointments that are already booked.

I want to give my website a bit of a make-over soon as I notice that the Flash navigation buttons don’t show up on my Ipad – things like that. I also need to load a shopping cart as I will be adding adult baby clothing items for sale soon. If there are any website experts out there twiddling their thumbs that would like to help – do contact me.

I do have some photos to show you and a couple of emails – which I will upload soon.

Bye for now – be good babies.

Nanny Betty XXX