Dear Nanny Betty,

I read your diary a day or two ago and noticed in your latest entry that you said that Aunty Amy sometimes likes to switch to being an adult baby. I would really, really love to spend time with an adult girl baby; being put into nappies at the same time; playing together, being put in a cot together perhaps sharing a bath together. Amy would make an ideal and absolutely lovely baby companion. Sadly it is going to be a while before it is possible to arrange a joint visit to your nursery so all I can do is imagine what it might be like. Below is my first attempt to put some of my “imaginings” down on paper. I have written it featuring Nanny Betty, Aunty Amy and Phillippa and you are free to publish it on your website if you wish. However my imagination may have gone further that Aunty Amy or you would wish to go in practice. Feel free, if you publish, to change her and your names so that there is no implication that you would play the exact scenario that I have described.

(I liked the pictures of you both in the baby changing room at Lakeside. Amy looks less severe and much more cuddlesome when she has her hair loose. )

Lots of love



As she headed up the path towards the front door of Nanny Betty’s house, Phillippa felt that familiar mixture of trepidation and excitement. She sort of knew what to expect. After all it was not the first time that Mummy had sent her to see Nanny Betty and the reason for being sent was exactly the same this time as it had been on previous occasions. Phillippa was just about to ring the bell when the front door was opened by Nanny Betty. “I saw you coming up the path” she said with a smile. “Come in quickly, its cold out there”. Phillippa walked into the hallway and Nanny Betty took her coat and school bag and hung them up in the hall cupboard. “Now let’s go into the lounge and meet Aunty Amy.” Phillippa’s heart sank a little. She had met Aunty Amy before and had found her to be rather strict and firm. “Aunty Amy and I have been out to lunch together and when I mentioned that you were visiting me this afternoon she asked if she could see you again” Nanny continued as they went into the lounge. “And as you got on so well together last time I thought that it would be nice for both of you to meet again” she concluded. Aunty Amy greeted Phillippa with a warm smile and gave her a big hug. Phillippa relaxed a little bit and smiled back. Aunty was wearing a dark blouse and skirt, both of which buttoned down the front, and had her hair tied back tightly giving her a slightly severe look. “We were just having a cup of tea” said Nanny. “Would you like a glass of juice?” Phillippa nodded and Nanny went to fetch it from the kitchen. Whilst she was out of the room Aunty said how nice it was to see Phillippa again and how she hoped that Phillippa would enjoy her visit to see Nanny. After a few moments Nanny returned with a glass of fruit juice which she gave to Phillippa.

Once they had all finished their drinks Nanny Betty put the tea things on to a tray which she put on the sideboard. Turning to Phillippa, Nanny smiled and said “I think that we all know why Mummy has sent you to see me but I think that Aunty Amy might like a little reminder.” Before Phillippa had time to object or protest Aunty said that she would find that very helpful and interesting. Phillippa now knew that she had no option but to make a full confession that, despite the fact she was old enough to start school, she was still sometimes wetting the bed at night and having “little” accidents in her knickers during the day. Despite being sent to Nanny on several occasions for nappy training the situation was not improving and that was why Mummy had sent her back for yet another visit to the nursery. Aunty said that she was surprised that there had not been an improvement since they had last met but Nanny said that she had rather expected Phillippa to continue to wet her bed and knickers as she did not try hard enough to control herself. She then told Phillippa to pull up her gymslip and show Aunty what she was wearing underneath. Phillippa obeyed reluctantly, lifted her gymslip and revealed that she was wearing padded incontinence knickers. “What are those” asked Aunty in mock surprise and Phillippa was forced to tell her that they were trainer pants. Nanny suggested that Aunty should run her finger inside Phillippa’s pants to see if they were still dry. Aunty did as asked and once her fingers reached the crotch area found a rather large damp area. She removed her finger, smelt it and then gave it to Phillippa to smell. When asked what it smelt of Phillippa pretended that it did not smell of anything but, after receiving a stern look from Aunty, was forced to admit that it smelt of wee wee. When asked to explain Phillippa eventually had no option but to admit that she had wet herself once again.

“We all know what that means” said Nanny Betty rather curtly. Phillippa was then instructed to take off her gym slip, to fold it up and place it on Nanny’s lap, pull her wet pants down to her knees and to bend over Nanny’s knee where she had her bottom soundly spanked. This was followed by four sharp slaps with a paddle. She was then told to stand up and go and bend over Aunty Amy’s knee to receive further attention. Aunty, whilst being firm, did not lay it on as hard as Phillippa had feared. Once Aunty had finished, Nanny told Phillippa to take off her wet pants and put them into a plastic bag for disposal and then to stand in front of them. Phillippa felt very self conscious, standing there, wearing just her school blouse and socks. Nanny enjoyed Phillippa’s embarrassment for a while before asking her what she thought should happen next. Phillippa knew what was expected of her and knew that there was no escape. Putting on a baby voice, lisping slightly and holding her head slightly to one side, she asked Nanny to take her upstairs to the nursery and to put her into baby’s nappies and rubber knickers and then to put her into a baby dress. Phillippa paused for a moment but Nanny was clearly expecting more so Phillippa added that she would like to be given a drink in a baby feeding bottle and to have a dummy to suck. The full request seemed to satisfy Nanny because she turned towards Aunty and said “As Baby Phillippa has asked so nicely I think that we can do as she asks. Don’t you?” Aunty agreed and Nanny then led the way upstairs to the nursery.

Once they reached the nursery Nanny Betty told Phillippa to get up on to the changing table and to lie down. Nanny then took a terry nappy from the chest of draws, folded it into shape, slid it underneath Phillippa and finally slipped a soaker pad into place. With Aunty Amy’s help Nanny made sure that Phillippa was quite dry and then sprinkled a generous amount of talcum powder around Phillippa’s crotch and over her tummy before pinning the nappy firmly into place with a large safety pin on each side. Nanny then selected a pair of rubber knickers with frills attached and, with Aunty’s help, pulled them up over Phillippa’s nappy. Aunty made sure that the nappy was tucked inside the rubber knickers all the way round so there would be no risk of any leaks whist Nanny went to the wardrobe to choose a baby dress. Once she had found a suitable one she told Phillippa to stand up and, again with Aunty’s help, put Phillippa into the dress. The outfit was finished off by the addition of a matching baby bonnet and some baby socks. Nanny then told Phillippa to do a twirl or two, to parade up and down for Aunty’s benefit and to go and look at herself in the mirror. Phillippa liked what she saw in the mirror but said that the dress was so short that it did not hide the fact that she was wearing nappies and rubber knickers. Nanny had a little discussion with Aunty but they decided that as Phillippa was now such a young little girl it did not matter that her nappy was showing and the rubber knickers were rather pretty as they had so many rows of frills on them. The overall effect was to make Phillippa look such a pretty and charming little baby. Nanny said that in any case it was time for Phillippa to have a bottle and she would have to deal with that first. Nanny asked Aunty if she would keep an eye on Phillippa whilst she went and prepared a bottle. Aunty said that she would be delighted and Nanny left saying that she would be back in a little while.

Once Nanny had left the nursery and gone downstairs Aunty Amy told Phillippa how pretty she looked and how well the dress suited her. She was not to worry that she was wearing nappies as nappies were exactly what she should be wearing at her age and there would be no shame if she needed to use them. She then gave Phillippa a cuddle, a kiss and a hug and whispered in her ear that if she wanted to do a wee wee she was to use her nappy as it would be too much trouble and take too much time to undress her again and sit her on the potty. Aunty would make sure that Nanny understood what had happened so that she would not be cross. This was the reassurance that Phillippa had been seeking as she had wanted to go to the toilet soon after she had arrived at Nanny’s but had not been give a chance. Encouraged by Aunty’s sympathetic attitude Phillippa decide to confess that she wanted to do a wee wee and thought that she might have had a very “little accident” already. Aunty told Phillippa that she was such a good little girl for telling her what had happened, gave her another cuddle and whispered that, if she wanted to, she could do a big wee wee in her nappy right now. Phillippa snuggled right up to Aunty, put her head on her shoulder and whispered back “Phillippa is doing a big, big wee wee in her nappy just like a little baby” followed moments later by “Baby Phillippa has wet her nappy, Baby Phillippa has soaked her nappy.”

Phillippa was about to say something else when Nanny Betty returned to the nursery carrying two baby feeding bottles. Nanny asked Aunty Amy how she and Phillippa had been getting on together and whether Phillippa had been a good little girl whilst she had been downstairs. Aunty said that Phillippa had been as good as gold. She then added that Phillippa had asked to use the potty for a wee wee but that as she had only just been put into her nappies it would be better if she used them instead of getting undressed again. Nanny nodded and said that she thought that was a good decision in the circumstances and then, looking at Phillippa, asked whether she had wet her nappies. Phillippa was a little anxious about admitting that she had but need not have worried. As soon as she told Nanny what she had done Nanny smiled, gave her a big kiss and told her what a good girl she was. Nanny lifted the hem of Phillippa’s dress and felt the crotch of her nappy and then slid her hand down inside the rubber knickers and then observed. “My word, you are a wet little girl, aren’t you. I think that you are going to need a nappy change after you have had your bottle. She then passed one of the bottles to Aunty and asked her if she would like to give baby Phillippa a feed. Aunty said that she would love to and made herself comfortable at one end of the cot. Phillippa then lay down with her head on Aunty’s lap. Aunty squeezed a drop of the mike on to the back of her hand to check its warmth and, satisfied that it was not too hot, put the teat against Phillippa’s lips and gently pushed it into her mouth. After a few tentative sucks and a little dribbling Phillippa started to suck vigorously and drained the bottle in next to no time.

Nanny Betty noticed how quickly Phillippa had drunk her bottle and then asked Aunty Betty “Do you think that Phillippa would like to try something more like the real thing?” “Well she seemed to enjoy it very much on her last visit” replied Aunty a little coyly as she handed the feeding bottle back to Nanny. Nanny put the bottle down beside the cot and then turned back to face Aunty who was gently stroking Phillippa’s face with the back of her hand and cooing to her. Nanny leaned forward and started to undo the buttons on Aunty’s blouse. Aunty straightened up and moved her arm out of the way as if to make it easier for Nanny to unbutton her blouse. Nanny unbuttoned Aunty’s blouse almost down to her waist and then gently pulled the two sides apart to reveal that Aunty was wearing a pretty, lacy, but rather skimpy bra. “I think that there is something hiding in there that Phillippa would like to get her lips around, don’t you” commented Nanny. “Shall I see what I can find?” she continued. Aunty just smiled and nodded her head as Nanny eased the strap of her bra off her shoulder and moved the flimsy fabric of the cup to one side to fully expose Aunty’s nicely rounded breast and its beautiful pink nipple. Aunty slithered down the length of the cot a little and turned herself so that he breast was close to Phillippa’s face. Phillippa responded immediately and took Aunty’s nipple between her lips and sucked gently. Aunty Amy let Phillippa suck at her breast for a little while before whispering that she could suck a little harder if she liked. Phillippa sucked harder and alternately drew more of Aunty’s breast in to her mouth and gently biting her nipple. Aunty responded by holding Phillippa more tightly to her and making little Oooohing and moaning noises. After several minutes Aunty gently pulled away saying that she was becoming a little bit sore on that side and would Phillippa like to suck at her other breast. Phillippa could think of nothing nicer and sat up so that Aunty could slip her other breast out from its bra cup and reposition herself to make it easy for Phillippa to suck it. Phillippa enjoyed another spell sucking at Aunty’s other breast and licking and nibbling its nipple whist Aunty continued to show her pleasure.

Eventually Phillippa heard Nanny Betty say that she thought that it was time for Aunty Amy to have a little rest and in any case nappy check was well overdue. Phillippa knew that Nanny was going to find that she had a very wet nappy when she checked her so did not hurry to end her breast feeding session. Aunty did not seem in any particular hurry to bring it to an end either but eventually she pulled Phillippa’s head gently away from her breast and helped her rise up to a sitting position before sitting up herself. Aunty pulled her bra straps back over her shoulders but did not immediately button her blouse up again. “Right, it’s nappy checking time” said Nanny as she approached the cot. Phillippa got ready for the inevitable but to her surprise Nanny went to Aunty Amy who was sitting beside her and started to undo the buttons on her skirt. To Phillippa’s equal surprise, Aunty did not make any protest or offer any resistance; she just sat there watching as the buttons were undone one by one until Nanny had nearly reached the waist band. At this point Nanny stopped unbuttoning and asked Aunty to stand up which she did as soon as asked, standing in front of Nanny and with her back to Phillippa. Nanny then undid the remaining two or three buttons in quick succession which allowed Aunty’s skirt to fall to the floor. Phillippa was astonished to see that Aunty was wearing see through plastic pants over the top of a disposable nappy. Nanny let Aunty Amy stand in Phillippa’s full view before saying “I don’t suppose you expected to see Aunty wearing a nappy did you?” Phillippa was at a loss for words and could only shake her head. Nanny continued and explained that, on her previous visit, Aunty had observed that Phillippa had looked so pretty and at home in her nappy and baby clothes that she had said, after Phillippa had left, that she would also like to try the experience of going back to being a baby. Nanny said that had been happy to let Aunty fulfil her wishes and had suggested that Phillippa’s next visit would provide the ideal opportunity and here they were.

“Now we seem to have lost Aunty Amy but we have found this pretty little Baby Amy instead” said Nanny Betty “ but she does not seem to be dress properly.” With that she told Baby Amy to finish unbuttoning her blouse and to take it off and to remove her bra. “Little girls who are still in nappies cannot possibly be old enough to need to wear a bra” she commented. Baby Amy blushed but did as she was told and stood there in front of Nanny wearing nothing but her nappy and plastic panties. Nanny went to the chest of draws and after a quick look pulled out a camisole top which she told Baby Amy to put on so that she did not get cold. Finally she undid Amy’s hair so that it hung loose and tied in some pretty red ribbons. Nanny then observed that, from the way it was hanging, Baby Amy’s nappy was probably rather wet and told her to get up on to the changing table. Baby Amy blushed again and seemed a little reluctant to do as she had been told until Nanny gave her a sharp little slap on her thigh and told her firmly to hurry up as she now had two babies to look after. Once she was up on the table Nanny removed Baby Amy’s plastic panties and undid the tabs of her disposable nappy. When she pulled the nappy open she expressed her surprise at how wet it was and said that she would need to replace it with a more absorbent terry nappy. First of all the mopped Baby Amy’s crotch and pussy fluff with baby wipes until it was dry and smelling nice then she sprinkled her with talcum powder which she invited Phillippa to rub in. This was something that Phillippa enjoyed doing and Baby Amy appreciated the attention that Phillippa gave to making sure that the powder was rubbed in thoroughly and carefully. When that was finished Nanny folded a terry nappy, pinned it in place with a pin on either side and finally pulled on a large plain pair of plastic pants. When she was satisfied that Baby Amy’s nappy was properly tucked into her plastic pants and there was no risk of any leaks she told her to get down off the changing table and to go and stand by the cot. Nanny then turned her attention to Phillippa and repeated the changing process. Just like Baby Amy, Phillippa was very wet and needed a lot of mopping up. Baby Amy helped Nanny with the sprinkling and rubbing in the talcum powder and took just as much care as Phillippa had done to make sure that it was all rubbed in properly and everywhere that it was needed. Nanny decided that Phillippa would need another terry nappy and pinned one in place and then pulled on a pair of plastic pants just like Baby Amy’s.

Now that both babies had been changed Nanny paused for a moment and then decided that it was time for Baby Amy to have her bottle. She asked Phillippa if she would like to give Amy her bottle and Phillippa was happy to help Nanny as much as possible. Whilst that was going on Nanny picked up the clothes that Amy had discarded and then picked up the two wet nappies that she had just removed and took them out of the nursery. By the time that she returned Baby Amy had just finished her bottle and was being give a little cuddle by Phillippa. “I think that it about time that you two had a little afternoon nap” observed Nanny when she saw her two babies cuddling together in the cot. “Baby Amy is alright as she is but I think that Phillippa had better change out of her dress so that it does not get too crushed. Nanny then went over to the chest of draws and selected a pink, waist length nightie for Phillippa to wear. After Nanny had taken off her dress and put her in the nightie she told Phillippa to go and look at herself in the mirror and see if she liked what she saw. Phillippa did a little twirl in front of the mirror and then lifted the hem of her nightie right up so that she could see her nappy and plastic panties in full. She then gave Nanny a hug and thanked her for dressing her up so nicely. Nanny then asked Baby Amy what she thought and she agreed that Phillippa looked lovely. Nanny then looked at her watch and said it was well past the time for their afternoon nap and that they had better get into the cot and put their heads down. She arranged the pillows in the cot, then hung a dummy attached to a loop of ribbon around Baby Amy’s neck and then popped the dummy into her mouth. She did the same for Phillippa and told them both to get into the cot and to lie down and when they had done that she gave each of them a soft cuddly toy. Finally she covered them with a blanket, which she tucked in all the way round and told them sternly that she did not want to hear another peep out of them until they had had their little sleep. She pulled the curtains, turned out the light, left the nursery closing the door behind her and went downstairs.

Nanny could not have been gone for more than a minute before Phillippa eased her dummy out of her mouth and asked Amy in a hushed voice if she was still awake. Amy whispered back that she was and did not feel very sleepy. They both moved so that they were facing each other. Although the curtains had been closed it was still quite light in the nursery and they could see each other fairly clearly. “I didn’t know that you liked wearing baby clothes” said Phillippa a little cautiously. “Neither did I until Nanny asked me to come and help with looking after you on your visits to her nursery” replied Amy “You seemed to be having fun and enjoying yourself so I thought that I should give it a try.” “So what do you think about it now? Do you see yourself as a good little baby or a naughty little girl” queried Phillippa. Amy thought for a moment and then said “I think that being naughty is more exciting and interesting. Being good can be a little bit boring after a while. What do you think?” “I rather agree” said Phillippa “if I was good all the time there would be no need to come and see Nanny Betty and then there would be no reason or opportunity to meet little Baby Amy” and then added “perhaps we should be naughty enough so that we both get sent back to see Nanny again. Amy said that she thought that was a very good idea and asked Phillippa what they would have to do to make it happen. Phillippa suggested that more wet nappies would probably be a good way to start and then added that she was just starting to do another wee. Amy whispered encouragement and then said that she was going to wet her nappy as well. They lay together and just let it happen and when they had finished they rolled so that they were facing each other. They kissed and murmured to each other “naughty wet baby”, “baby wet pants”, “baby soggy nappy” and similar phrases. As they kissed their bodies got closer until they were rubbing their plastic panties together. Phillippa pushed her hand between Amy’s legs so that she could press Amy’s wet nappy against her crotch. Amy responded by wriggling as hard as she could against Phillippa’s hand and moments later suggested that Phillippa should slip her hand inside her plastic panties. Phillippa, ever happy to oblige, slipped her hand inside Amy’s plastic panties and down to the soggy bottom of her nappy which she pushed even harder against Amy’s crotch. Amy responded with more wriggling and obvious signs of pleasure. When Phillippa suggested that she remove one of Amy’s nappy pins so that she could slip her hand right inside Amy’s nappy the look on Amy’s face said everything. Phillippa carefully removed the pin and put it under the pillow so that it could be replaced later. She then slid her hand slowly and carefully underneath the waist band of the plastic panties and then inside the terry nappy and down until she felt a wet patch in the nappy, further down until she felt moist pussy fur and right down until she reached the soaking crotch of Amy’s nappy. Phillippa paused for a moment and then moved her fingers gently against Amy’s crotch and then paused again waiting to see if she was going to protest. Amy just smiled and wiggled herself against Phillippa’s fingers. Phillippa whispered “I’m going to stroke your little clit until you come you lovely, naughty little girl.” Amy murmured “yes please” and lay back as Phillippa worked her finger, up and down, around and around and in no time at all she was having a lovely orgasm. Amy lay there for a while savouring the warm feeling and holding Phillippa’s hand in place. As the feeling subsided she gently pulled Phillippa’s hand out from inside her nappy, kissed the tips of Phillippa’s fingers and then brushed them against Phillippa’s lips.

They just lay side by side for a little while exchanging a kiss now and again. After a few minutes Amy whispered “Would you like Baby Amy to be a very naughty little girl and play with Phillippa’s little clit until she comes too.” Without waiting for a reply Amy slipped her hand inside the waist band of Phillippa’s plastic panties until she found the pin holding one side of Phillippa’s nappy. She undid the pin carefully and put it under the pillow along with the one from her nappy. She then slid her hand back inside Phillippa’s nappy and down until she found the sopping wet crotch of Phillippa’s nappy and then Phillippa’s wet pussy and then Phillippa’s “little clit”. Baby Amy played with Phillippa’s “little clit” just as Phillippa had played with hers, and found that it was getting stronger and firmer. Baby Amy whispered that it really was a very big “little clit” for such a baby girl as Phillippa and how she wished that she had a clit like hers. All the talking and all the playing with her “little clit” made Phillippa more and more excited until she too had an orgasm only in her case she not only trembled and shook with pleasure she did some of her “special wee wee” as well. Amy made sure that she caught some of the “special wee wee” in her hand as she played with Phillippa’s “little clit”. Amy let Phillippa relax after her orgasm for a little while and then slowly and carefully pulled her hand out from inside Phillippa’s nappy. Once it was fully out she showed Phillippa all the “special wee wee” in the palm of her hand. “Shall we be very, very naughty little girls” asked Amy quietly as she licked the palm of her hand. “I think that we are very, very naughty little girls” replied Phillippa as she licked the palm of Baby Amy’s hand. Baby Amy then smeared the palm of her hand across her lips and then across Phillippa’s lips and then wiped her hand on her camisole top. The two of them licked each other’s lips and kissed each other until the only trace left of Phillippa’s “special wee wee” that was left was what had been smeared on Amy’s camisole.

The two of them had been so absorbed in being naughty together that they had totally failed to hear Nanny Betty come back upstairs and open the nursery door. They were caught totally unprepared when Nanny Betty demanded, in a very loud voice, to know what was going on. Neither of them could think of any to say until Amy said, rather lamely that they were just playing a little game. “Some game” commented Nanny looking very cross “out of the cot both of you” both of you. Baby Amy and Phillippa, looking very sheepish, climbed out of the cot and stood in front of it. It quickly became very obvious to Nanny that the nappies of both babies were no longer pinned firmly in place and it did not take her long to find the missing pins under the pillow. She demanded an explanation of what was going on and when one was not forthcoming told them both to go and stand in front of the nappy table. Nanny then stood behind each of her naughty babies in turn, pulled their plastic panties and nappy down to their ankles, told them to bend over the changing table and gave them six very firm smacks on the bottom. She then told then to turn round and, if they apologies for being so very, very naughty, she would forgive them. Baby Amy and Phillippa apologised in turn for being naughty little girls, promised to be good in future and asked to be forgiven. Nanny heard them out and then said that she quite understood how her little girls would like to play together and of course they were forgiven. They could both come back to her nursery any time they liked and would always be welcome. Phillippa and Baby Amy both agreed that that would like to come back and play together in Nanny Betty’s nursery again…….and they did!

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