Tom lay on his back staring at the ceiling. He spent a lot of his time like this able to look at his feet with their sissy white socks held up with blue ribbons or examining his hands with their matching mitts similarly held in place. He knew not to attempt to remove either of these as recrimination would be swift and sharp, he didn’t enjoy being spanked and sharp slaps on his thighs stung for longer than he liked. No, it was safer to lie on his back staring at the ceiling and made easier if he had been given his pacifier to suck while he did so. Time passed slowly but he had learned to forget about time, he no longer had a watch. When he was hungry he had learned to call out and his hunger would be alleviated by drinking from the bottle Sally offered him. When he was both wet and hungry he used a different cry, a wail which subsided to sobbing before rising again to let his carers know of his condition. A consoling cuddle while he drank the bottle before his nappy was changed brought reassurance to his shrinking mind, enforced babyhood had stripped him of more than his dignity, his intelligence had diminished and his ambition was drained from him.

Tom couldn’t remember how long he had been a baby. It was certainly weeks but as with the immediate time of day he had no appreciation of the passage of days, weeks or months. The here and now was all that mattered and as he waved his legs in the air he was aware of discomfort in his nappy. The wail had scarcely begun when Sally was at his side and, with his head in her lap, he suckled greedily on the bottle of warm milk she produced. It did not take him terribly long to drink the sweet liquid and then laying him gently back on the floor Sally proceeded to change him. She opened the poppers across his crutch which held the white onesie in place and eased the front and back tails of the garment up his trunk and away from the soiled garments around his lower trunk. Sally eased the blue plastic pants down from over the wet nappy he was wearing and took them off over his ankles. Next she unpinned the two blue-capped safety pins which were holding the nappy in place, eased back the centre flap and pulled the whole from under Tom’s bottom. Tom knew to ease his weight off his bottom so that this could be done. The soiled cloth was rolled up into a ball and laid to one side. Sally next got a clean, fluffy white nappy from the stack on the side and folded it into a neat kite shape which she slid under Tom’s bottom. She took some baby wipes from the pack and started to clean those parts of Tom’s body that had been under his nappy. It was soothing and Tom started to gurgle but he stopped suddenly when she was wiping between the cheeks of his bottom. She looked closely and saw that there was a bright red area round his groin – it was the nappy rash which was more or less inevitable when nappies were the order of the day 24/7. Barrier cream applied liberally and sweet scented baby powder rubbed in would see that Tom was comfortable after she had finished with his nappy change. The centre flap of the clean nappy was drawn up between his legs and the safety pins fixed the centre to each side in turn to enclose the “napkin area”, back on went the plastic pants, the onesie closed up with the row of poppers and Tom was clean and dry again and ready to sleep. Sally guided him into the cot, covered him gently and fixed up the side.

He slept soundly, waking only when the light in the nursery was switched on and brightness flooded the room. Tom moved off his tummy onto his back and as he did so the familiar wet feeling across his tummy made him realise that discomfort again prevailed in his nether regions. He mewled as he turned over, a sign that Sally would have recognised had it been she who came to the side of the cot. It wasn’t her, but a pretty young woman that Tom did not know who was looking at him over the side of the cot. She smiled at Tom and proceeded to open the barred side, she took the covers back and slipped one hand under the edge of the onesie and the plastic pants to see if Tom’s nappy was wet. Somehow her fingers went inside the nappy too and came in contact with Tom’s wee-wee man. She withdrew her fingers quickly but had felt that Tom was indeed wet. She proceeded with the change as Tom lay in the cot. As she cleansed the wet from between his legs Tom thought that her fingers lingered with the wipes in his groin, or was it his imagination? When the time came for powder Tom was in no doubt that she was caressing his sack and, although he knew not to interfere with the changing process, he could not control the erection that her attentions stimulated. Tom blushed red and redder as he felt the gently stimulation becoming more positive. He arched his back to respond to her caress and moved up and down in time to her strokes. Inevitably he climaxed and lay back, spent. He was only dimly aware as she cleaned his tummy and powdered him afresh before fixing on his nappy. He was asleep before the change was completed.

He next awoke with Sally and the stranger talking beside his cot, Sally thanking the baby-sitter for having stood in at short notice. Tom was aware of the younger woman saying that it had been a pleasure and that she would look after Sally’s “baby” anytime.

Tom smiled to himself as he closed his eyes and went back to sleep dreaming of the last time his nappy had been changed. With a dream like that who needed to stare at the ceiling?

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