Sally had gone off muttering about what a messy little baby Tom was. She had to go and change her skirt after Tom had wet on her knee as she was spanking him for having spilled his food by being stupidly clumsy. She had left him on the changing table – feet and arms attatched to the table’s restraints. He was lying on the clean nappy Sally had prepared to receive him after she had given him his spanking. Tom lay there, his nether regions totally exposed, and the moisture from the wipes Sally had used to clean him up was beginning to dry off. Totally immobilised all Tom could do was to lie and wait for Sally to return. He was emotionally drained by having been spanked and drowsiness began to overtake him, in seconds he had gone to sleep. He woke with Sally speaking to him in a voice that indicated that she was not best pleased with him and was telling him that he was nothing more than a silly little baby with no control. As consciousness returned Tom was aware of cold and wet under his bottom – he had wet while he slept and the clean nappy was now wet and would have to be washed. Fear gripped Tom lest the already angry Sally would spank him yet again and with no control whatsoever his bladder emptied yet again.

Sally remonstrated with him but the tones were gentler, telling him that it was good that he had wet as it would mean that the new nappy she was about to put on him would be effective for longer. Sally began to clean him yet again, folded yet another nappy and slid it under his bottom. She applied powder liberally and as she was rubbing it in noticed a red blotch on the inside of his thigh. The powdering stopped and a barrier cream applied to the affected area. The front flap of the nappy was being pulled up between his legs and over his tummy, joined by the side wings and pinned in position. Sally then produced a rubber gadget with hooks on each end and a central tab with yet another set of hooks. As she fitted the “nappy snap” in position, stretching the two ends over his tummy to catch onto the ends of each side wings and then pulling the central tab down between his legs to catch onto the front flap of his nappy she informed him that this addition would keep the nappy in position and it would look tidier when they went out. Tom’s attention was gripped when she told him that they were going out. He didn’t much care for being taken out, especially if it involved going to the shops where Sally insisted on having him wear the harness with reins so that she could keep him in check and not have him wandering off. On these occasions he felt that everyone knew that he was just a silly little baby wearing a nappy. It was worse if Sally stuck a pacifier between his lips and told him to be sure that it stayed there. Sally continued to dress him. Plastic pants over the nappy, then a pair of white tights to cover his legs and the plastic pants. This was followed by a blue romper which had a bib and brace front, poppers down each side and across his crutch. Black Mary Jane shoes completed his dressing. This was not his usual “going out” attire. A dummy on a ribbon was pinned to the bib of his romper and Sally popped the teat into his mouth, telling him as she did so that he looked like a lovely baby boy.

Harness and reins on, Sally got the nappy bag and put bottles of juice and of milk, a couple of clean nappies, plastic pants, powder, nappy cream and wipes into it and led him to the door. Fear gripped Tom. Surely she was not going to take him out walking like this. He needn’t have worried as she took him to the car, opened the back door and told him to climb in. Tom obeyed and climbed into the seat where Sally fixed the straps to ensure that he was safe to travel. The seat meant that Tom was highly visible to passers-by as they drove through town and out into the country. He sat very still taking care not to attract any attention from those they were passing. As they got further from the town he was able to look about him, there were very few people out on the country roads and soon they came to an avenue leading to a pretty house. Sally drew up at the front door and was just getting Tom out of the car when an attractive woman, about the same age as Sally, came to greet them. Hugs and kisses exchanged by the two women they turned their attention to Tom, Mary – for that was their hostess’s name – tickled Tom under the chin and planted a big kiss on his cheek, saying to Sally what a beautiful baby she had. Mary took the reins while Sally collected the nappy bag from the car and led the way into the house. Tom toddled through the hall and was guided into the garden to the rear of the house where Mary had put up a playpen. Tom felt more at ease, this was a secluded spot and, while the two ladies would be seeing him, the garden was not being overlooked by neighbours. Tom was led into the playpen and given a couple of soft toys to play with while Mary and Sally went into the house, leaving him to his own devices.

Tom stood up clutching the side of the pen. As he did so he realised that it was highter than he was and that he would not be able to climb out, he saw, too, that there was a wooden floor in it covered with a rug. He flopped down cuddling the rather nice big teddy bear that Mary had put in for him. He played with it for what seemed ages then he lay back and dozed off, soothed by the afternoon sun and the mild breeze rustling the leaves of the treesaround the garden. He had no idea of how long he slept or of who had covered him with some of the rug but as he woke he was aware that the rug was covering his legs and his body. Sally and Mary were sitting nearby having tea and he could see one of his bottles on the little table between them. He struggled to his feet, aware as he did so that, as always, he had wet his nappy while he slept. His movement attracted the attention of the two ladies and they came to the side of the playpen. Mary asked him if he had had a good sleep while Sally reached between his legs and gave his nappy a lift from which she was able to tell that he had in fact wet it in the course of the afternoon. The two ladies had a discussion and decided that they would give him his bottle of juice then change him. Tom was let out of the pen and, lying with his head on Sally’s lap, he obediently drank the blackcurrant juice that was offered from the bottle. It was refreshing and he drank it quickly. Sally sat him up and started to rub his back to release any wind that had got into his stomach as he sucked. Tom obliged with two big burps!

Juice taken Sally let Tom lie back on the lawn and started to undo his clothes to change him. Mary watched and passed things to Sally as the process went forward. Mary had folded a fresh nappy for Tom and, while Sally put the wet nappy into the lined compartment of the bag, lifted Tom’s feet into the air and popped the fresh nappy under him. She cleaned off his groin with a couple of wipes, applied powder chatting all the while to Sally. Their conversation ranged from nappies and nappy rash to what a silly little wee wee-man Sally’s silly little baby had. Tom was totally humiliated, it was bad enough to be the subject of conversation with a stranger and to be subjected to an al fresco nappy change but now here was this stranger looking at, and commenting on, the adequacy of his genitals. In his humiliation Tom’s pee-pee didn’t respond to Mary’s gentle application of powder, reacting only when Mary smoothed down the front flap of the nappy over the offending organ. Tom, lying flat on his back, saw the grin pass between Mary and Sally and, as the plastic pants and tights were put back on, the gentle stroke as each garment covered him his excitement grew. After the change was complete Mary sat beside him and drew him to her so that his shoulders were over her lap. She stroked his cheek with one hand and patted his groin with the other. The sound of her patting his plastic pants seemed to resonate to Tom but her caress and the feel of the terry towelling as it rubbed against his now excited organ dominated and the silly little wee-wee man squirted into his nappy. Mary gave it one final stroke then rested her hand over his groin as she continued to stroke his cheek. Tom dozed off.

He awoke as Sally was gently raising his torso from Mary’s lap and was saying that it was time for them to go home, The daylight was failing and as they went to the car Tom was reassured to think that, by the time they got to the town again, there would be fewer people on the streets and he was less likely to be noticed as they drove through. After he was fixed into the car seat Mary reached into the car and gave him a big kiss on the cheek and told Sally that she thought her big baby was totally adorable. The door was closed and they set off. Sally thinking about a nice afternoon out and Tom befuddled with a mixture of emotions arising from his day – a spanking for carelessness, gentle domination in taking him out, humiliation at the hands of a stranger while Sally and she talked about him as if he wasn’t there and finally tenderness from the stranger. It was too much for him to cope with and he gave up as he always did, falling asleep as the motion of the car carried him homewards.

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