The Abduction

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was shopping in a supermarket about 40 miles from my home. I had selected, as nonchalantly as possible, several items from the baby products aisle and was placing a toddlers training cup in my basket when a young woman brushed past me, catching my bottom with her trolley.
As the plastic under my trousers crackled I looked at her sheepishly, sure that she would be aware of what I was wearing beneath my trousers. She looked at my padded behind in a curious way and carried on up the aisle. Relieved that she hadn‟t said anything, I took a packet of dummies from the rack, added them to the collection in my basket and walked on as casually as I could.

As I moved to the end of the aisle, the woman reappeared and stood looking at me, obviously waiting for me to reach her. I blushed and wondered if I should turn around and walk the other way, but she looked directly at me, smiled reassuringly and beckoned me with her finger.
As I walked slowly towards her it gave me the chance to look at her. The first thing I noticed was her size; she was much taller than me with a voluptuous hour glass figure. Her height was accentuated by the stiletto heeled, black boots she wore. She was dressed head to toe in black with a fine kidskin leather jacket open to reveal a beautiful silk blouse which struggled to contain her magnificent breasts.

Her dark hair was pulled back into a tight bun making her look quite severe. As she sensed my compliance, her smile widened and her beauty shone through; her dark eyes seemed to penetrate right through me.
An aura of self assuredness surrounded her, as if she was used to being getting her way. As I approached she couldn‟t help but see my flushed cheeks and she must have sensed my unease and intimidation.
“Come with me.” She said calmly and quietly, holding out her hand.
“Why? What do you want …” I stammered, wondering if she was a store detective. I knew I had done nothing wrong, but even so couldn‟t help but feel guilty.

She reached forward and took hold of my hand, pulling me firmly towards her. As I started to protest, her other hand grabbed the seat of my trousers and squeezed.
“I thought so!” she said with a laugh, “you‟ve got a nappy on.”
I looked around frantically to see if anyone had heard her.
“Just do as you are told or I will make a wonderful scene – then, everyone will know what you are wearing”.
The blood rushed to my head and I couldn‟t think what to do.
“Put your things in my trolley, quickly,” she ordered me.
She released my hand and I hesitated, wondering whether I should just drop my basket and make a run for it. I could see her take a deep breath as if ready to shout and I weakened.

One by one, I took the items out of the basket and placed them in her trolley. As the baby items went in, she watched with obvious amusement and „tut tutted‟ gently. When the basket was empty she took it from me and placed it under her trolley before holding my hand firmly and walking to the checkout desk.
As the checkout girl scanned her purchases the woman stood close behind me and squeezed the back of my trousers as if as to reassure herself what I was wearing, but also to remind me that if I didn‟t want my secret revealing I needed to remain quiet and obedient.

She noted my worried look and leaned over me whispering in my ear, “Don‟t worry, your secret is safe with me, just as long as you are a good boy.”
I stood in a daze as she packed her groceries and my items into the plastic bags and reloaded them into the trolley. It was obvious she expected me to pay and I did so without comment.
“Let me buy you a drink in the cafe.” She said.
“Thank you, but you really don‟t have to. I need to get off….” I started to reply.
“I insist, come on” she said dismissively and walked off leaving me no option but to follow. As we entered the cafeteria section of the shop she pointed to the one remaining empty table.
“You go and sit down at the table and I‟ll bring us something across.”

She had an air of authority about her and I meekly did as I was told pushing the shopping trolley across to the table. I resigned myself to an embarrassing fifteen minutes before I could get away.
She joined me a few minutes later, placing a tray on the table and waiting for me to move along the bench so that she could sit down next to me, effectively trapping me against the wall. She unloaded the tray placing a coffee in front of herself. All that remained on the tray was a small plastic container of orange squash. She took a straw and poked it through the cover before placing it in front of me.

“Thank you,” I said a bit taken aback that she had bought me orange juice.
“Would you like it in your new training cup?” she asked in a matter of fact way.
“No thank you” I responded looking around, sure that someone would have heard. Then added “… that‟s not for me … it‟s for my nephew.”
She smiled at me and put her hand under the table and on to my crotch, squeezing the nappy. “… and the dummies? … and the feeding bottle? … and the baby formula? There is no need to pretend, I am very broad minded. In fact I find it very interesting.”

I could think of nothing to say which just proved her point.
“Tell me, do you wet your nappy?” she continued looking straight at my face.
“No, never,” I whispered, “ … please don‟t talk so loudly.”
She laughed “Silly boy, no-one is listening, but I can talk much louder if I have to.”
There was a determined look on her face that left me in no doubt she was willing to carry out her threat. I was beginning to panic.

“Well why do you wear a nappy if you don‟t wet it?” she continued.
I could think of nothing to say, there was no logical reason.
“I‟m waiting for an answer.” She continued.
“I don‟t know” I answered truthfully, “it just feels nice”.
“I want you do something for me,” she said “wet your nappy for me while we sit here. Can you do that?”
“I don‟t think I can.” I said.
“Well you‟d better try hard, or you‟ll find I can talk very loudly indeed.” She watched my face as I tried to force myself to urinate, nothing would come.
“Are you wetting yourself?” she asked in a matter of fact way.
“I can‟t!” I whispered, sure that everyone around us could hear what she was saying.
“Well, you‟re going nowhere until you do.” She said forcibly.
The only way I could see myself getting out of this predicament was to pretend I had wet myself, so I grimaced for a few minutes before saying in an uneasy tone “I‟ve done it.”
“You‟ve done what?” She enquired with a grin on her face.
“I‟ve wet myself.”
“That was a very good boy. Now you can finish up your drinkie and we will go home and get you changed.” She said.
“It‟s OK, there is no need, I can manage myself and I really need to get off.” I said.
“Nonsense, I live just around the corner and I can‟t have you driving with a wet nappy, we need to get you cleaned up. Maybe I should ask this lady on the next table what she thinks.”

The woman was feeding a toddler sitting in a high chair.
“I am sure that she will agree with me that wet nappies need to be changed as soon as possible” and then turned towards the woman and was obviously going to start speaking to her.
“All right, I‟ll go with you” I said panicking.
“Good boy, come on then”.
She got up from the table and allowed me to get out. She pushed the trolley into the car park holding my hand as I meekly followed.
“Shall I drive behind you in my car?” I asked.
“No, come in mine, I‟ll bring you back when I‟ve changed you. There is only room for one car on my drive and there is no parking on the road.” She replied.
I followed her to the back of a black Saab convertible and helped her unload the trolley into the boot. She took out a rubber sheet and walked around to the near side door.
Opening the door, she spread the sheet on the beige leather upholstery and invited me to get in.
“Just in case you leak, we don‟t want your wee-wee marking Nanny‟s seats.” she said with a wicked grin on her face.
I sheepishly got in to the car. She took the seat belt and leaned across me to fasten me in. Her right arm rested behind me on the back of the seat and her face came very close to mine. The smell of her perfume filled my nose and her hair brushed against my cheek. Once she had secured the seat belt her left hand moved to my crotch and she squeezed the nappy. She turned her face towards me and kissed me on the forehead.

Before I could respond she raised herself up and clicked the childproof lock on the door.
“I can‟t have you jumping out when Nanny is driving can I?” and closed it, effectively locking me in.
She walked around the car in climbed in to the driver‟s seat, put on her seat belt and started the engine. I felt trapped and was concerned by her repeated reference to herself as Nanny. The smell of the leather and her perfume surrounded me. My hands rubbed over the rubber sheet and I realised I had no control over what was happening to me.
We didn‟t have to drive far. The car came to a halt on short drive in front of a small modern terraced house. I moved to undo the seat belt but the woman saw me.
“No, leave that for Nanny.” She ordered and my arms dropped back on to the rubber sheet.
“You sit there while I unload the car.” she instructed me.
I watched her as she got out of the car and unlocked the front door and made several trips back to the car until all the shopping was transferred. As I watched her, I was struck by how beautiful she was. Her immaculate, and obviously expensive, clothing covered her powerful body. Although I had some trepidation about the position I found myself in, but was powerless to escape.

When the last of the shopping was taken out of the car, she came round to the car door to let me out. Once again she leaned over me, this time pressing her cheek against mine as she unfastened the seat belt.
“You‟ll soon be out of that nasty wet nappy darling, come on.” She whispered in my ear.
I got out of the car and stood next to her as she locked it and then held out her hand for me to hold. I followed her into the house.
As we entered the small hallway and shut the door, she stopped and turned to face me, backing me against the door before locking it and removing the key.
She saw the look of alarm on my face.
“We don‟t want any of Nanny‟s friends walking in while I am changing your nappy do we?”
She stood really close to me and her body pressed against mine. I sensed her power and my strength seemed to drain from me.
“You‟re going to be a good boy for Nanny aren‟t you?”
“Yes.” I replied after a delay.
“Yes Nanny!” she corrected me.
“Yes Nanny” I replied.
“That‟s better and don‟t you forget it!”

She opened the door into the front room and pulled me through it. She lowered the
blind at the front window.
“You just stand there while I undress you and hang up your clothes.” She instructed.
I panicked and considered resisting, but sensed the power of the woman and realised it would be futile.
She slowly took off my jacket, tie and shirt, walking across the room slowly and deliberately after each item. She folded them and hung them over the back of a chair.
My manhood seemed to disappear as my clothes were removed.
When she returned her hands ran over my bare chest and stomach. I shivered in excitement.
She fumbled with the belt on my trousers and I moved to help her.
“No, that‟s naughty. You just stand still and do as you are told. Is that understood?” she demanded.
“Yes.” I replied and received a slap on the side of my face. It wasn‟t hard but shocked me.
“Yes … Nanny!” she corrected me in a stern voice.
“Yes Nanny” I responded.
“Good boy” she said softly.
“I am going to have so much fun with you” she said.
She knelt in front of me and her fingers worked on my shoe laces.
“Rest your hands on my shoulders while we take off your socks and shoes.” She ordered.
I lifted each foot in turn and then placed my bare feet on the wooden floor.
She then unzipped my trousers and they fell about my ankles. She tapped each leg in turn and I lifted them to allow her to remove them.
She stood up and took my shoes and trousers away, leaving me standing in just the nappy.
When she returned she walked around me, her clicking heels informing me of her slow and methodical progress when she was behind me. She examined me from head to toe.
“Left hand behind your back” she ordered.
She held on to my hand and removed my watch. “You won‟t need this anymore, watches are for big boys. You can wear this instead.” I felt her fasten something soft around my wrist and tighten it in place.
“Now your other hand behind your back.”
As I complied, she fastened a cuff around that one too. She then clipped them together. I tested my arms and found them securely restrained.

She walked round in front of me and stared at the nappy before pointing at the indicator strip. “That tells me that your nappy isn‟t wet. I hope you haven‟t been lying to Nanny.”
“Does baby want his nappy changing?” she asked.
“Yes please.” I replied and was rewarded by a slap.
“You have to ask me nicely and remember my name” she instructed.
“Please Nanny, will you change my nappy for me.” I replied.
“That‟s better baby. You stand there while I get it ready for you.”
She walked across the room and I watched as she gathered together everything she
needed. She placed a changing mat on the floor before putting on a long plastic apron and pulling on a pair of rubber gloves, snapping them into place.
She walked round to the back of me, placed her arms around me and pulled me to her. I felt the cold soft barrier of the plastic apron between us that slid smoothly against my skin as she moved from side to side.
“Nanny is wearing her changing apron and rubber gloves baby, do they feel nice?” She enquired.
“Yes Nanny” I replied quickly, anxious to avoid another slap.
She placed her hands on my shoulders and guided me across the room. I desperately wanted to resist but couldn‟t.
“That is your changing mat baby, kneel down then roll over onto your back.” She instructed me.
The cold surface was sticky beneath me and my arms dug into my back. She walked round the mat pushing my legs apart and kneeled down between them.
She undid the strips of the nappy and pulled it back.
There was a pause of a few moments before she exclaimed. “You lied to Nanny! Your nappy is bone dry!”
She grabbed my ear, twisting it painfully. “Get up” she ordered me, maintaining the pressure on my ear as I awkwardly rolled over and scrambled to my feet.

She guided me across the room and stood me next to a settee as she sat down.
“Bend over young man, I am going to show you what happens when you lie to Nanny.”
I couldn‟t believe what was happening. It all seemed totally unreal, but being nude with my arms fastened behind my back gave me little option but to comply.
She patted her lap and I reluctantly leaned over her until I rested on her plastic covered knees. She held on to my cuffed wrists and pushed them out of the way.
Without warning she slapped my bottom, a loud crack echoed around the room and my bottom stung. I let out a cry, as much from the shock as the pain. Then her hand descended again, and again, alternating cheeks and overlapping where she had slapped the time before. She slapped me until my bottom felt like it was on fire. I cried out and wriggled to get free, but she held me firmly and maintained her rhythm.
Eventually she stopped, but seemed in no hurry to let me get up. I remained over her knee. It seemed as though all my independence was seeping away and her dominance over me was growing.
“I hope I don‟t have to do that again,” she said quietly. “Nanny doesn‟t like to spank her babies. Say you are sorry and we will forget all about it.”
“I‟m sorry for lying Nanny.” I said with very little hesitation.
“Good boy, now back on the mat and I‟ll put on a nice clean nappy for you.”
I struggled off her knee and lay down on the mat. Once more she knelt between my legs and took baby wipes and rubbed them over my lower body.

One of her hands moved to my face and a finger pushed against my lips.
“Suck baby, suck Nanny‟s finger” and I opened my mouth to let it in, and sucked.
“You like this don‟t you baby.” As I opened my mouth to speak, another finger was pushed in. Unable to speak, I nodded.
“I think you like the feel of Nanny‟s changing apron too, don‟t you baby?” I nodded again.
“… and you love sucking on Nanny‟s fingers, don‟t you?” again I nodded. She withdrew her fingers from my mouth.
“So when you are good, Nanny will do nice things, but when you are naughty, you know what will happen don‟t you?” she asked.
“Yes Nanny.” I replied.
“Are you going to be a good boy and do as Nanny tells you?” she asked
“Yes Nanny” I replied.
“Good, now you can have a lovely clean nappy on”.
She pushed my legs apart and knelt between them. I closed my eyes in humiliation. Something cold fell on my penis and I recoiled. The sweet sickly smell of baby lotion wafted up to my nose and she slowly massaged it around my penis and testicles. I relaxed back on to the mat savouring the delicious sensation of her gently kneading my genitals.
“Lift up your botty for Nanny Baby.” She instructed.
As I lifted myself clear of the mat, she pushed a nappy under me and pressed me down on top of it. She pulled it tightly around me and fastened it into place.
“Up again baby, Nanny is going to double nappy you because these aren‟t coming off until you have soaked them.”
I hesitated a bit too long and was rewarded by repeated slaps on the inside of my thighs. I quickly raised my bottom and another nappy was pushed underneath. Again she pressed me down and fastened the second nappy in place. The bulk was now really obvious between my legs and I was unable to push them together.
“Now for your lovely panties, they are all pink, silky and lacey on the outside and lovely soft plastic on the inside. Feel them baby.” She repeatedly dragged them across my face.

“Please don‟t make me wear these Nanny” I pleaded. “I‟ve already got two nappies on and I really have to go home now.”
She then forced them over my head and pushed down the plastic over my mouth and nose, making it difficult for me to breathe.
“Do you want me to leave them on your face? Or would you like them on top of your nappies? And remember to ask me properly.” she warned releasing the pressure so that I could reply.
“Please Nanny, I would like the panties on top of my nappies.”
“That‟s better, you have to learn not to question me, remember Nanny knows best.”
She removed the pants from my head, raised my feet and threaded them through the legs of the pants, they rustled as she pulled them up and I lifted my bottom to enable her to pull them into place.
“Nearly done Baby.” She said.
She pulled at the waist of the plastic pants and I felt them tightening around me. I looked down to see her snap a padlock through a chain at the waist of the pants.
She saw my quizzical look and clarified “Nanny controls everything you do darling, even down to your wee-wee‟s.”
She then turned round and secured cuffs around my ankles and heard a click as they were locked together.
“Roll over onto your tummy” she ordered me.
As I complied she pulled my ankles up towards my bottom and fastened the wrist restraints to those around my ankles. That done, she pulled me over on to my side.
She knelt directly in front of me, her rubber gloved hand began to stroke my cheek. Her other hand held a very large dummy which she pushed towards my face.
“Look, this is so much nicer than those silly little ones you bought, and it even has a pretty pink ribbon on it. Open up for Nanny.” She instructed.
I knew I would get a slap if I didn‟t, so I slowly and reluctantly complied, allowing her to push the enormous teat into my mouth. She wrapped the ribbons around my neck and threaded them back through the ring of the dummy before tying it in a large double bow.
“Suck it baby, suck your dummy!” she ordered me.
She laughed as I complied “That‟s better, now you are getting the idea”
“One last thing, just in case you dribble.” She held up a large terry towelling bib that was backed in plastic and fastened it in place around my neck.

“Now baby, welcome to your new life and your new home!”
Directly in front of me was a dressing mirror, angled downwards so that I could see my reflection. I looked in horror at the figure in the mirror. Voluminous pink silk pants covered in lace were wrapped around my lower body. The bib and dummy added to the ridiculous effect. Nanny stood behind me obviously satisfied with what she saw. She raised her foot and rested it on my side, her stiletto heel digging in to me. My eyes were riveted to the picture in the mirror.
“What do you think baby? Don‟t you look lovely?” I was unable to answer the rhetorical question due to the dummy that filled my mouth.
“Nanny has been waiting for a long while for her perfect baby to come along. Now you are here, I am never going to let you go. Do you understand? Never!”
Now I really did begin to panic and struggled against the restraints.
“You lay there like a good baby while Nanny gets rid of your silly grown up clothes and sorts out the shopping.”
She searched through my trousers and removed my car keys and wallet, then picked a bin liner and dumped my clothes inside it before tying the top into a knot.
“These are going straight in the dustbin; you won‟t need them ever again.”
I struggled in vain, unable to free myself I desperately tried to plead with her not to take my clothes. All that came out of my mouth was a muffled stream of nonsense.

“Silly baby, are you trying to tell Nanny something? You have a good look round, but don‟t you dare move!” she warned.
She took the bag and left me alone in the room. It was then that I realised how helpless I was, I had allowed myself to be placed in a position that was making me more and more dependent on her.
Now that my clothes were gone I wondered what I could possibly wear if I managed to get out of the restraints. There was no way I would get far dressed as I was. I would
hardly be inconspicuous.
As it was, my preoccupation with escape was academic. I lay hogtied on the floor, my hands struggling to find and undo the clips and buckles that bound me. I had achieved nothing when the door opened and she returned.
In her hand she held a large baby‟s bottle full of milk. She put it in a bottle warmer before coming over and standing astride me. Placing her hands on her hips she looked down at me.
“I hope you haven‟t been trying to get away from Nanny, you wouldn‟t want to see me really cross.”
She leaned over and unfastened the clips that were hogtying me and pushed me onto my back.
Hitching up her skirt, she lowered herself down until she was sitting on my chest with her knees either side of my head. She held my head firmly with her legs and gave me no choice but to look directly at her.
“What do you think baby? What is it like to be Nanny‟s helpless infant?”
I couldn‟t answer due to the dummy wedged in my mouth.

“You are mine now so you had better get used it. I can do anything I want to you and you have no say in the matter.”
She pushed her plastic apron over my face rubbing it from side to side before pressing it down.
The dummy kept the apron from completely smothering me, but I had great difficulty pulling any air into my lungs. I tried to resist but was helpless beneath her.
“There is no escape baby. You are my little toy, my little dolly to dress up and to feed. I might even take you out in your pram and show you off to the other Nanny‟s and
Mummy‟s and you can do nothing about it.”
She pulled back the apron “Peek a boo baby,” and laughed at my expense.
“I am going to help you sit up and want you to shuffle after me, OK?” she asked.
I nodded and struggle to move on my bottom as she walked across the room. My wrists were no longer fastened to my ankles, but the ankle cuffs were fastened together as were the ones on my wrists. She turned to watch me periodically, smiling at my efforts to keep up with her.
“I think it is time for your feed. Nanny has got a lovely bottle of milk for you, would you like that? You sit still will Nanny fetches it.” She brought across the bottle and rolled it in her hands watching my face. I tried to hide my disgust.
She sat down at the end of the settee and patted the cushion next to her.

“Come and lay down here and rest your head on my lap.” She instructed me.
I did as I was told and she held the bottle above my face; it had a large rubber teat that she squeezed releasing several drops onto my cheek. She then caressed it between her hands and held it to her breast. I looked at the bottle in revulsion, dreading what was coming next.
“Nanny is going to take out your dummy now darling and you will ask for your bottle, is that clear?” I nodded, and she undid the ribbon holding the dummy in place and removed it from my mouth.
“Can I have the bottle of milk please Nanny” I asked.
“Oh darling, that isn‟t anywhere near good enough.” She said looking very disappointed.
“This is baby‟s special „milky bottle‟. Remember you are Nanny‟s baby now so it is
called a milky bottle. What is it called?” She asked.
“A milky bottle Nanny.” I replied.
“Beg for it baby!” she instructed.
“Please Nanny, can I have the milky bottle” I asked.
“Try harder baby” she warned.
“Please, please Nanny, let me have my milky bottle.”
She shook her head.
“Please, please, please, Nanny Baby wants his milky bottle.” I pleaded frantically.

“Baby wants HER milky bottle” she corrected me.
“Please, please, please, Nanny Baby wants her milky bottle.” I pleaded again.
“Good girl, that‟s more like it.”
She lowered the teat of the bottle towards my lips, a smile on her face. I opened my
mouth and she rolled the teat around my lips. Drops of milk trickled into my mouth, before she pushed it home.
She sighed with satisfaction as I gagged, before succumbing to the inevitable and suckling on the teat, filling my mouth with the warm sweet milk and swallowing it down.
“Good baby” she cooed, “drink it all up for Nanny.”
When the milk was finished, she pushed the dummy back in my mouth and seemed happy to sit there stroking my face and hair. I slowly relaxed and looked up at Nanny until my eyes slowly closed.
“Come on baby time for your nap. Sit up and follow me.” She instructed.
She got off the settee and I did the same, shuffling along behind her as she walked to the bottom of the stairs that led off the front room.

“I will undo your legs and arms so you can crawl up the stairs.” She said as she unclipped the restraints.
She pushed me towards the stairs and I climbed up on my knees with her walking behind me. I stopped when we reached the top, unsure of where to go. Nanny pushed me on to the landing and ordered me to sit. I meekly allowed her to refasten the cuffs together again.
“You just sit there for a moment baby; I‟ll make sure your cot is ready.” She instructed me.
When she left me I looked at the stairs with a view to running away, but knew the front door was locked. With my hands fixed behind me, I knew the furthest I could have got was the bottom of the stairs and with my ankles locked together I may well have killed myself trying to get down the stairs. I sat and waited, resigned now for whatever she had planned for me.
When she returned from the room she carried a collar and leash.
“You belong to me now baby, so you will wear a slave collar. But seeing as you are just a little sissy baby, I‟ve got a lovely pink one for you.” She held up an item that looked like a dog collar. It was made from soft leather and had D rings on its front and sides.
She moved towards me to put it on and I struggled to get away.
“Silly baby, there is no escape. You will do just as you are told.” she said.
I knew she would get her way so let her fasten the collar around my neck. She took a small padlock and locked it in place.
“Now lie down and roll over onto your tummy,” she instructed.
She sat on my back and forced something over my hands. My fingers curled over as she pushed mitts into place and my hands became padded, immobilised, fists. She helped me to sit up and clipped the lead onto the collar.
“I am going to unfasten your hands now baby. I hope you aren‟t going to try and do anything silly. Any resistance will be severely punished. But if you are a good baby there will be rewards later, do you understand?”
I nodded my head.
She sat across my lap and stretched her arms around my body, pulling my face to her breast. I felt her undo the wrist restraints and my arms sprang free.
Leaning back, she took each hand in turn, brought it around my body and fastened the cuffs to the D rings on the collar.
“That was a very good baby; I can see that soon we won‟t have to tie you up at all.” She held my face in her hands and kissed me on the forehead and then got up.
“Shuffle behind me baby.” She instructed and pulled on the lead.
Slowly I followed her into the room and stopped dead when I saw what was inside. In front of me was a low cage with its door open.
I knew she intended to put me in the cage and also knew I could do nothing about it. I began whimpering and tried to protest, struggling to speak past the dummy.
“Please don‟t put me in there Nanny!” I begged. “I‟ll be really good.”
“Nanny knows what‟s best for you darling, now get in your cot like a good girl.”
She tugged on the leash and I reluctantly shuffled forwards and into the cage.
“Lie back, it‟s time for bed.” She told me and helped me to lie down on a plastic covered mattress that filled the inside of the cage.
“Now we just need to sort out your feet.” She clipped my ankle restraints to straps attached to the bars of the cage.
She pulled the covers over me and closed and padlocked the door. I took deep breaths to stop myself panicking as she stretched through the bars and stroked my face.
“You are all nice and safe in your cot, so Nanny is going to run a little errand.” She held up my car keys. “Because my baby has no need for a car any more, I have got to go and find it in the car park and then get rid of it. Fortunately it has remote locking so all I have to do is push this button and it will let me know where it is. Before tea time, your car will be a hundred miles away and no one will ever be able to find you.”
I wriggled and struggled but was unable to get free. The dummy stopped me from yelling.
“Oh sweety,” she said in a disappointed voice, “anyone would think you didn‟t want to be my baby.”
She left the room jangling my car keys and left me to struggle helplessly in my cage and wonder what lay in store for me.

Forced Infantalism
Water sports
Feet worship
Mild spanking
Anal play (strap on, butt plug)