Tom was totally regressed. His behaviour was that of an eighteen month old child although he was, in fact, a forty year old man. He was dependent on his wife, Sally, for all his needs. She fed him mashed up food with drinks from a bottle and sometimes from a non-spill cup with a plastic top and a sipping lip. She bathed him, cleaned his bottom and changed his nappies. Nappies were a problem, Tom wet quite heavily and even the large terry nappies Sally kept him in were hard pressed to last the three hours her routine demanded of them. A thick, terry soaker was inserted at his last change of the evening so that he did not have to be changed between midnight and breakfast, giving Sally about six hours of unbroken sleep. It was not always possible as Tom would wake around 6am. and, if he had a bit of nappy rash and a wet nappy the stinging, chafing pain was such that he would call out waking her from whatever sleep she was able to snatch. If he had a bad dream he would cry out even although he did not understand what the dream had been about. He no longer cared about his babyfied situation, his routine he now accepted as the norm and provided he was fed, warm and comfortable made no other real demands of life.

Sally and her mother had forced Tom to regress so that they could enjoy total control of the swaggering male that Sally’s husband of twelve years had become. That was ten years ago. Tom had resisted but the two strong, and strong-minded, women had taken control of Tom and his life making him the mewling child that he had become in the course of the period of his enforced and extended babyhood. Instead of growing older he had grown younger. Initially he had resisted when they put on his nappy for the first time but by putting him into a set of hamess and reins while he slept and fixing his hands in leather cuffs they were able to complete dressing him as they wanted. He was kept in them until he used the nappies for their intended purpose. Terry nappies covered in rustly plastic popper pants, and a onesie with a row of poppers across his crotch meant that changing their baby could be done while he lay on his back. On the relatively few occasions that he tried to kick out as they undressed him ankle straps prevented any real leg movement. After the first ten days Tom came to accept his position and secretly rather enjoyed the experience of nappies2417, and of having no responsibilities in life beyond being co-operative with his wife/Mummy and her mother.

Now he was completely under their control. If he was naughty his bottom was smacked and he knew the boundaries of what was acceptable and what was punishable. Spankings were over one of his carers’ knees and generally with the hand on his bare bottom. If the misdemeanour was gteater a wooden paddle was brought into use and led to cries from the miscreant as he lay over a knee with his naked bottom sticking up in the air. When the paddle was used the pain remained longer and even the baby lotion and scented baby powder that was applied before the fluffu nappy went on didn’t relieve the stinging sensation and Tom would fall asleep snivelling into the pacifier that had been put into his mouth to quieten his cries. When he woke later the pain had eased and his tiny mind could barely remember why he had been smacked.

Morning bath time was a favourite part of Tom’s day. Sally would undress him and steer him to sit on the toilet which she always referred to as the “poffy” leaving him to sit there while she ran the bath to the right level and the proper temperature. Tom usually had a bowel movement at this time which meant that Sally did not have to deal with soiled nappies, only wet ones. In the bath the washing of his whole body was carefully done with special attention being paid to that part of his anatomy that was normally covered in nappy and plastic pant. Sally periodically took the opportunity of Tom being stripped in the bath to shave away any hair that grew on his body as she had found that a groin without hair was much easier to keep clean and so avoid nappy rash. She noticed that immersion in the warrn bath generally led Tom to emptying his bladder, She didn’t mind this, though she generally tried to have his face and hair washed before the golden pee dribbled into the water, as she knew that Tom had no control of his body functions and that the sphincter muscle of his bladder was completely out of his control.

Dried off with a big fluffr towel Tom was put into an equally fluffu nappy folded kite style and pinned at either side to fit snugly round his hips. Plastic pants covered it and Sally was always careflrl to make sure that the nappy was totally within the confines of the pants so that there was less chance of leaks. The onesie followed and then a romper suit or apair of overall shorts completed his dressing, both having either poppers or zips to make changing easier On colder days he was put into a pair of woolly tights but when it was wafiner he had white ankle socks and bare legs. Next would be a period in the playpen Sally kept in the corner of her sittingroom. Tom was given a cuddly toy but very often he would snuggle down and sleep at this stage of his day lulled by the snug security of his baby attire. This gave Sally time to deal with the considerable amount of washing her baby husband generated in the course of the day. Six or seven big nappies filled herwashing machine and there were always rompers, sleepers and socks to wash as well.

By the time she had finished this the toddler in the playpen was beginning to stir and make gurgly noises. Sally had found thatapacifier fixed into his mouth kept him fromshouting out but she suspected that, as a result of not talking, he had forgotten how to articulate. If she was ready she would take him out of the playpen and take him out into the garden if the day was fine so that he could toddle around for a bit before it was lunchtime. Nappies restricted the speed at which he could walk and running was almost impossible. He was quite likely to fall over as he went around the lawn and sometimes needed to be helped back to his feet. Tom enjoyed this part of his day, playing with his Mummy, but as time passed he began to tire and the sagging of the romper between his legs was a sure indication to Sally that the time had come for another nappy change. She quite often took him into the kitchen and changed him on the floor there, the poppers on his clothing making it quite possible to do this without removing any of his clothes other than the wet nappy. After changing him she would put him into the big high chair that sat beside the dining table and she would spoon his food into his mouth for him. Some would inevitably fall down his chin and onto the bib that experience had taught her was essential when he was being fed. A bottle of milk rounded off his meal and she would take him up to his mrsery where a big cot awaited him.

Sally would do a quick eheck of his nappy – two fingers slipped under the leg elastic of his plastic pants would tell her what she needed to know. Then she laid him down and covered him with a blanket for a nap. The side of the cot went up, the curtains were drawn and Tom quickly gave in to sleep.

After his nap Sally would come in and pull back the curtains. Tom moved in the cot, she could hear his plastic pants rustling against the plastic undersheet of the cot. The blanket had slipped to one side as Tom had moved in his sleep, The check on his nappy generally told her that he now needed another change. She did this as he lay in the cot and as she was folding the clean nappy he would lie and kick his legs in the air. She slipped the folded nappy under Tom, applied cream to prevent a rash developing and powdered him liberally before bringing the thick central part up between his legs and fixing each side to the central pad with large blue-capped safety pins. The liberal powder at the time was, quite apart from providing Tom with comfort, to ensure that her friend Ruth who was coming to tea would have the fulI benefit of the baby fragrance surrounding Tom. Ruth was well aware of how Sally kept Tom and sometimes wished that she had treated her husband similarly years before. Very often when the two met they would discuss how Sally had achieved the submissive child that Tom now was and the benefits it had brought into her life.

Tom sat quietly in his playpen while the two had tea. He had some building bricks, his teddy along with a muslin nappy that he liked to cuddle in one hand. Ruth had stroked his hair as she came into the room and spoken gently to him. He liked Ruth but was not ready for what was to happen that aftemoon. As he sat on the wooden floor of the playpen his nappy began to leak and he was soon sitting in a puddle. He called out in what Sally recognised as a distress gurgle and she looked over to see his predicament. Ruth, too, saw his problem. She volunteered that she would help Sally to get him sorted
out so that they could have their tea without having to worry about poor sodden Tom. Sally agreed and suggested that she would clear the puddle if Ruth would change Tom. Ruth agreed and took Tom to the nursery changing table. She stripped off all his clothes and the wet nappy leaving Tom lying naked on the table. He moved his hands quickly to cover his genitals but Ruth saw his problem and equally quickly strapped his wrists into the cuffs fiued to the table to keep hands out of the way. Tom was powerless but unhappy that this relatively strange lady was cleaning his bottom with baby wipes. Ruth was thorough but gentle and Tom found himself enjoying the cleaning process. His pee-pee man started to get firm as Ruth put ointment into his bottom and up the creases of his groin and as she gently rubbed powder onto his nether regions he was ecstatic. Ruth noticed his predicament and gently massaged his organ as it would have been very uncomfortable to have tried to fit a nappy over it in its aroused state. Ruth’s massage had the desired effect and Tom squined right up his tummy as he climaxed. As he lay back, drained, Ruth got a couple of baby wipes and mopped up his cum. Ruth folded his new nappy and slid it under his hips, fixing it securely and was starting to dress Tom when Sally came into the nursery. Sally suggested that Tom could go into his nightwear rather than have another outfit put on this late in the day. Sally folded up another nappy and put it on over the one Ruth had put in place and, finding an enorrnous pair of pants, covered the bulky nappies so that they would keep Tom safe until the late night change.

Tom’s footed sleeper was put on and he was taken back to the sittingroom supported and part carried by the two ladies. Walking on his own was out of the question as the double nappying meant that he was so wide in the crotch for walking to be impossible. Into the playpen againand the ladies resumed their tea. Tom was honified to hear Ruth telling Sally about how he had got excited as she changed him and how she had relieved him before putting his nappy on. Having ejaculated he was ashamed enough without this further mortification but this was too much and tears welled up in his eyes and began to run down his cheeks. Sally didn’t notice but continued to talk with Ruth telling her how she dealt with his excitements and how she no longer tried to have intercourse with the babyfied man she had married but gave him relief by massaging him at nappy changes. Hearing these intimate things being retailed didn’t help Tom, more tears flowed and it was Ruth who noticed the weeping occupant of the playpen. She took his muslin clothand dried his eyes then asked Sally if she could take him out of the pen and give him a cuddle before she left for home. Sally agreed and Tom was laid out on the couch withhis head in Ruth’s lap while she caressed his hair and neck.

Lying like this Tom was soon soothed and fell asleep in a seventh heaven. He was quite unaware of Ruth easing out from under him and he continued to sleep as she took her leave of Sally giving Tom a little kiss as she left. After Ruth had gone Sally brought Tom a bottle of warm formula milk; he woke as she eased the teat into his mouth and he sucked in the warm fluid. Soon finished Sally took him back to the nursery and put him into the cot. Tom was huppy to be there and ready to sleep. Sally wondered if, having slept quite a lot earlier, he would not sleep for very long but she also realised that he would not listen to a story for very long at this juncture. Sally went off to have her own meal and to make some telephone calls. When she came to the nursery just before midnight she found Tom still asleep. She changed his nappies without him waking and as she put the side of the cot back into position she was thankftl that she had given him a sleeping tablet in the bottle of milk before she put him down. With luck he would sleep till morning when a new day would bring a full round of the routine she had devised for the adult baby who had bepn her husband. He was much nicer as a baby tliat he had been as a man – she would keep him this way!
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