This is a short story of me being spanked like a baby and my quilt fetish.

When I was a child I used to have accidents in my pants so my mum used to put pads in my pants,I think this is where I got my quilt fetish this is my story.
When i came home from school my mum was waiting for me and she had her friend with here, my mum said to me have you had a good day at school have you been behaving yourself I said yes, she replied I have had the headmistress on the phone and said you have been rude and naughty and wet in your pants. She said get here now if you don’t you will get a double spanking my face turned red with embaressment,so I reluctantly got closer she grabbed me pulled my trousers down and pulled my pants down to my ankles put me over her knee and said you are going to get your bottom spanked till it’s red raw she spanked me with her bare hand and said your lucky I’m not going to use the wooden spoon,I started kicking my legs and said I was sorry mummy and I
won’t do it again she told me to strip off. My mum said that her friend is going to look after you this weekend and said she will spank you if you are naughty then she showed her where mum kept the nappies ready for my bedtime, I was so embarrassed. My mum told me to goto my room with a sore bum so I went in my room and my willy was getting hard so I took out the quilt out of the quilt cover it was made of
cotton I folded it length ways in a shape of a tube and laid on it folding it over my sore bum rubbing it and I started masturbating on my quilt I was so turned on,then all of a sudden my baby sitter came in she was so pretty my willy was so stiff she said what are you doing I said nothing she knew what I was doing and said I am going to teach you not to play with yourself she laid the quilt over her lap and pulled me over her lap and started to spank she spanked me so hard and she said from now on you will call me mummy. I said whatever that was a mistake she told me to stand by the wall and she went downstairs she came back with the wooden spoon and spatula and a few nappies I said what are you going to do she said your see she grabbed me pulled me against her body and spanked me with wooden spoon and then with the spatula my bum was so sore she said your will be glad when I put a soft nappy on you I am going to treat you like a baby as your punishment. When she had finished spanking she laid me on my quilt slid a nappy on me then she folded the nappy over my willy securing it on tightly and said you are going to stay in nappies all weekend and you will wee in your nappy like a baby,tomorrow we are going shopping for a dummy and baby bottle and dress you in a quilted baby grow as you like it so much. That night she took me to my room stripped me and put the dummy in my mouth,I spat it out mummy said right bend over you naughty baby she bent me over the bed and started spanking my bum till I cried and she said I hope you have learnt your lesson I said yes mummy she laid me on the nappy and fastened it tightly on me and then she said sit on my lap she undone her bra and said I am going to breastfeed you suckle on my nipple baby Gary. I didn’t dare argue as I started suckling I felt her milk in my mouth when I finished she laid me in my quilted bed kissed me on the lips and said goodnight.

Next morning my babysitter came in and woke me up she pulled back my quilt and felt my nappy it was full of wee I was shocked she said has baby wet his nappy mummy is going to bath you and then I am going to spank you then put a clean nappy on then have breakfast she put me in the bath she started rubbing my legs and then wash my balls and willy it turned me on I was getting aroused when she had finished she stood me up in the bath made me face the wall and then she started spanking my wet bottom and said don’t even think about it she took me out of the bath and laid me on my soft quilt and then lifted my legs up and slid a nappy onto my bum and rubbed babytalc on my willy and then fastened my nappy and then I was spoon fed like
a baby she then said we are going shopping and if you need to go to the toilet you will go in your nappy like a baby do you understand me baby I said yes mummy. We went in to town and bought a dummy and a baby bottle and went and bought a white frilly cot bumper I must admit it felt really nice she made me pay for them. She said that was part of your punishment. I needed a wee I tried to hold it in I said to mummy I need to go toilet she replied you know what you have to do I couldn’t hold it any more and I wet my nappy my face went red and I felt my wee in my nappy it was a nice warm feeling and it started to bulge mummy said have you done what I think you’ve done I said no she replied if you have lied to me you will be in trouble when we get home.
She took me to a baby changing room pulled my trousers down and felt my wet nappy she was furious for lying to her she said you are a very naughty boy wait till I get you home she spanked my legs and then pulled my trousers back up. When we got home she told me to take off my clothes I said why, she said don’t back chat me and then she stripped me just leaving my nappy on and said you won’t be needing these for a while,she told me to go to my room or
you will get more than just a spanking I want you to go and lay on your quilt and then wait for me so I did I laid on my white quilt waiting for my spanking I just wanted to get out of my wet nappy I was getting nappy rash. I waited for which seemed ages but was for 15 mins she said I hope you feel sorry for
yourself,she looked at my nappy she lifted my legs up and pulled it off she got the baby wipes and wiped my willy, balls and bum she noticed I had not wiped my bum properly, she said you are even naughtier than I thought, she wiped my bum clean and said you are going to
go over my knee and I will use the spanking spoon this was a large spoon she put me over her knee and spanked me telling me what a naughty boy I was WHACK WHACK I am sorry mummy please don’t spank me it stung she replied you deserve everthing you get I will teach you to behave
when she had finished I said sorry mummy I won’t do it again I know said mummy go and get me a nappy and your new cot bumper as I did mummy came back with a white quilted babygrow she said I made this last night I thought she wasn’t being serious she said you are going to wear this all day over your nappy. She put me on my quilt and rubbed talc and then rubbed cream on my sore bum I said thank you mummy. She then said sit on my lap baby Gary as I sat on her lap she took off her top and bra to reveal her pert white breasts, I was getting aroused again, I dare not get hard but I
couldn’t help it she knew she squeezed my nappy and felt my hard willy she just smiled and said go and suckle on my booby baby as I did I milk started drinking her breastmilk she said is that nice baby I said yes mummy she then took me to my bed I said I don’t want to go to bed now it’s too early she replied don’t argue with me she put me face down in my bed and started spanking my bum glad I was wearing my nappy and my quilted babygro so it didnt
hurt,when she finished she put me on my front and then kissed me on the lips tucked me in bed and gave me the cot bumper to snuggle up to.
When my babysitter went away I was feeling horny so I took off my babygro and nappy and started rubbing my willy on my white quilt,I was getting so turned on that I could feel I was going to come all of a sudden I came on my quilt it felt so good but I knew I was in trouble so I tried to clean the come off with my cot bumper most of it came off and I wiped my willy with it I fastened my nappy back up and put my babygro back on.
Next morning my babysitter came in and said morning Gary I said nothing I knew I was going to be in trouble she came over and pulled my quilt off me and said what have you been doing and don’t lie to me I said nothing she checked my nappy then saw the cot bumper scrunched up on the floor she said what’s that doing on the floor she picked it up and said why is this sticky I said dunno mummy,you are a very naughty baby she took my babygrow off and pulled my nappy off she said your nappy isn’t on properly she looked at my willy and could see what I had done she went away and then came back with babywipes I thought she was going to spank me she told me to stand up she wiped my willy clean,then she spanked my bum cheeks really hard
it stung that’s for lying to me you naughty boy then she grabbed my arm and she spread her legs pulled me to her body and pulled me over her leg and trapped me with her other leg you are going to get a sound spanking I said please no mummy she got the spanking spoon and spanked each bum cheek till it was red raw. I started crying she replied you are a true baby I told you I was going to teach you a lesson your never forget she then stood me up and said go and get the cot bumper I picked it up I was still naked rubbing my sore bum she said come here as I did she slapped each bum cheek and said you are going to wash your stained cot bumper and don’t think about rubbing your bum,she took me to the sink and I washed my cot bumper,mummy said your real mummy is coming back today shall I tell her what a naughty boy you have been, I said please no, I will be good I promise right she said once you have washed your bumper put it in the tumble dryer and then go back to your room. As I went back to my room she was standing in my room with a nappy in her hand she said lay on the bed face down when I did she started rubbing my bum with cream and said I hope this will be the last time I do this I could feel the soothing cream being rubbed in then she turned me over and lifted me my legs and slid a nappy underneath and put talc on my willy and fastened the nappy and put me in my normal clothes.

In the afternoon my real mummy came home and said have you benn a good boy, I said yes mum, mum told me she wanted to talk to the babysitter on her own and to go to my room so off I went a few moments later she said I hope he has been good she said he had a few accidents and I had to put him a few nappies she went oh right. My mum asked me to come downstairs and said did you have a few accidents I said no mum,mum replied I am going to ask you again have you been wetting I said no! don’t shout at me Gary so your babysitter is lying is she well? I would rather believe her than you she said take your trousers down and saw my nappy so you have been wetting and started spanking me and she said do not lie to me you naughty boy after a while she pulled my nappy do.wn and spanked me really hard I was begging her to finish, When mum had finished she stood me up and then spoke to the babysitter and said would you like to have a go she replied ok. I started protesting she grabbed me pulled me towards her body and started spanking my bum I started wriggling she said stay still my mum got the spanking spoon and spanked I had tears in my eyes.She took me upstairs after a while I heard my mum talking to my babysitter and said sorry he has been naughty is their anything I can do for you,my babtsitter said em there is one thing you can do for me but it’s a bit embarrasing mum said whatever it is I wont judge ok then she said I quite like the spanking I wouldn’t mind being spanked myself mum said ok.I will
do that for you I had to have a look she slowly took off her top and bra showing her pert breasts then she took down her skirt and panties,then she laid over mum’s lap she was completely naked she had a really nice bum I was getting hard I got my cot bumper and started masturbating on it while my my mum was rubbing and spanking her bum she was really enjoying it I could hear her moan I coouldn’t help but come in my bumper,
When they had finished mum said I hope you enjoyed that if you want to look after Gary again you can have the same treatment she said great. My mum went upstairs I quickly hid the bumper and sat on my bed mum said get off the bed and get your bumper I said I don’t know where it is mum I won’t askyou again where is it get it now. I reluctantly got it and gave it to her,Gary I i know what you have been doing my face turned red she said what is this on
your bumper,you are going to get another spanking . Mum told me to lay on the bed then she went downstairs it seemed like ages she came back with a nappy she lifted my legs to expose my sore red bum then she spanked me with her hands glad it wasn’t the spoon I think she knew I suffered enough,then she put the nappy underneath put my legs down and wrapped the nappy between my legs and fastened it securely.

That is my story I still have my quilt fetish and I have two bumpers that I like to rub myself with my quilt and bumpers and like wearing nappies.

by adult Baby Gary

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