I had really been caught out by the weather though, being Melbourne, I should have realised that the lovely start to the day wouldn’t last! It had been a sudden downpour and when i came out of the shop it was to a very wet street indeed. I had only wanted a couple of things and it wasn’t far and, rather daring for me, I had left on my nappy and plastic baby knickers under my clothes. It was a pull-up disposable nappy, fairly discreet and my plastic knickers weren’t my lovely noisy ones so I thought I’d be pretty safe from detection. As I prepared to cross the road, I felt a sudden urge to pee so, stepping down off the curb I stood between two parked cars as if waiting for the traffic to pass and let go. The warm pee flowed deliciously around my balls and, pooling momentarily in my crotch, even flooded up between my buttocks before soaking into my nappy. I stood, enjoying the feel of the very wet nappy between my thighs, when a passing car hit a large pot hole full of water right in front of me and showered me with dirty water. I was still standing in shock, wondering what on earth to do, when the driver, an attractive, motherly sort of woman, came back to me, full of apologies explaining that she had no idea that the puddle as there. I assured her that I fully appreciated that there was no way she could have known but she insisted that I couldn’t go home in “that state ”and that I get in the car. Not wanting to create too much of a scene, I did as she asked and she drove off saying that she’d get me dry at least before taking me home. It was a pleasant house, not far off and, still slightly bemused at the turn of events, I preceded her inside, trying to limit the waddle caused by my wet nappy and the swish of my plastic pants and wondering how I was going to get out of this! She directed me into a lounge room and, closing the curtains, said firmly “Now, let’s get those wet things off you” and , when I demurred, went on “come on now, I’ve been married “adding with a little smile “and had babies”. She began undoing the buttons on my shirt while I just stood there, taking in what she had just said and replying, rather stupidly, “What do you mean?” She began undoing my belt. “Oh come on, your secret is safe with me my dear. I thought that you looked a bit bulky around the bottom and crotch, and my suspicions were confirmed as you walked up the hallway in front of me and I heard the familiar rustle of your baby knickers” As she finished speaking she pulled down my trousers and I stood there in just my nappy and knickers wondering what was going to happen next. She smiled and stepped up to me saying “Now, I wonder if my baby has wet his nappy”. Pulling out the elastic waist of my knickers, she slipped her hand down inside my nappy and found my stiffening cock. Her voice was throaty and not in any way critical as she went on “Oh my, yes, baby is very wet and needs a fresh nappy. Just hang on a minute and Mummy will see what she can do!” I stood, inwardly rejoicing at my incredibly good fortune and wondering how far it would go. She came back in a few minutes with a sheet of plastic that she spread on the floor and instructed me to lie down on it. I did so and lifted my hips when told to as she pulled down my plastic knickers. “I don’t have any nappies now, of course, but I have a large fluffy white towel that will do for the moment and I found some nappy pins. We’ll have to use your same knickers for the trip home” As she was speaking, she poured some baby oil on her hand, and, lifting my legs with her other arm and holding them back against my chest, started to smooth the oil over my bottom, between the cheeks and even toying round my anus, murmuring all the while about not getting nappy rash and being comfortable. I was, of course, enjoying this and, when her fingers at last returned to my bum hole I couldn’t restrain a gasp of pleasure. “Aha, my baby likes mummy playing with his little rose hole” she said, and pressing her finger against my clenched ring, slid it inside and moved it erotically around inside my bottom before pulling it out with a slight pop and lowering my legs. This revealed a very erect and swollen penis jerking up from my belly which she grasped with her oily hand and started to slide it up and down my shaft. “My baby has a big little cock, hasn’t he, and Mummy knows what he wants but baby can’t have it just now so Mummy will have to help him to cum this way so she can get his cock back in a nappy!” The implied promise as well as the words themselves and her hand sliding a squeezing on my cock brought on the rush of extreme pleasure and jets of cum in excess of any I had produced for a long time. “Mmm, baby has nice cum” and she licked it off her hand, wrist and arm before using the towel to wipe it off my legs and thighs. Then, folding the towel and lifting my legs, slid the soft ‘nappy’ under my bottom and pulled the front up between my spread thighs, giving my slackened cock an affectionate squeeze as she tucked it down between my legs. Pinning the nappy expertly in place, she pulled up my baby knickers and helped me to my feet, giving me a fond pat on my padded bottom. I got dressed, getting my trousers on over the bulky nappy with some difficulty, feeling considerably relieved when she said “ We can’t have you waddling home like that, can we. I’ll take you back in the car, don’t worry” I thanked her gratefully, and, after a cup of tea and a delightful chat which confirmed my hope that our relationship was to continue, we got back into her car and I gave her directions to my place. On the way, time and the cup of tea had their effect and I wanted to pee so, when we arrived and got out, on the pretext of pointing out a few things about the unit and surrounds, I stood and let the pee flow into my nappy. When I had finished, I turned to go inside, asking if she would like to come in for a little while. When she answered with a little smile “I think I’d better, don’t you?” I realised that she had been fully aware what I had been doing , and led the way with growing delight. As soon as the front door was closed she stopped me and asked sternly if I had wet my nappy again and if I realised what a naughty baby I was to do it so soon again. I admitted that I was wet and obediently got undressed again. Waddling ahead of her with thighs forced apart by the wet nappy and knickers crinkling noisily to her delight, I led the way to my bedroom and spread a changing mat out on the bed. Lying back on it when she directed me to, she pulled down my knickers and unpinned the nappy, telling me again what a naughty baby I was as she pulled the saturated towelling out between my legs from under my bottom. She looked around and, seeing a chair over by the wall, went over to it and sat down. “Come and take this wet nappy and put it on the changing sheet and come back over here to me” I did as she said, shuffling with my baby knickers around my ankles and returning, stood in front of her wondering what was to come next. I was not left in doubt for long. “Right, you naughty baby, bend down here over my lap and learn what babies who wet their nappies get from their Mummies when they are cross” With rising excitement, and a corresponding stiffening of my cock, I did as I was told, ending with my now swollen penis trapped delightfully between her thigh, which was bare as she had hitched up her dress, and my belly. The first smack, when it came, took me by surprise on a relaxed and soft buttock and, still being wet from my nappy, stung fiercely . So did the next, even though I was ready for it but when, after warming my bottom with a number of hard smacks, she picked up a hairbrush and started to spank my bare bottom with that, I had to bite on my lip to stop from crying out. On the other hand I became aware that the stinging of my bottom coupled with the involuntary jerking of my hips and her thigh had resulted delightful friction on my rock hard cock which was rapidly reaching a climax. The next smack, directed under the curve of my buttocks causing an automatic jerk forward in a vain attempt to escape the burning sting, was the trigger and my cum jetted from a throbbing penis mostly on to her bare thigh and dribbling down to the floor. Although she had cried out when she felt the first warm spurts of cum hit her thigh, she hadn’t moved and had stopped spanking my bottom and had even started to stroke it soothingly as my now spent cock softened.[Soft Break]I got up slowly, then bent forward and kissed her with deep gratitude and love. To my great delight, the kiss was returned and I felt that things could get no better. I was wrong. After asking where things were kept, she got another nappy and put it on me and fresh baby knickers, chatting all the while in baby talk then, taking me to the lounge sat down on the sofa and pulled me, face up , over her lap. I looked up and watched as she undid her blouse and, pulling aside her bra, brought out a gorgeously full breast tipped with a long and turgid nipple. I lifted my head and took the cherry red teat into my eager mouth. I sucked hard and heard her gasp as she pulled my head harder into the firm flesh of her breast. After sucking awhile, I bit down gently on her nipple and heard her groan throatily and felt her pull my head in to her breast again. After a little more sucking, harder than before, I was rewarded with a taste of her milk which, even though it was a bit bitter gave us both considerable pleasure and I knew, now, that things could definitely not be better than this.

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