Tom’s pouting bottom lip was quivering. Tears were almost certain to follow. His distress was due to the scolding Sally had just given him. He had been naughty but, having been told that he was nothing but a helpless little baby so often, it was not surprising that he had started to behave exactly as an infant would. Being wrapped in nappies inside plastic pants, being fed from a bottle, being treated as a toddler night and day had all had an effect on the hapless Tom. He now wet quite involuntarily, if he hadn’t a bib on when he fed he was liable to dribble down whatever he was wearing and the sharp smacks delivered when he was naughty had led him to the submissive state in which he now lived.

His latest misdemeanour had been the result of a mindless insistence when Sally had set out to change his nappy that “Tom is a big boy; big boys don’t need nappies”. Lying helplessly on his back on the changing table, as he now was, wearing a wet nappy which Sally was about to change – this patently was not the case. Sally had proceeded with the change and, having fixed the clean napkin in position, she had turned to get another pair of pants to put over it. Tom had pushed the nappy down over his hips and onto the floor insisting that “Tom’s a big boy….”. It was too much. Sally had remonstrated quite firmly with the infantile Tom and before she had pulled up the discarded nappy she had given him a firm smack on his naked bottom. Tom’s lip had started to quiver and as Sally pulled on the plastic pants she noticed that there was a visible wet patch developing on the front of his nappy – fear had made him empty his bladder. Sally hesitated then decided that she would not change him again immediately but would leave him for a bit. The tears began and, as Tom wailed, she re-fixed the poppers of his onesie across his crutch, helped him off the table and gathered up the soiled nappy she had just changed and told him to follow her. Sally went to the bucket and dropped the nappy into the disinfectant bleach the went to wash her hands. Tom stood by, tears on his cheeks and not quite sure what she expected him to do next. Sally dried her hands, dried off the tears from the repentant Tom and guided him to the couch where she laid his head across her lap and gave him a bottle of juice. Tom drank it rather too quickly but he was finding comfort in sucking on the teat, she withdrew the now empty bottle. Sally sat him up and proceeded to rub and pat his back releasing the wind that he had trapped in his tummy in his haste. Sally laid him down after she had eased herself off the couch. She covered him with a blanket and Tom settled into sleep.

Tom dreamed as he slept but he was never quite sure of what it was he dreamt. Was he in his pushchair or was he in the car? Were they at the shops or in the park? Was it Sally who was speaking to him or was it some strange lady who was saying what a pretty baby he was? He would never know, and to his toddler mind it didn’t really matter. Tom slept on without being aware of anything and oblivious to any discomfort that his wet nappy might be causing. His legs moved involuntarily and his thumb had found its way into his mouth and was being sucked as a substitute for the bottle teat he had so recently been sucking. His movements displaced the blanket and his legs moved more freely in the air. The wetness of his nappy could now be felt next to his skin, Tom continued to suck his thumb as he began to wake and as he wet the nappy yet again. The thumb came out of his mouth and he cried out. Sally came to her babyfied husband and as she approached he stopped his cries. Sally led him back to the changing table and guided him onto the rubber covered surface. She undid the poppers across his groin and pulled back the two tails of the garment. She slipped the plastic pants down over his legs and proceeded to unpin the wet towelling. It was damp where the pins were but really wet through his legs and up round his bottom. Sally pulled the wet garment out and put it beside the other in the bucket. She folded a clean fluffy one into the kite shape she favoured and slid it under Tom’s bottom. Tom knew to ease his hips up to make it easier to get the new nappy under him in the same way that he knew to lift his legs to enable Sally to wipe down his bottom and to powder him before fixing the fresh nappy in place with two safety pins. Tom was blissfully happy as Sally spread the powder across his tummy, into the folds where his legs left his trunk and on up through to the cheeks of his bottom. He was so happy that he forgot to insist the he was a big boy and didn’t need to be nappied. Clean plastic pants covered the towelling and the tails of the onesie were re-joined across his groin. The change completed Sally helped him down off the table once more and gave him a soft toy to play with on the floor.

Sally was busy preparing Tom’s supper and the meal for her Mother who was coming in to babysit Tom while Sally went out with a girlfriend for the evening. Sally’s Mother was a regular babysitter and Tom had become quite used to her dealing with his needs when Sally was out. When she changed him he didn’t have any sensual feelings as she handled his parts. When the girl from next door looked after him it was rather different and he got quite aroused. Sally was aware of this and now made sure that he had had relief before the younger woman looked after him. Sally realised that as he regressed further and further he was less likely to get excited but she wasn’t prepared to risk embarassing the neighbour’s daughter by leaving her with an excited “baby”to change. Tom was alternately playing with the teddy and tearing up a sheet of paper when Sally came with his supper. She indicated the high chair and strapped him into it, put a bib round his neck and proceeded to feed Tom with ……. Tom didn’t know what it had been as it had been put through a liquidiser and though pleasant to swallow had no texture to indicate what it was. Sally spooned the food into his mouth taking care not to follow each spoonful too quickly with the next, Tom ate well with only little bits falling onto his bib or getting stuck around his mouth. His next dish was sweeter but of the same consistency. Tom finished both and Sally then administered a bottle of milk. Tom was replete and ready to go to sleep but Sally wanted to keep him awake until her Mother came.

The doorbell rang and Sally, leaving Tom strapped in the high chair, went to answer it. She came back accompanied by a lady that Tom did not recognise but who was, in fact, the friend with whom Sally was going out for the evening. She looked admiringly at Tom and said what a pretty baby he was. Sally explained that her Mother had not arrived yet and how she had still to get herself ready for her night out. Her friend volunteered that she would look after Tom while Sally set about preparing herself to go out. Tom was released from the chair with the harness still on, and the reins were attatched to the harness. Sally went off to change her own clothes leaving her friend to entertain Tom.

They played “GeeGee” with Tom toddling ahead of his carer pretending to be horse and driver respectively. Tom fell down on his bottom several times and they were having fun. As she helped him up the tell-tale sag of his nappy showed that he was in need of another change, a probe with two fingers under the plastic pants confirmed that this was indeed so. The friend indicated to Tom that he should get up onto the changing table and she began to gather the requisites for changing him. Tom was reluctant but responded as the lady’s voice hardened. The process continued without incident until it came to the cleansing of his nappy area and the application of powder and cream. Tom got excited and each rub of the powder and cream into his groin further aroused him. His member was quite erect when Sally came back and quickly saw the problem. The two women smiled at each other and together set about stimulating the helpless Tom to come to a climax. Very soon he squirted across his tummy and with the release came collapse of his wee-wee man. Sally cleaned his tummy with a couple of wipes and her friend completed the powder application, fixed on the nappy with a soaker inside and readjusted his clothes. Tom was confused about this experience but relief had left him drowsy and, anyhow, what did it matter? He was just a baby and babies have no control over who sees their private parts or who does intimate things to them.

They took Tom to his cot and had just tucked him in when the bell rang again. This time it was Sally’s Mother who greeted both women then came to see the nearly asleep Tom. She tickled him under the chin and put up the barred side of the cot while Sally told her about her supper and about where she and her friend were going. By the time they dimmed the light and left the room Tom was on a journey to the land of nod.

When Sally came home her Mother left and Sally came to check Tom. He barely woke as she reached into his nappies but as he was still dry there was no need to do anything further and she went off to bed. Tom slept soundly and woke as daylight was beginning to show through the curtained window. He kicked and reached for the rattly toy fixed to the bars of the cot. As he kicked he became aware of the sodden mass between his legs, and of an itchy burning in his groin, and began to cry out. A still tired Sally woke and came to see what his problem was (as if she didn’t know!) and sorted him out for a new day. As she dealt with the soaked nappy she said to Tom “So you’re not really a big boy and you do need nappies” The irony was lost on Tom who had completely forgotten events of the previous day. Babies live in the here and now, neither knowing about the past nor planning their future. Part of the joy of being an adult baby is being relieved of all responsibility and of having no concern beyond the immediate present. A clean nappy and a bottle of milk would keep him happy until she had gathered her wits and her strength to cope with another day with her “baby”. She liked it that way and Tom had adapted to the lifestyle she had chosen for him. He would never be a”big boy”.