Hello Nanny Betty,

This is Charlotte from Amsterdam again. I told you that I might write a story about my visit to you for prissys-sissies.com. And I did. Prissy will publish in a month or so. I’ve added your website, though I am not sure Prissy will include that. Hope this is okay. I’ve talked about our session with several online sissy friends, they might contact you for a session too.

If you want, you can put it on your website as well. The English isn’t perfect, I know. And yes, it’s fiction.

(based on an actual visit to Nanny Betty, www.adultbabyworld.co.uk)

I lay on my back, sucking on my pacifier like there was no tomorrow. I felt the clamps pulling on my nipples. My babydoll was pulled up. My plastic panties were pulled down. A husky female voice said: ‘Where is that sissy clitty? I can’t find it. It’s so tiny. Just where is that sissy clitty in that big fluffy diaper?’ First, I heard the buzzing sound. Then I felt the dildo on my diapers. It started way up, working it’s way down my well-diapered crotch. The vibration was almost unbearable. ‘Little Charlotte can now do creamies in her diapers’, the voice said.
The dildo was still going down, very slowly. Then, she hit jackpot. ‘Oooh, there it is! Here is the little clitty!’ I stopped sucking. I started panting. The vibration on my diaper, ìn my diaper, felt so overwhelmingly good.
I looked up. Two enormous breasts were hanging right before my eyes. ‘Go ahead, little sissy’, another husky voice said. A big nipple entered my hungry mouth. From below, I heard: ‘I can feel the creamies coming!’

Flashback. A few hours prior to this magnificent moment, I was standing nervously on the doorstep of a house in the outskirts of a big city. I pressed the doorbell and heard the promising click-clack of stiletto heels coming to the door. A ravishing beauty, with dark long hair and fiery red lipstick on her lucious lips, opened. She was wearing a very tight black silk blouse and an equally tight black skirt with a huge split. I could almost make out the nipples of her enourmous breasts in that tight blouse. And yes, she wore two killer black patent leather Christian Louboutin heels. She looked me up and down, smiled and let me in. When she walked in front of me, because of the split in her skirt I could see she was wearing black stockings and suspenders.
A huge black leather couch stood in the living room. ‘I’m Nanny Betty. Please sit down.’ I sat down on the edge of the couch. My throat was dry. I felt pressure on my bladder. This was what I wanted – to be babied by a stern nanny, dressed the exact way Nanny Betty was dressed. But I was also very nervous. Afraid, almost.
Nanny Betty walked closer to me. I had to look up to see her face. And her breasts. Oooh, to feel those soft globes… But no. I knew already that would be out of the question. Nanny was very clear on the phone: No touching.
‘Well, Charlotte. I know you want to be called Charlotte. Tell me what you came here for.’ I wanted to speak, but my throat was too dry. Nanny got up, walked to the kitchen and brought a tall glass of water. I could see her magnificent behind swing left and right when she walked, the tight skirt hugging her hips.
‘No, finish the whole glass’, she said when I tried to speak after one sip. ‘Now then’. I told Nanny Betty about my fantasy, to be dressed in the sissiest dress possible. Wearing a bra with falsies underneath. Wearing stockings, suspenders, a garter belt. And wearing a huge, thick, fluffy nappy. I wanted to be spoonfed, I wanted to drink from a baby-bottle. I wanted to watch myself in a tall mirror. Curtsey. Skip. Pull up my skirt, watch my diapered bottom and crotch. I wanted to play baby-games, make gurgling noises instead of speaking. I wanted to be spanked, and have a buttplug shoved between my red buttocks.
‘Oh, and I want to watch big tit videos on that big screen over there. I brought some dvds’. I lust after enormous breasts. Next to my baby clothes and diapers in my nursery at home, I have a huge stack of big tit dvds. I love to drool with my pacifier in my mouth, watching all those breasts and nipples.

Nanny nodded while I spoke and sat down next to me. ‘We are going to make your dream come true, Charlotte’, she said with a warm smile. I smiled too. Then I heard some noise upstairs, Was someone else here? Who? What?
I heard someone in heels come down the stairs. I looked behind me, and saw an equally beautiful woman walking in my direction. A brunette, with immaculate make-up, red lips and even bigger breasts than Nanny Betty. She wore a white silk blouse, with a plunging neckline. When she walked on her 7-inch heels, it was like her breasts were floating on water. She also wore a tiny black leater mini-skirt, that couldn’t hide her black stockingstops and suspenders.
‘This is Aunty Amy’, Nanny Betty said. ‘I asked her to come ‘round, because she looooves to breastfeed little sissies’. I swear, I almost came in my jeans right then and there.
‘But first’, Nanny Betty said in a stern voice, ‘I don’t know where you got those hideous boy clothes, but you best take ‘em off as quickly as possible.’ I wasted no time taking off my shirt, pants, shoes and socks. I wore pink silk panties, that couldn’t hide my excitement. Nanny Betty and Aunty Amy exchanged glances and burst out laughing. ‘Look at it, it’s so small!’, Aunty Amy said. I got beetred, and the little tent in my panties inflated.
Nanny sat down on the leather couch. ‘You understand you’ll get spanked for wearing boy clothes’, she said, looking real cross. ‘Lay over my lap, right now young lady!’
I did what I was told. Nanny pulled down my panties and without warning started whacking my behind. Ten, twenty, thirty times! Tears filled my eyes. These women meant business!

When Nanny was done, tears were streaming down my face. ‘Oooh, is little Charlotte crying?’, Aunty Amy said. ‘You better follow me upstairs then. I can make your little bum feel a little better.’ I walked behind Aunty up the stairs, getting a good look of her superbe behind, swining in front of me. I felt a tingle in my clitty. But the warm glow of my butt was more dominant.
Upstairs, Aunty led me into a big little girls room. Almost everything was pink, except for the giant crib, the high chair and the big tv-screen. Aunty told me to lay face down on the plastic sheet on the bed, grabbed a pair of rubber gloves and a bottle of lotion and after she put on the gloves, she started to rub my very painful behind. ‘You’re in pain, darling?’ She asked. I nodded. ‘Oh, this is nothing. Wait until Nanny is really mad at you. You better do everything we say, or else….’ The cream cooled my buttocks. and after a few minutes Aunty Amy told me to roll over on my back. She walked to the pink closet, opened the door and I got a peek of a big collection of extremely sissy dresses, with masses of lace, bows, frills and silk. First, she took a black garter belt and black stockings. When I had those on, Aunty grabbed a black buttplug. She took some cream, and shoved it between my still glowing buttocks. ‘There, all filled up’, she laughed. She then took two disposable nighttime nappies. ‘I heard you need some extra protection’, she said while diapering me. She then took pink plastic pants from drawer, with lacey frills on the back. ‘Isn’t that beautiful?’ I wanted to say something, but Aunt put a big pink and white pacifier in my mouth. The teat filled my mouth. There was a long pink ribbon on the pacifier, that tickled my chest.
‘Sit up’, Aunty said. I immediatly felt the buttplug sink in a little deeper. What a glorious feeling. From the closet she took a giant black lace bra. ‘You like big titties, don’t you darling. Well, we’re going to let you know how that feels.’ From the drawer she took two water filled falsies. ‘You are going to wear F-cup tits. They are the same weight as real women’s breasts.’ She put the bra on me and filled the cups. I felt the straps strain, the cups pulling me forward.
‘And now, for the dress.’ Aunty showed me almost all the dresses from the closet. They all looked magnificent, in pink, white, yellow and purple. She settled for a darling pink lace babydoll, with lacey shoulderstraps. ‘This will go nicely over your giant titties’, Aunty Amy snickered. I stood up and wanted to peek in the mirror, but Aunty stood blocked my view. ‘Ah-ah’, she said. ‘First, you have to wear this pink bonnet. And put on these pink ballet shoes.’ Aunty Amy looked me over, straightening my stockings. ‘No petticoats for you darling, we want to have a good look of your diapers and plastic pants.’ The baby-doll was way to short to cover anything, my black bra was very visible and pulled up the hem of hte baby doll even more. Aunty Amy handed me some pink lacey gloves. ‘Now turn around. Yes, that looks nice. Very nice. Very girly. Very sissy.’
She then stepped away from the mirror. I looked at myself. I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry. I felt weak in my knees. Aunty Amy stood behind me. I felt her soft breasts pushing against my back. She put her arms around my waist, supporting me. ‘Do you like what you see?’, she said, tickling my diaper. I could only nod. This delicate, extremely sissy baby, with her bulky diapers, her black stockings, her pink baby doll, her black bra, her pacifier, her pink bonnet, this was how I wanted to look, forever!

Nanny Betty called from downstairs. ‘Is little Charlotte ready?’ ‘Yes Nanny, we’re coming down’, Aunty answered. She took me by the hand and I waddled down the stairs. Nanny Betty looked pleased when she saw me. ‘What a prissy sissy baby! How sweet and dainty you look!’ I curtsied. ‘Oooh, look, what a beautiful curtsey! Such a pretty sissy!’
The rest of the afternoon was filled with me doing curtsies, looking at myself in the mirror, drinking bottle after bottle of sweetened milk, eating babyfood and all the while ogling the decolletés of Nanny and Aunty. When she caught me looking down her blouse, Aunty said: ‘You really, really are obsessed by titties, aren’t you darling?’ Nanny Betty stood behind her and put her hands under Aunties breasts. ‘Ooh, they are sooo heavy.’ Aunty turned and faced Nanny. ‘And what about yours. These are sooo soft. So delicious.’ They looked at each other, smiling, and fondling each others bosom. I sat on the leather couch, feeling my clitty grow. ‘I wish there was a real man here to really take care of my tits’, Nanny said. ‘Yes, that would be lovely’, Aunty said, taking the visible nipples between her thumb and forefinger. ‘Mmmm’, Nanny said. Then they started rubbing there breasts against each other. What an awesome sight! I hopped a little on the couch, making the buttplug push in and out. Aunty looked at me. ‘Isn’t this a lot better then watching dvd’s?’, she said. It sure was!

After some more bottles of milk, I couldn’t hold it back any longer and filled my diaper. The look on my face gave me away instantly. ‘Is little Charlotte doing wee-wee?’ Nanny said. ‘Then we better change you darling. Up the stairs, come on!’
I waddled upstairs, feeling Nanny’s hands caressing my inner thighs as I walked up. ‘Hmmm, so smooth.’ I was told to lay on the bed, on my back. Aunty Amy was in the nursery as well, with two nipple clamps in her hand. She pulled up my babydoll and fastened the clamps on my nipples. She pulled the little chains. It was painful and exciting at the same time. Nanny pulled down my plastic pants and loosened one of the disposable nappies. She felt the buttplug and pushed it in. I let out a little gasp.
Aunty Amy climbed up on the bed, and sat on my chest. Her skirt was out, I could see the black silk panties and her garterbelt and stockings. She took off her blouse, and then her black bra. Her breast were absolutely gorgeous. And big. The biggest I had ever seen, with dark areolas and erect rubbery nipples. Aunty Amy touched her breasts, pulling her nipples. ‘Hmm, feels soooo good’, she sighed.
Nanny Betty took a big white dildo with a vibrating head from a drawer. She explored my diaper, searching for my small, yet erect clitty. Aunty Amy lowered her breasts to my face, rubbing her nipples over my forehead, nose, eyes and finally to my mouth. I licked her niplles, then started to suck on one. Aunty Amy started to moan. ‘Yessss, little baby, little sissy baby, sucking on Aunties big titties.’ I couldn’t hold my creamies back any longer. The vibration on my diaper, the buttplug, the straining of my brastraps, Aunties breasts, it was took much to take. I came like a rocket, filling my already heavy diapers with my sissy cream.

After a while, I opened my eyes. I saw the smiling faces of Nanny Betty and Aunty Amy. ‘Well. How was it?’ Nanny Betty asked. And for the first time that afternoon, I spoke again: ‘Like a dream come true.’

hugs, kisses,


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