It had been a long time since the dominant women had regressed Tom and lack of use had rendered his legs weak. His body had become flabby and chubby much as a baby’s was. The two women decided that they must find a way to get Tom out in the open air for at least part of the day. An adult sized pram would have been a good solution but such vehicles seemed to be non-existent. A wheelchair was the best available solution and they set about finding what they regarded as the most suitable model. The one they found was not unlike the type used for toddlers, castor wheels all round, a deep seat with arm and foot rests. Tom was not altogether thrilled. Being taken out in such a vehicle could be problematic though if used merely to let him sit out in the garden it might not be too bad. His problem was that he could no longer articulate his opinions and if he managed to convey his feelings the two ladies ignored any protests he made.

When Sally got him out of his cot this morning she informed him that she was going to take him out to the shops in the wheelchair. He was bathed, dried and powdered with an abundance of particularly scented powder. His terry nappy came next covered by clear plastic pants, then a T-shirt and a pair of shorts which were big enough to cover his nappies but as they were not made for an adult baby the crutch was narrow and both pants and nappies were clearly visible down both legs of the shorts. With frilled socks and Mary Jane shoes on Tom was seated in the pushchair. His baby harness was already fitted to the sides of the chair and was quickly clipped on. His hands were covered in rather unyielding mitts and clipped to the armrests of the chair. Tom hoped he would be covered by a blanket but Sally decreed that as it was a fine day he should get the benefit of sun on his pale legs. Tom could not protest as it was just at that moment that she pushed his pacifier between his lips warning him as she did so of consequences should it not stay in position. Tom was resigned to his fate and sat with his bare feet on the padded foot-rests. Sally pushed him out the front door and, positioning the chair so that Tom could see the road (and be seen by passers-by) said she would be ready in a minute.

Tom was mortified to be pointed at by a teenage girl who passed drawing her friend’s attention to his plight. They could smell the scented powder and knew what it was. He was powerless to react and could only blush furiously. The torment continued when a mother pushing a rather similar chair warned her child that that could be him if he did not get control of his bladder. Tom’s blushing turned to tears which he felt running down his cheeks. He tried to move his legs to hide the protruding nappies bur could not effectively cover them. As he moved he became aware that he had wet a bit and realised that both the nappies and their state would be visible to anyone they met on the street – he was not looking forward to being taken out. At that point Sally closed and locked the door and came over to the pushchair. She put the nappy bag she was carrying on the tray under the seat of the chair, undid the brake and pushed Tom out into the street. Sally was looking very smart and as she walked the click of her high heels on the pavement was a regular distraction for Tom who, taking the line of least resistance, had closed his eyes and found himself dozing off lulled into sleep by the motion of the chair and the rhythm of Sally’s heels.

Tom woke and found himself sitting in the chair outside the chemist’s shop. Two ten year olds were viewing him and giggling, when Sally came out carrying a bag which anyone could see contained powder, ointment, lotion and baby wipes, they informed her that they thought her “baby” had wet his nappy. Sally didn’t have to feel under his pants, she could see, quite clearly, the stain of his urine through his transparent pants. Sally thanked them and told Tom that they would soon get home when she would change him. They continued on their way, Sally speaking to her friends when they met, Tom sucking furiously on his pacifier, aware of his predicament but unable to do anything to improve his lot. One lady came round to the front of the chair and chucked him under the chin telling him that he was a lovely baby. Sally retorted that he was just a silly little baby, with a silly little wee-wee man that dribbled uncontrollably so he had to wear a nappy. The pushchair, his clothing and now this verbal humiliation was just too much for Tom, he started to sob and, as he sobbed, the silly little wee-wee man dribbled more into the now quite sodden nappy. Sally rocked the chair back and forward to try to sooth him while she talked to the lady who had heard her verbally ridicule Tom. As his sobs subsided he could hear an arrangement being made for the lady to babysit him at the coming weekend while Sally and her mother had a night out. This was a worrying development – a strange lady liable to change his nappy in the course of the evening – but, as we have already noted in an earlier chapter, babies live in the immediacy of the here and now with no control over who does what to them.

Sally and Tom proceeded on their way and without further serious incident got home. Taking Tom out of the pushchair Sally laid him on the kitchen floor where she took off his shorts and plastic pants, commenting as she did so on how wet his nappy was. She unpinned it and cleaned him with baby wipes before powdering him and putting on another nappy and dressing him once more. She left him there while she dealt with the soaked nappy and came back in seconds with a bottle of juice. Tom sucked greedily and was just aware of being helped to his feet and taken to his cot where he fell asleep once more. The journey out had been bad, but it could have been worse. A dry fluffy nappy meant that he was comfortable, he would sleep, perhaps dream and, as Sally knew only too well, he would awake with a wet nappy. Happily her mother was coming over and would attend to that change while Sally got some much needed rest – the daily “round” was unrelenting but it did help that she was now able to get out without having to get a babysitter in to stay with Tom. The pushchair was going to be a big help to her and humiliating for poor regressed Tom.

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