Part 1 – Debbie has a little accident that has an unexpected outcome

One summer evening Debbie and David were sitting in their secluded back garden enjoying a glass of wine, reading the newspaper and watching the sun go down. At one point Debbie reached over the side of her chair to pick up another section of the newspaper. As she did so one of the chair legs sank into the lawn causing the chair to tip and Debbie to fall out on to her hands and knees on the lawn. The jolt of the fall was sufficient to cause her to make an exclamation and to her wet herself. David got up immediately, helped her to her feet and brushed some grass clippings and other bits of garden debris off her dress. He then noticed a damp patch on the front of Debbie’s dress and said that she must have spilt her wine in her lap when she tipped her chair over. David then noticed that her wine glass was still intact next to the chair. Debbie looked at the damp patch and in an unguarded moment said that she had wet herself and would have to go in and get changed. Then realising what she had just said she blushed bright red with embarrassment and headed indoors quickly.

David, slightly at a loss to know what to do next, paused to pick up the newspaper and collect the wine glasses before following Debbie in doors. He caught up with her in the laundry, next to the kitchen, where she had already put her skirt into the washing machine. She heard him come in and, without thinking, stood up and turned round to face him. David’s attention was immediately drawn to the large damp patch on Debbie’s knickers and was unexpectedly aroused by the sight of it. She immediately realised what she had done, blushed again, turned back towards the washing machine and told him in no uncertain terms to go away. He paused for a moment, ignored the instruction, came up behind her and put his arms around her. Her immediate response was to be very cross, to struggle, to tell him to leave her alone and to push him away. She found however that, as he had put his arms around her she did not have much freedom of movement. At the same time he started to whisper intimate and erotic suggestions in her ear. Debbie had a very clear idea of the direction of David’s thinking and relaxed slightly for a moment. Nevertheless she told him to leave her alone for a second time but her voice lacked conviction and she offered only token resistance as he started to fondle her breasts and eventually relaxed. She offered no resistance when he pushed the waistband of her knickers down over her hips, down her thighs and down to the floor. She might have even given a little wiggle to help her knickers on their way. When he told her to go upstairs she obeyed without demur.

Grabbing a bath towel out of the laundry basket David followed closely behind her and steered her straight into their bedroom. He lay the towel down on the bed, sat Debbie down on it and then gently pushed her backwards. Knowing from past experience what was likely to happen next she allowed her legs to spread out as she lay back on the bed. It was then that she suddenly realised that she had not washed herself properly since the accident and made to get up off the bed. She was just a little bit too late; David already had buried his face between her legs making movement difficult. She said “Stop it, you mustn’t, I need to wash”, but again without conviction; she struggled a little, but not too much. She felt the warmth of his tongue as he licked her intimately and relaxed. After a minute or so of this attention Debbie was beginning to feel a familiar warm inner glow and moaned softly to show her appreciation. David paused briefly so that she could wriggle herself into a more comfortable position. He rubbed his cheek gently against her still damp pubes and smelt her very personal odour before parting her lips again and running his tongue up and down, around and around her clitoris. Debbie felt the glow growing again and started to moan her appreciation again despite her best endeavours to hold back. The moans turned to groans, the groans turned to little cries and, try as she might, Debbie could not hold herself back from coming. A series of shudders ran through her body and she grasped David’s head holding it close in to her whilst she told him to stop. David responded by slowing the pace of his tongue and allowed Debbie to relax and to enjoy fully the sensation of her orgasm. However he did not move his head from between her thighs and, after a few minutes, once Debbie had calmed down and was lying peacefully still he resumed moving his tongue gently over her clitoris. She meant to tell him to stop but somehow the words never materialised. She knew that she was on the road to another orgasm and totally lacked the will or desire to stop it. His tongue was in exactly the right place, doing exactly the right thing and doing it at exactly the right speed and in no time at all she was in the grip of another orgasm, more powerful than the previous one, that was running through her body and causing her to shake from tip to toe. This time her cries turned to uninhibited shouts as she wallowed in her pleasure. Even David was surprised by the strength of her response. He would have continued with his attentions but this time Debbie wriggled away telling him that she was exhausted and could not come again and asking him to come into her as quickly as possible. It was only then that David realised that he was still fully dressed. He removed his shoes, trousers and underpants as quickly as possible and then knelt on the bed in front of Debbie’s wide spread legs. Before he had time to remove his shirt Debbie reached up, grabbed his fully erect penis and told him to get it inside her. With her expert guidance it was between her lips and deep inside her slippery vagina in little more than an instant. Knowing that it would excite him, Debbie cried out in mock pain, said that his penis was far too big for her, wriggled as if trying to escape and pleaded with him to stop. It all had the desired effect and David came to a great and glorious orgasm after just a few vigorous thrusts. He then had absolutely no strength left to support himself and slowly sank down on top of Debbie. They hugged, kissed and cuddled and eventually rolled apart.

David vaguely remembered removing his shirt and equally vaguely remembered Debbie saying that she was going to the bathroom. The next thing that he remembered for sure was waking up in the morning with the sun coming in through the bedroom window, the distant smell of coffee and the sound of a door being shut firmly. The bedroom looked a bit of a mess and he quickly remembered the events of the previous evening. He was about to get up when Debbie came in wearing a towelling bathrobe. She asked him when he was planning to get up. Her manner was rather aggressive and not at all solicitous. Before he had time to think of a suitable reply she sat down on the side of the bed and announced that she had a bone to pick with him. She then launched into a diatribe of how yesterday evening and last night he had embarrassed her, humiliated her, made her feel dirty and treated her like a slut. He had exploited her embarrassing accident for his own perverted sexual gratification and should be ashamed of himself and what did he have to say for himself. David was so taken aback by the turn of events that he had nothing to say for himself, not a common experience for him. He got as far as saying “I thought” and then faltered. Debbie cut in saying that she knew exactly what he had thought. He had seen an opportunity for sex when she was distracted and confused and had exploited it to his own advantage. He had not even allowed her the dignity of washing herself and getting changed nor had he undressed her or himself properly before satisfying himself at her expense. A cheap tart would have been given more consideration. David was even more lost for words now and there was a prolonged silence as she glared at him and he tried to avoid her gaze. The silence was only broken when Debbie giggled and failed to disguise it as a cough. David was not quite sure what he had heard and even less sure how he should respond. He looked up cautiously and caught her eye as he did so. The anger appeared to have gone from her face and although she was not actually smiling. Hesitantly he asked if she was trying to “wind him up”. She replied that she was not trying, she had succeeded in “winding him up”. The sense of relief on David’s face was clearly evident and Debbie leaned over as if to kiss him, allowing her bathrobe falling open as she did so. This was a deliberate tease and, when he responded as she had expected, she told him firmly to calm down and go and have a shower whilst she organised some coffee and a breakfast tray.

Rather than risk incurring her wrath again David made for the comparative security of the shower to mull things over. He emerged from the bathroom sometime later, wearing his bathrobe, to find that Debbie had brought the tray upstairs, placed it on the dressing table and was in the process of pouring the coffee. They each took their mug of coffee and a plate of toast and marmalade and sat on the bed to eat and drink. Although they made polite conversation there was still a certain tension in the air. After a while he plucked up the courage to ask if she was still cross with him. Debbie responded that she was not only very cross with him she was also cross with herself. She was cross with herself for having the accident in the first place and not being able to exercise sufficient self control. She was cross with herself for having admitted what had happened. She was very cross with him for exploiting the situation for his own sexual gratification and treating her like a slut and a tart. She was cross with herself that she had not been more resolute in fending him off when he first started to molest her. She was cross with herself for deciding to let him have his way with her to get it over and done with. She was very cross with him for bringing her to orgasm with his tongue, not once but twice, when she was trying her best to punish him by not climaxing. She was very cross with him for making her enjoy the sensation of his penis inside her and for giving her the best “seeing to” that she had had for ages. She was cross with herself that despite, or perhaps because of, being treated like a slut, she had in the end enjoyed herself and wanted to try the experience again. She was now cross with herself for being cross and confused.

It took David a little while to digest this catalogue of crossness and he was not quite sure what his position was. He assumed that it was “in the doghouse” and as a tentative step towards reconciliation he put his hand on hers and asked if he could explain himself. The offer was not rejected but Debbie told him that his explanation had better be a good one. He started off cautiously by saying that he had not seen her fall from the chair but had heard her cry out and thought, when he saw her on the grass, that she must have hurt herself. He would have assumed that the wet patch on her dress was spilt wine had she not blurted out the truth. He was more embarrassed on her behalf than anything else by the admission. It was hardly a dignified thing for a middle aged mother of three to have to confess to. He said that things only changed when he caught up with her in the laundry and she turned to face him. All of a sudden he found the sight of a very large damp patch on the front of her knickers and a glimmer of wetness on her thighs overwhelmingly arousing. He had originally put his arms around her as a gesture of comfort but his motive changes quickly once he became aware of his strong erection. He said that he would have stopped there and then if she had protested more strongly and had really wanted him to stop. Debbie said that she found that hard to believe but did not say it in an unkindly way.

David asked her why she had not resisted him more strongly and Debbie had to confess that by that point she was so confused by what had happened to her that she had temporarily lost the ability to think straight or the will do anything positive. She said that it was almost a case of “when rape becomes inevitable relax and enjoy it”. David was a rather taken aback by this description of events and protested that it was nothing like rape. Sensing that she had put him back on the defensive she followed it up by saying that he had tongue raped her twice and had followed this up with a full and very vigorous penetration. Somehow her words did not seem to carry conviction and David responded by saying that he did not remember hearing any protests at the time, if fact he seemed to remember receiving some active encouragement and help when it came to sliding his penis into her vagina. That just shows what a real bastard you are – you rape a girl repeatedly and then make her feel grateful for the abuse she said softly with a demure expression on her face. David was pondering how to respond when Debbie added that she would not object too strongly if he chose to give her a repeat performance at some time. Now that he was confident that he was not in nearly as much trouble as he had once feared David took the opportunity to lean over and give Debbie a kiss and to fondle her breast through her bathrobe. She allowed him to indulge himself for a while before pulling away gently and saying that any repeat performance would have to wait as there was shopping and a variety of other chores that needed to be done.

With that Debbie got off the bed, selected some clothes from the chest of draws and got dressed. David got the feeling that he was being teased with Debbie’s lingering dressing routine and that he was being given more time than usual to admire her naked charms and to see her walking around in her undies. He also got the feeling that restraint was the order of the day and did no more than admire the view. They attended to their respective jobs which for David included clearing up outside and filling in the hole in the lawn caused by the chair leg. At lunch time they decided to go to a local pub and followed that up by a visit to the supermarket and some other odds and ends of shopping. It was late afternoon before they got home again, had put the shopping away and organised themselves a cup of tea. It was agreed that it would be safer if they took their tea on the patio rather than on the lawn. That was the first reference of any sort that had been to the events of the night before since breakfast time. Even that oblique reference changed the atmosphere and raised the tension. Whilst David was wondering what he could safely say next Debbie spoke to apologise for giving him such a hard time that morning. David thought it wise to admit that he had not been very sensitive to her predicament last night and had been thinking more of his own gratification. Debbie then admitted that despite being angry at him having forced his attentions on her she had thoroughly enjoyed what had followed. In a bizarre way, that she could not really understand, she had even enjoyed being made to feel like a slut and a tart. Perhaps there was a “naughty, even dirty, girl” lurking under the respectable, middle-aged surface. David suggested that they should compromise, she could be a “naughty girl” for what she had done and he could be a “dirty boy” for having encouraged her. David paused for a moment and then asked her if she had really meant it when she had said that she would not mind a repeat performance and then added that it would be difficult to stage anything as spontaneous as what had happened in the garden the previous evening. They chatted about the possibilities and agreed that this time whatever they did would have to be blatant, brazen and deliberate but that it should not be pre-planned in detail, they should just follow the mood of the moment.

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