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The Story

All the male eyes followed her as she walked down the slope pushing the baby stroller. Her legs were long, slim and tanned, her feet balanced unwaveringly in the white stilletoed sandals and her hips, wrapped in the briefest white bikini bottoms, swayed slowly from side to side. All she wore on her upper body was a skimpy bikini top, the darkest of sun glasses and a smile that competed with the brightness of the sun.

As she neared the steps at the end of the path, a couple of young bloods competed for the honour of helping her lift the stroller on to the beach. She smiled broadly at them as a reward, before removing her sandals and placing them in a basket under the stroller. She pulled it effortlessly towards a thatched beach umbrella.

The sun shade protected the infant in the stroller as she turned it so the baby could see what she was doing. She spread out her towel and sat on the sun bed before applying a protective coat of sun cream to herself. Slowly and sensuously massaging in the lotion and blowing kisses to her infant. The baby sat strapped in to the wheelchair, unable to move its eyes from the spectacle in front of it.

When she was finished she lifted the baby out, laid it on the sun bed in front of her and massaged high factor sun block into her baby’s body. She leaned over and gently blew raspberries on its tummy, her long blonde hair tickling the baby.

“Now Trevor” she whispered, “I know you can hear me and I know you can understand everything I say.” She stared down into the baby’s eyes and a fearful look fleetingly flashed back at her.

“This is so delicious.” She said, tickling the baby and cooing at it as it lay in front of her kicking its arms and legs.

“What sweet revenge, you are totally helpless and I can do anything I want with you.” She lifted the baby up above her head and the look of fear returned to the baby’s eyes.

“I love my new body; I just hope you will be as pleased with yours.” She pulled the baby to her and cuddled it, patting its nappied bottom.

“I wonder if you have wet or messed yourself yet Trevor, it’s only a matter of time.” The baby began to cry and she cradled it against her breast, rocking it from side to side. The baby’s natural instincts took over and it tried to nuzzle into the breast.

She stuck a dummy into the baby’s mouth and held it there as the baby tried to push it out.

“You always were a breast man Trevor, that’s what got you into trouble in the first place.”

She laid the baby back down on the sun bed and tied a bib around its neck. “Time for your final feed of the special formula Trevor. Then there is no way back for you.”

She took a babies bottle out of her bag and removed the dummy from the baby’s mouth. He tried to move his head, but all co-ordination and muscle control had gone. The teat was forced into his mouth. The baby fought back the urge to suckle and his ex wife smiled down at him.

“Sooner or later Trevor, you can not resist.” And she began to stroke his cheek with her little finger. This was enough to stimulate the reflex action and he sucked the formula into his mouth.

“That’s a good baby for Mummy.” She laughed as he swallowed the milky liquid.

She carried on stroking his cheek and rocking him gently as he finished the contents of the bottle.

She replaced the dummy in his mouth and lay back on the sun bed. He lay on her front his little feet kicking gently against her stomach and his face nestling into her neck. She patted his back and whispered in his ear “This is what happens when you two time a witch”.

He woke much later hoping desperately it had all been a dream, but as he opened his eyes he found himself in a cot with a musical mobile twirling above his head. As he stirred a nurse appeared and looked down at him.

The nurse turned to her side and said quietly “Sandy is awake.”

She was joined by another woman.

“How could anyone abandon such a sweet baby?” the nurse asked.

“Don’t worry, if we can’t find her mother, we will have a queue waiting to adopt her, she’s a little sweetheart.” said the social worker.

Trevor lay there wanting to scream, but felt his mouth forming into a toothless grin and his little arms and legs kicked and waved.

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