Part 2 – Debbie has some less accidental accidents and David joins in

The previous evening Debbie had overbalanced whilst leaning out of a garden chair and had toppled over on to the lawn. The resulting bump caused her to accidentally wet herself and she went indoors to get cleaned up. David, once he had realised the Debbie had not hurt herself, had become aroused by her admission. He was even more aroused when he saw her standing indoors with a large wet patch on her knickers and “persuaded” her to have sex. Debbie eventually relented and then enjoyed the following session but was very cross with David for his method of “persuasion” and even more cross with herself for having enjoyed the rather rough and ready “seeing to” that he had given to her. After a while Debbie confessed that she had rather enjoyed some of what had happened and that she might, just might, if the circumstances were right, not object to another similar session but that this time the “accident” would be no accident.

They agreed that tonight was not the night, it was too soon. They chatted some more and decided that Debbie should signal that she was in the mood by hanging the skirt in which she had had the accident somewhere in the house where David was bound to see it. When he was ready, he would then move it up to the bedroom and leave it lying across the bed to show that he was ready to play. Nothing happened for several days and they got on with their day-to-day ordinary existence. When the signal came David did not notice it immediately. One evening after dinner there was a collection of shirts, blouses, etc. that Debbie had ironed earlier in the day hanging in the hall waiting to be taken upstairs. It was such an ordinary occurrence that David hardly gave the collection a second glance. It was only after the second or third time that he passed by that he noticed that “that” skirt was the item hanging at the front. As soon as he realised what it was there was an immediate response and he felt his penis starting to become erect. Trying to sound casual he asked Debbie if she would like the ironing taken upstairs and put away. In an equally casual way Debbie replied that it would helpful if he would but not to make a special journey. A little while later, when he was sure that Debbie would be bound to notice, he took the ironing upstairs and hung it up in the wardrobe except for “that” skirt which he laid across their bed. He pondered what to do next and then called down to say that he was going for a shower hoping that Debbie would put two and two together. By the time that he had showered, dried himself, found his bathrobe and wandered back to the bedroom Debbie was already there wearing “that” skirt and admiring herself in the full length mirror. He commented that she was wearing “that” skirt and she nodded then adding that she was also wearing the same bra, the same blouse and the same knickers. As she did so she dropped her gaze coyly and looked down at her feet and swished her skirt.

David could feel his erection making a comeback and moved quickly over to where Debbie was standing. He told her to pull up her skirt as far as possible, as quickly as possible. She obeyed immediately but nevertheless asked “Why darling, what are you doing darling” as if she did not know. David slipped his fingers between her legs and began to feel the crotch of her knickers. He found a damp patch immediately and told her to take her skirt off. He then told her to feel herself, she confirmed that her knickers were wet and suggested that she had better go to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom Philip asked Debbie if she was going to be a “naughty girl” and wet her knickers thoroughly. Debbie said that she was but only on condition that he was a “dirty boy” and watched and played with her whilst it happened. Realising that they were about to make a bit of a mess David grabbed one of the towels and dropped it on top of the bath mat. Debbie saw what he had done and positioned herself over the towel whispering in David’s ear at the same time “I’m going to wet myself, I’m going to wee in my knickers, feel me, feel me wee”. She bent her knees slightly so he could slide his hand between her legs just in time for him to feel the first drops wetting her knickers. Debbie instinctively checked herself and the flow stopped for a moment. David put his free hand around her, pulled her gently towards him and started to kiss her. It was enough to relax her and the flow resumed. This time there was no checking. It started as a trickle and then became a flood. David caught some of it in his hand and splashed it on to the front of her knickers. Most of it just went straight on to the towel, some of it ran down her legs and some of it splashed on to David and his bathrobe. All this time she was whispering and repeating “I’m being a naughty girl, I’m wetting my knickers, I’m weeing my panties” whilst David murmured encouragingly “good, naughty little girl and pretty wet panties”. Eventually the flow came to a stop and there was a slight pause, both wondering what to do next. David slowly pulled his hand out from between Debbie’s legs. His fingers were wet with her fresh urine. He slowly put each one in turn in his mouth as if sucking them dry and after the last one he traced gently over Debbie’s lips and said “Who’s been a naught girl then?” She looked first at his erect penis and then straight in the eye and said “I have, what is the dirty boy going to do about it? His instant response was to say “I think that you deserve a good fucking.” Without waiting for a reply he pushed her sopping wet knickers down to her ankles, took them off and dropped them on to the sodden bath towel on the floor, took off his bathrobe and used it to dry both of them roughly, handed Debbie a spare towel and pushed her firmly in the direction of the bedroom. They both wasted no time in getting there.

Debbie had only just started to spread the towel on the bed when David came up behind her, pushed up the back of her blouse and unhooked her bra. She straightened up and as she did so he turned her towards him. As she turned Debbie’s thigh brushed against his now very erect penis. She looked down at it and took hold of it firmly. Looking up again, but not letting go, she said very deliberately “I want this prick right up my cunt and I want it now and I want to be fucked into the middle of next week. Still grasping David’s penis she stepped back, sat down on the bed, spread her legs wide and pulled him towards her. As soon as he was close enough she took his penis into her mouth and ran her tongue around its tip until she tasted a little drop of pre cum. Debbie looked up and smiled and said “That tasted good. Now put the rest of it inside me.” She moved herself so that she was fully on the bed and started to play with her clitoris and to put two fingers deep inside herself. As David approached she pulled her fingers out of her vagina, licked one of them and held the other out for him to suck. With her free hand she grasped his penis again and said urgently “inside, inside, stop wasting time, your little slut needs to be fucked now.” Forgetting his original intension of giving Debbie an orgasm with his tongue before seeking his own satisfaction David let her guide his penis straight between her lips and into her vagina. Any idea of being a gentleman seemed to have evaporated and he was now only thinking of his own pleasure. He raised himself up and told her to unbutton her blouse, pull it wide open and to pull her bra up under her chin. He was aroused at the sight of her breasts trembling each time he thrust into her. He pushed in as deeply into her vagina as he could, he pressed down as firmly on her clitoris and pussy as he could, letting her take his whole weight. From time to time he asked “Is this what my little slut wants, is this what my little slut needs?” Each time Debbie responded by saying “Yes, yes” and “More, more”, by wrapping her legs ever more tightly around his body and moaning and groaning with each thrust. It could not last forever and David quickly found himself coming to a climax. Debbie sensed what was happening and held him as tightly with her arms and legs so that he had to struggle and fight to make those last few thrusts all the time whispering “Fuck your little slut, fuck your little tart”. When he climaxed it was total and he collapsed on to Debbie almost immediately breathing heavily and with his heart pounding. He had no idea how long he was just lying there but after a while was aware of Debbie wriggling and squirming underneath him. It dawned on him that he had been so intent on his own satisfaction that that he had completely neglected her needs. He made as if to roll off so that he could give her a finger fuck but she held on to him, told him to stay where he was and continued to wriggle under him. He raised himself just slightly she had enough room to move backwards and forwards and bring herself to orgasm. They were both exhausted and David rolled over on to his side bringing Debbie with him but with his penis slowly slipping out of her. David knew that he should use his fingers to give Debbie a second orgasm but somehow he did not have the strength and drifted off to sleep. Debbie knew that she should get up and go to the bathroom to clean herself up but somehow could not be bothered and also drifted off to sleep.

They did not exactly wake up at the same time in the morning but the stirrings of one disturbed the other. Debbie woke up to find that she was still wearing her blouse and that her bra was still pushed up around her neck. Her efforts to disentangle herself stirred David and he awoke to see Debbie sitting up in bed finally taking her blouse off. Being a gentleman at heart he helped her to remove her bra and then putting any gentlemanly thoughts to one side he started to stroke and play with her breasts. Debbie indulged him for a few moments and then pushing his hand firmly away said that she had to go to the bathroom. This made David realise that he had a similar need and they both rolled out of bed together. When they got to the bathroom they were confronted by the mess that they had made the night before. In a heap on the bath mat in the middle of the floor was the wee sodden heap of his bathrobe, her knickers and the bath towel. David picked up the whole lot and dropped it into the bath. Debbie made towards the toilet but David grasped her round the waist and redirected her towards the shower. Debbie protested that she needed to do a wee first but David said that she could do that at the same time as she showered and wouldn’t it be nice if they showered together. Debbie could not counter this logic immediately and let herself be guided into the shower area. As soon as they were there David put his arms around Debbie and hugged her tightly. We could wee together and then shower together he whispered. Debbie pulled back slightly and asked in tones of mock horror “Is there no level of depravity that you will not drag me down to?” David paused for a moment and then said “probably not” in a tone of mock seriousness. “Just as long as I know what to expect” she said with mock resignation followed quickly by “I am starting to wee”. As he had done the night before, David slid one hand between Debbie’s legs and quickly felt her wee running through his fingers. This time he cupped his hand, withdrew it carefully and splashed the contents over one of her breasts. Debbie was a little surprised and slightly shocked but this did not stop her allowing him to repeat the process and splash more of her wee over her other breast. David stood back slightly, lowered his head and started to lick Debbie’s breasts and to kiss her nipples. He then raised his head and kissed her fully on the lips whilst pushing his tongue gently into her mouth. As they pulled apart he whispered “can I go now”. The smile he received back told him all he needed to know. To begin with he could only manage a little dribble but after a few moments it grew into a stronger flow which he could feel running down his leg. Debbie felt it as well and gently steered the flow towards herself. “Your warm pee is running all over my pussy and down my legs” she whispered. “You are so very, very naughty and dirty” she added as an afterthought. Eventually the flow came to an end and, as David had done, she ran her fingers through her pussy fluff, then licked them, brushed them across her lips and then kissed him. As she pulled back she said that perhaps it was time to do a little bit of cleaning up, starting with themselves. She then turned on the shower and they spent the next few minutes washing themselves and each other and making absolutely sure that absolutely no nook or cranny was missed. They dried each other with equal thoroughness and then found something to put on, Debbie her bathrobe and David his reserve dressing gown.

They looked at the mess in the bath and decided that it all needed to go straight in the washing machine along with the bed sheets. David bundled it all together and took it downstairs to the laundry and got the washing machine going. Whilst he was doing that Debbie organised some breakfast. Their exertions of the night before had given them a healthy appetite and they tucked into a cooked breakfast with cereals, toast, fruit and coffee. Whilst they were clearing up the breakfast things the washing machine came to the end of its cycle. David put the second load in and some of the first batch into the tumble drier whilst Debbie finished putting the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher. They then went upstairs and Debbie asked David to help her to make the bed before they did anything else. That job completed David was about to go and look for some clothes for the day when Debbie asked him to come and sit down on the bed beside her. She announced that she was going to give him “a bit of a talking to”. His immediate reaction was to fear that Debbie had had some second thoughts over breakfast and that he was well and truly back in the dog house. The conversation, or more accurately her opening statement, appeared to be heading in that direction. Debbie said that if he had suggested to her a couple of weeks ago doing any of the things that they had done together in the last week she would have smacked his face as hard as she could, walked out of the house and initiated divorce proceedings. In the past week she had swung between total embarrassment and utter shame at what had happened to unashamed enjoyment and relish of what they had done together. However, as she had said before, it was hardly the behaviour that one would expect from a middle aged, middle class mother of three and grandmother of one.

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